Week 14 – 48 miles run. 3 more weeks to go until the Glass City Marathon. Eeek! This week sure brought some highs and lows.

Monday – rest day!  Not normally a rest day, but due to change in schedule last week, I needed a rest day after the 20 miler on Sunday! I did work as a timer at my son’s track meet after work.

Tuesday – 10 miles.  “Tempo Tuesday!” My mid-week-mid-long-run had fartleks in the middle of it. 5 mins on, 1 min off.  I did this on the treadmill, so I really don’t know what my paces were, but I gave it a decent effort.  Those longer runs take a bit of time on a weekday, workday, morning, so I’m happy to have my husband getting the kids ready for school on these mornings! (Thanks Alan!)

Wednesday – 6 miles.  Was supposed to be “easy miles”, but mid run I decided to pick up the pace and see what I could get for a full mile.  I was super happy when I saw this pop up on my watch…

Who knew my watch even recorded miles with a 7: in front of it.  Hahaha! But seriously, I’ve had that watch for a while and I don’t get to see those messages… ever any more.  I think my days of PR’s are done, so this was a huge win for me. This was the first run I’ve had in great feeling spring weather, and it showed!  Woohoo Spring!!! Actually I was checking out my fitness because I had to coach at the track on Thursday. I passed the test!

In case you missed it: Spent the day marking part of the Glass City Marathon course.

Thursday – Track night! 6 miles.  Workout was 6 x1000 with 2 mins rest.  I ended up sub coaching for a speeder group than I expected.  This group is actually MY pace group. I did end up getting all of my paces though… how could I not when I’m the coach??  I did have one of the runners ask me if I was doing OK. He must have noticed that I was pushing myself hard – and breathing really heavy!  LOL! It was a tough workout for me. Here’s our big group… (me in Boston jacket)

Friday – 4 easy miles.  This was a wonderful run due to sunshine and flowers!!  FLOWERS!! 🙂 I was feeling a little stiff but it worked itself out.

Saturday –  22 miles. LONGEST run of this training cycle.  I had high hopes for this one. I could spend a whole post on this run, but the short version is that I planned to run 4 sections, starting at “slow” 9:45, then going up to 9:30, 9:15 and 9:00 each 5 miles.  Instead, I followed my friends, ran 9:08ish the first 11 miles, and then was hating life for the next 11 miles. We had a nice sized group of runners.

At the halfway point (11 miles) I changed into a tank top, said goodbye to my friends and was still in good spirits.

I started to feel sharp pains which I think (I hope!) was related to overdoing it at track night, and I decided to run/walk the final 5 miles just to not get hurt permanently.  It was weird kinds of pains that felt like nerves or something new. Yeah, it was that bad. When I finally got the finish the first time, I had only gone 21.85 miles. I had to keep going!!

Oh crap. Gotta keep running!

Ok, back at the finish line again…

This was really a kick in the crotch in terms of my confidence.  I think I may have given up on distance running somewhere along this run too.  Ugh.
Lucky for you, I mustered up enough energy for one final “long run jump shot”.  Done!!

After having a slight pity party, I started thinking about what did go well in this run. I came up with:

  • Dressed properly – wasn’t overheated
  • No chaffing. Appropriately lubed up!
  • Fueling worked, didn’t feel sick from the GU or breakfast.
  • Water belt was comfortable – race ready!

You know what really makes me feel better… a celebration burger. The biggest I could find. Yum.

Sunday – Rest day!  Just walked a few miles around my neighborhood to loosen up in the morning.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: What’s the longest distance you have run in training by yourself?

I used to run by myself a lot more, so 22 miles.

Q: Do you ever go to Red Robin?

Confession: that was an early “birthday burger” that I got. A few weeks early though. Don’t want to pass up a freebie!

28 thoughts on “GCM Training recap – wow, whew, and ugh”
  1. It was really hard sitting around waiting for you to finish! Great job, I think my longest run this cycle was only 20.

    1. I bet it was hard!! Just think, 8 years ago I was also almost the last runner in at the Dibble run. History repeating itself!! doh. Only slightly faster this time. ha!

  2. What a really busy week of training! Congrats on your longest run this weekend! Sorry that you were experiencing some pain – probably best to do the intervals at the end of the run like you did!

  3. Oh I can tell you about some terrible long training runs, including the one where I just ran on one road and up and down each side road, with my guts about to explode one way or the other, ugly crying (an 18er) and a 21 that was meant to be 23 with my friend where she was in tears as we ran through a park of children doing a fun run! You did it and those are brilliant positives, plus you did that fast one in the week and 20 only last weekend. All ready, I’d say.

    Plus kudos on doing track timekeeper. I’ve purposely not done that course yet – so fast! Such short times! Eeps!

    1. You made me laugh so hard Liz! Those runs sound awful… and so funny to remember now, right? Runners are out of their minds sometimes.
      I’m glad we were working the meet. It was the first one of the season and the coach (new) had some crazy idea on how he thought it should be done. Finally he just realized my husband and I had it under control because we’ve been doing timing for 3 years and we were put in charge!

  4. Great week for you! I think running half of that 22 too fast then suffering had everything to do with that pain. Hopefully it’s gone for good. 22 miles is my solo training run max as well. I love a good celebration burger too!. You are ready!

  5. I’m not a burger fan so rarely go to RR, much to my husband’s chagrin.

    Good job on your 22 miler. I think e everyone hates running at some point in really long runs, but then again, the longest I ever ran was 18 miles (and longest solo run was 17).

    Spring makes everything better! Flowers help too but we’re still waiting on that.

  6. Wow, what a great week! Congrats on the PR AND the 22 miles. Sorry you weren’t feeling great toward the end, but still what a great long run and total distance. And small world with you knowing Ralph Staph!

    1. Listening to Ralph laugh in that podcast was the best. His laugh is contagious.
      I ran Cleveland in 2013. It was a very hot year! And I had a stress fracture from that race. Yep, I remember it well! haha

  7. Sounds like a great week in training, I’d say you deserve that big burger! And I can’t imagine having the energy to jump after running 22 miles!

    Longest I’ve done by myself is 18. I had a friend meet me for the first 5 of my 20 but she ended up dropping at 2 due to stomach issues so I did most of it alone. It’s great mental training!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Rugged Maniac Training Week 3: 3/31-4/6My Profile

  8. whoah what a week! I can’t believe you only have 3 weeks to go? Are you going to taper now! That’s a seriously big long run group (well the track group too!!). I think most marathon runners have a “terrible” long run at some point or another that kicks our confidence in the cajones. But you will be fine, I have a good feeling about it!!

    I haven’t run longer than 21KM on my own – for the really long runs there has usually been someone at some point helping me out. I own the local struggle bus when it comes to long runs alone.

  9. I’m so far behind on my reading that your marathon must be upon you either this weekend or the next? I hope everything felt okay after you recovered from your 22-miler.

    My husband, the Cruisers, and I ran most of our long runs together, but I do remember running at least one 20-miler and several 16’s alone on the treadmill for my 2010 Boston.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…From Marathon Monday to Easter with PabloMy Profile

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