Do you see what I see? Yep, a FLOWER is in my yard!! Finally. That means spring is here… and it’s time to start getting the GCM race course ready!

The first step in marking the Glass City Marathon course for me is to freshen up the mile markers. The course was certified back in October, and the surveying marks were put in the road. The miles were marked, but as you can see, they wear off with all of the traffic on the road!

A few of the markers were hard to find, but we did have a handy treasure map to follow (the certification map!).

We also got the half marathon course marked with some turn arrows. This part of the course will be used for a preview run, so we wanted the runners to know which way to go.

This year my marking crew has grown by a few people, so I’m excited to have some helpers this year! The final turn arrows will not be drawn on the course until the week of the race (April 28th), but in the meantime, all of the mile markers should be easily visible.

I picked the right shoes for the job, don’t you think? The chalk paint was a bit more splattery than I expected 🙂

You can see all of the race medals and read about our first committee meeting in this post. The medals are nice!! Here are the full and the half. The 5K is actually my favorite…

I hope you will be in Toledo to join us on race day (the 5K is on Saturday morning!). If not, there’s still time to sign up!

Q: Do you own any orange shoes?

Those were the first model of the Newtons I’ve worn! Old school.

Q: Do you have any spring bulbs in your yard?

I’m waiting for all of my tulips to come up. They are my favorite!!!

Q: Do you have any weekend plans?

Running ALL the miles on Saturday, and then taking a big long nap (I predict!). And visiting the ice cream parlor for the first time this season. I’m getting a HUGE sundae 🙂

4 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon – course marking has begun!”
  1. I think I use to have a pair of orange Newtons years ago. Been running In Hokas since I had s stress fracture a couple of years ago. I am definitely NOT into gardening or landscaping. If I’m outside, I’m either running or biking. I have the worst yard in the neighborhood. Tomorrow will be the last long run before Boston. Taper madness has definitely set in.

    1. Planting bulbs has tested my patience because you have to wait all winter to see the flowers! But they are so easy. We had some cringe worthy landscaping a few years ago, but have done a lot of work on it. Why does it have to keep growing so much?? haha
      Boston will be so awesome! I see early forecast is for rain… but hopefully that will pass. I’ve got my Sam Adams 26.2 Brew waiting for race day to cheer you all on from afar!

  2. I have orange shoes because my club’s colours are black and orange. So I have some walking around trainers and some black and orange spikes I’m too scared to wear. Love seeing all these details of the course marking and your treasure map: fascinating!

    1. I have never worn spikes! I tried my daughter’s pair on, but they are a half size too small. Felt really tight though with very little cushioning. It’s too bad the race course changes a little every year due to road closures. It would making finding some of those marks much easier!!

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