It has been so busy crazy around my house with kid’s track meets, practices, marathon planning/working and training! It’s nice to finally get a little break because the marathon is Sunday!

It’s time for me to reflect if I’ve done all that I could to prepare myself for this race. And the answer is… Yes! I haven’t been a slacker. Only missed my workouts when I was sick or feeling injured (just a few happened!) and I’ve tried to work within the limitations of running hard and not getting injured. Now it’s just time to see how the day goes!

We did have some fun things going on this week…

Doing a new job at a track meet! Alan and I normally work as timers at the track meets because our kids run on the track, but this week I worked the long jump pit. I liked it! Funny story was that I showed up at the meet thinking I was supposed to be helping. The odd thing is that it was an away meet. Buuuuuut, I know I would not have marked us down as helpers for the meet unless the coach had actually asked for helpers, so I don’t know what happened there. Oh well. It was a beautiful day. I got to measure the jumps!

I did get a very nice surprise a few days after the meet. The coach from the other team (who was working at the pit with me), actually took time out of his day to deliver a gift card to me as thanks for helping out because they were really in need of helpers that day. Wow! I was really impressed by this gesture. It was actually a fun day for me. I’d do that job again! And the job only lasted 90 mins instead of the timers working between 2 1/2 – 3 hours!

On Thursday we spent a good part of the day marking the miles for the Glass City marathon. These miles were inside our metropark so we had to use tape for arrows. I didn’t think it was going to take as long as it did. We ended walking almost 8 miles!

We saw these awesome banners for the race. Woot!!

My final news… I’m going to be a pacer for the Glass City Savage 5K on Saturday morning! This will be my first gig as a race pacer. I will be running 9:00 min miles. I’m really excited to be joining in the fun of this race!

If you’re running the 5K I hope to see you there! Say Hi 🙂 I think there’s about 1,300 people signed up to run right now. Should be a great shakeout run! (Info about race here ===> Savage 5k)

Hope your weekend is going well. Stop back on later to see how I did at my races!

Q: Do you usually run a shakeout run the day before a big race?

Q: Have you ever watched long jumps at a track meet? (or jumped??)

One thought on “Fun things Friday!”
  1. I’ve not only watched long jump at a meet but seeing it at the British outdoors inspired me to become a track and field official! I love doing LJ measuring, such fun, unless they land really weirdly and you can’t work out where the bit is to measure. Raking is HARD though.

    I am doing starter’s assistant at the county champs in two weeks – my first time doing that job so I’m a bit scared but I’m sure it will be OK as everyone’s always so supportive. And then timer at the national masters road relays the next weekend. June 5 I should get my final field experience so I can apply for my L1 licence.

    And I love seeing all your course marking! I knew the guy who actually started London this year and spotted him being whisked round on the official vehicle just in front of the elite men! Blue lines all the way there but I love your tape arrows – very neat!

    And good running, obvs!

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