You know how your friends on Instagram enter a contest, then they tag you, and you tag a friend, and so on and so on… ? Well, I actually WON something from an Instagram contest!!

This prize was thanks to, Scooby Runner and Rollga. I became “friends” with Scooby the year we both ran Boston. I’ve been following his progress ever since, and he’s had some amazing results from his training.

Here’s my prize! This roller from Rollga is pretty awesome. Because it has different heights on it, you can really get at your muscles. I’ve been foam rolling a lot lately, and this roller takes it to a whole other level.

I do find foam rolling to be one of those “pains you love”. Especially when rolling out your IT band. Yikes!!!!! I can tell it’s working for sure!

It even has an app that gives guidance on now to roll out many parts of your body. That’s something I need for sure.

It’s a really interesting option for foam rolling, so if you’re in the market for a roller, I recommend checking this one out. And hey, keep on entering those Instagram contests. You just never know when you’re going to win something!!

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, stop on over and visit me! 🙂

Q: Have you ever won anything on an Instagram contest?

This was an exciting win, because I have entered a lot of contests! Finally paying off 🙂

Q: Do you use a foam roller?

Q: Do you prefer a foam roller, or those rolling “sticks”?

Roller is definitely my thing!

5 thoughts on “Winner, winner! Rollga roller!”
  1. I don’t comment much (since I never blog, lol), but I absolutely love entering these giveaways and have won some cool stuff. It’s awesome you won a foam roller, something you can actually use, and it sounds like a great one too. I’ve won a pair of workout pants from an insta contest as well as some local stuff like tickets/gift cards. And if you’re into giveaways I will totally start tagging you on Insta because I do love to enter…

    1. I do love me a good giveaway of all sorts! Yes, tag me too! 🙂 I do miss your blog. I enjoy random stuff and keeping in touch! And to see what’s shaking down South. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Wow – well done! I’ve been tagged in a few things but I’m rubbish at insta! I love that roller, though, looks cool. I have a flat and a knobbly roller but the knobbly one isn’t very long so it’s hard to balance on!

    1. This is true – sticks are highly portable! We now have 2 sticks and 3 rollers. Works out great because I’m often too lazy to go get one from a level of our house 😂

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