Race week!

This is it.  The grand finale!  17 weeks of training.  Glass City marathon was Sunday.  This training cycle has really opened my eyes again to the world of long distance training.  The last marathon I ran was in 2017 and it was a trail marathon. I didn’t train very consistently for it, because I knew I’d be walking the uphills – and it had a lot of hills!  It was a “fun run”. Since that time I struggled through recovery from high hamstring tendonopathy. I went to PT and learned exercises to help me – which it did. I’ve totally slacked on those exercises in the past month, and it shows.  My long distance runs have been uncomfortable, but it’s a pain I’m completely used to at this point, so I move on.

This training cycle surprised me that I really could ramp up my mileage to 50 miles a week and run 6 days a week!  I didn’t think I was going to be able to complete all the workouts as written, so that was an awesome surprise for me.  I also got the pleasure of helping out the Dave’s Marathon in Training group as a sub coach and made some great new friends from that.

This week has been just a week of waiting.  Getting nervous, but also knowing that I’ve done all that I could.

Miles run this week: 37.85

Monday –  Rest day! I ran a decent run on Sunday, and I needed recovery!

Tuesday – 5.14 miles, early run outside. I didn’t look at my watch and it ended up being a perfectly progressive run. I love when that happens!

Wednesday – 3.12 miles. An easy 5K around my neighborhood. I was excited about the technology in my Noxgear vest. It turned red on my run which means the batteries are getting low. How cool is that?

Friday – No running. My family worked the packet pickup for the Glass City Marathon. That is always a fun volunteer job because you get to see all of your friends! (and meet new ones too)

Pretty dead now, but it did get busy!

Saturday – Glass City Savage 5K. Last minute change of plans on this one. I didn’t end up being a pacer for this race, but I did run it easy with my friend and had fun. How can you not if there is beer involve at the after-race party and it’s 9:35 am?? haha

Sunday –  RACE DAY!!! 26.3 miles Recap to come later this week 🙂  Yep, it’s a season finale cliffhanger.  Spoiler alert… I lived!! 😉

Q: Did anyone else race this weekend? Any Glass City Marathon runners??

Q: Have you ever worked at Packet Pickup before?

It’s a bit of time on your feet, but the time goes by fast and it’s so fun to see the excitement pre-race!

7 thoughts on “GCM training recap – final week!”
  1. Whoo hoo! Lovely to see everyone picking off their maras (one long run for me before a shocking two-week taper …). And well done on that very strong training campaign – extremely impressive!

    1. Gotta say, I did impress myself. Getting through a training cycle really is a great accomplishment on it’s own! I never realized that until I did it.

  2. Oh man…you’re just leaving us hanging???? I get it,though. Probably all kinds of thoughts that need a few days to put into words yadda yadda yadda 😉 It’s great that your family worked the packet pick-up and was able to give back to the running community. I’ll be watching for your recap!

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