And now for something totally not running related… clothes! I’ll be honest, in terms of “dressing up for work”, I’ve got it pretty easy.  I only go to the office 3 days a week! However, I got to the point where every week I’d just grab the same grey sweater and black skirt, or some variant of that, because it’s easy.  And it always matches! It’s a no brainer.

(PS, did you see the typo in the picture? I didn’t write it!!) But what about that entire stack of sweaters and rows of shirts hanging in my closet?  I have a lot of stuff I really do like, but I’m just not wearing. Granted, my closet it pretty much split into work clothes and running clothes, but there are a lot of work clothes!

We had a big change at work this past year in which we could wear dress pants.  Yes, we “can” wear dress pants now that are not part of a suit! For background, I work at a business bank and even though I’m in Operations, we still had to follow the dress rules for the main banking office.  It was a big deal! In the summer, we don’t even have to wear pantyhose anymore. Crazy stuff! A lot of us still wear dresses and skirts because that’s what our wardrobe consists of, but there is definitely more variety around now.

I mentioned that one of my goals this year was to be more organized.  With marathon training underway, it’s even more important that I’m organized and stay on schedule in the morning so I have time for my run, my kids and Alan, and getting to work on time (yes, I’m really trying to get to work on time!).

My new year plan is to pick out my 3 work outfits at the beginning of the week so there’s no thought involved in getting dressed.  3 outfits. That’s it. I can totally do this!

Then I started thinking about rotating my clothes.  Then I thought, there’s gotta be an app for that!

Sure enough there is.  Enter the Stylender app.  It’s a virtual closet of my outfits that I’ve worn.  I take a picture each work day, and then I can see the last time I wore something.  It will also help me get some ideas when I’m trying to figure out what to wear. I have to show you my new favorite dress. It’s a basic black dress that I can change up with a different sweater and jewelry. It’s amazingly comfortable too! It’s from Old Navy of course.

And apparently I wear it every week. haha.

You can tell by my closet pictures that I definitely still have a color preference. Clearly I’m no fashionista, but when it comes to making my life easier, I’m all about that!! Happy weekend everyone. Get out there and enjoy it!

Q:  Do you pick out outfits you are going to wear ahead of time for the week?

Q:  What is your favorite app on your phone?

My daughter just got an app to track her driving hours to get her license. Yes, there really is an app for everything!!

Q: Do you have to wear a uniform, or specific outfit, for your job?  

5 thoughts on “There’s an app for that too!”
  1. Favorite app on my phone is Strava. Unless I’m injured and not running – then I just hate it! And everything is backwards in those pictures, I can see my running shirts on the left when I know they are on the right side.

  2. I have heard banking has one of the strictest dress codes! Nice to see they are lightening up a bit! Your closet is amazing! You do look good in black but I have to admit I like the pop of color with the pink. I think with your complexion you can def incorporate some color! Even like that black dress but with a colorful scarf or necklace?

    I do lay out my clothes. 🙂

    1. The sleeves on the dress are 3/4 length, so when the weather gets warmer I probably will wear it with scarf or necklace. My closet was definitely a selling point on our house design!

  3. I work from home! Enough said. I do still have some work clothes in case I go to a fancy networking event or something but I’ve been totally self-employed for seven years so they probably need to go!

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