My workouts did not follow my training plan this week, because life happens!  I think I balanced it all out though. This is what I did:

  • Running: 32.8 miles
  • Biking: 38.4 miles

Monday – 5 easy miles.  Treadmill time! I got to catch up on some shows.  Not complaining one bit!

Tuesday – 5 miles, fartleks.  Treadmill Tuesday! This was 3 mins on, 1 min off x 7.  I didn’t even try to push it on the fast intervals, just picked up the pace a bit.  My left knee is feeling a bit off, but it was still a good run.

Two for Tuesday!  18 mile bike ride.  I went out on ride with a friend.  She’s training for a half Ironman, so I felt like a total noob but it was still great to get out in the beautiful weather and be social!  I love riding my bike 🙂

Brick workout! I had to get a mini brick workout in, so I ran 1 mile around my neighborhood after my ride.  It felt so crazy awkward! I had to mentally check myself from head to toe to make sure I wasn’t wearing my helmet or something because it a felt like a clumsy goofball.  Then I was impressed with the run-off-bike effect because my mile was 7:52! What the what? That was smoking fast.

Wednesday – Duathlon!  This was a last minute decision to participate in this event.  The weather was beautiful! 1 mile run, 12.5 mile bike, 5K run.  My goal was to get 1:30, but not really a goal since I hadn’t trained for this!  I was super pleased to see 1:21 on the clock when I finished. Full race recap here → South Fork Duathlon race recap.   It was a fun night!!

Thursday – 6 miles.  This was a crazy run.  I started my run right after my daughter’s orthodontist appt early in the morning.  And then my son complained he was sick and might need to go home from school. We agreed he could wait a half hour, so I got a 3 mile run in.  It was far too fast, and I was melting in the warm weather!

Then he decided he could wait another half hour, so I went out for 3 slower miles!

In the end, he decided he was going to survive, so he stayed at school.  Yeah!

Friday – 3.5 miles.  Was supposed to be a rest day, but we are having a garage sale today and I needed to run off my crazies before the crazies came to my sale!  🙂

Saturday – 8 miles, “long” run day!  Today’s run turned out good – I think because I forced myself to keep my pace slower.  I took a new route!

I also went into a neighborhood that has an entrance gate, but this morning it was open!  This place is so fancy schmancy that it has beige colored stop signs! How crazy is that?  I gotta say, it was aesthetically pleasing but what the heck, why aren’t they normal red colored?  Is that legal? I suppose I was actually trespassing because I wasn’t a guest invited into their neighborhood, but hey, that’s what you get when you leave your gate open.  LOL!!!!

Sunday – Rest day!! For real. I didn’t run. Oh, but I did ride my bike 8 miles! I had to test out my new shoes and pedals. I love them so far! And yes, I did fall down. But just once in grass! 😉

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you ever seen odd colored Stop signs before?

Q: Do you shop at garage sales or thrift stores?

24 thoughts on “Training recap – week 2”
  1. I know all about how life can get in the way of the best laid planes, especially when it comes to working out, lol. You still had an awesome week of runs/workouts!

    I hope that your garage sale went well!

    1. My garage sale went pretty good. We got rid of a lot of stuff, and that’s the goal. Didn’t make a ton of money like we did back when we sold all of the baby/toddler stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate when your kids are little!!

  2. I’m gonna head over to read about your duathlon. I did a du a few years ago..we ran 5K, biked 20 miles, then ran 1.5 mile to the finish line. OMG…that 1.5 mile was SO awkward!!!!! We all looked like disjointed zombies, and it was so hard! You mentioned the gated community (with the open gate), I’d be afraid of not getting back out LOL Thanks for linking with us 😉

    1. I didn’t investigate as I was leaving, but I’m guessing there would have to be some sort of button to open up the gate from the inside of the gated neighborhood. Emergency vehicles and guests would have to be able to leave easily!
      Running off the bike is so bizarre feeling indeed!

  3. Ooh look at the fancy signs. But no, that seems dangerous to me!! We do have heritage areas where macdonalds and burger king have to have dark green signage. A great week for you – well done!

  4. What a great week for you! I would totally have gone into the gated neighborhood. It’s always fun to explore new places.

    We’ve had our share of garage sales and they are more exhausting than running a marathon. One year we had a shoplifter who stole stuff. Seriously, who does that?

    1. Oh wow, I can’t believe someone stole your stuff at the sale! ugh. Garage sales are super exhausting. And time consuming. I keep saying I’m not going to have one every year but my husband talks me into doing it. I actually organize the sale for our entire neighborhood, so it’s even more responsibility when I do it!

    1. Our local bike shop partners up with the running store and they put on the du’s and tri’s. They have several during the season so it’s a great way to mix it up during the summer. And a good excuse to have a cookout and enjoy a beer with our cycling friends 🙂

  5. Those are weird stop signs! I would have thought that they had to be red and the same shape…those must not be ‘official.’

    Awesome week of workouts for you!

  6. lots of miles! well done! and biking too!! I love to bike as well 🙂 congrats on your duatholon! I would love to try one as well. I have run right after bike support for my husband’s long run and it went amazingly well too. weird, right?

    never saw stop signs like that. odd.

    we don’t have garage sales here in the netherlands!!! I miss them! I used to go to garage and estate sales all the time with my grandma. I could sell half my storage unit at a garage sale but 1) I don’t have a place to do it (live in an apartment) and 2) it’s just not allowed but on one day a year (King’s Day – April 27th).

  7. Oh, I really would like to try a dual – sounds like a fun challenge! LOL on the stop signs — sounds like the HOA rules went a bit too far. Glad your son made it through the day so you could keep running!
    Coco recently posted…Moving Along In MayMy Profile

    1. My son was being quite the stinker for making me stop my run to get him, and then change his mind! But yes, I’m glad he stayed in school. With school almost over, we need to get him there every day!!!

  8. I always find I do run faster (for me, LOL) when I know I have to be somewhere by a certain time — or when I’m angry!

    Congrats on crushing your goal in your duathalon. Most people complain about the run off the bike.

    I have never seen anything but a red stop sign. I shop at garage sales occasionally, and really dislike having them ourselves — we’ve only done it a few times.

    1. We used to have a whole garage full of stuff to sell when my kids were younger – and my friend would join me with her matching amount of stuff. This year it was pretty boring and I wasn’t really into it. At least my husband kept me company, so that made it better.

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