So as it turns out, I messed up my training calendar and I was ahead one week!  Doh! That means I could have waited one more week until I started training after my last marathon.  Dang it! Not sure how that happened but now I’m repeating my last week of training.

Because there always seems to be something going on, I have had numbness in the side of my left hand which started on Sunday.  A TOTAL bummer, because I’m a computer programming. Makes it challenging to push any key with a numb pinkie 🙁  The numbness did get less as the week went on, and now it feels about 95% better. Still, odd.

Here’s my training week recap:

  • Miles run: 47
  • Miles cycled: 28.5
  • Time swimming: 1 hr, 10 mins

Monday – 5 easy miles.  My paces progressed. It was a good start to the week!

I also got to go on a bike ride with my husband.  I like riding with him, but he’s faster than me. Good company, but challenging to keep the pace!

Tuesday – 6.5 miles, intervals.  I’m shocked that I completed this workout.  It was 10 x 600m with 30 sec rest. The warm up mile was tiring, and I wondered how I would find the speed to run the intervals (range was to be 8:20-8:30).  I’m happy to report that I nailed it! The 30 second rest period seemed like a blink of an eye. Phew!!! I even got the last interval under 8:00. I know that wasn’t the point of the workout, but hey, it’s always fun to see a speedy number on my watch now and then 🙂

My pool swim to cool down was the BEST!!!  Everything was going splendid today – I even got to work on time.  WOOT!

I also got to enjoy my pool in the evening.  After work I swam laps for 40 mins!! It was 101 laps in my pool.  That figures out to be 1,275 yards. My friend, who is a triathlon coach, told me I should try to get two 2,000 yard swims in before my triathlon August 4th.  That’s my goal!

Wednesday – 5 miles, Daybreak Divas group.  I ran with the faster group today, so this run wasn’t quite as easy as I was expecting, but it’s all good.  I also won a raffle for this cute little speaker.

Thursday – 8 miles, speedwork.  Today was the worst day to do speedwork.  I felt suffocated by the humidity and heat when I started and the deer flies at the park were eating me alive!  I had zero expectations on hitting my paces, but was pleasantly surprised that I actually was able to hit almost all of my paces when I gave it a try!  I did have to stop a few times because my heart rate was just getting too high, but overall this run was a success.  

And look, a big welt came back to visit.  boo.

Enjoyed a cookout by the pool for the 4th of July. Yummy patriotic drink!

Friday – 4.25 miles easy.  This felt like a slog, but eventually it felt OK… just in time to finish 🙂 I hadn’t really planned on it, but I took a dip in my pool and it was awesome.

Saturday – long run, 18 miles!  I had 16 on my plan, but started thinking that I have run 16 miles for a few weeks now.  I need to bump it up. Unfortunately I had to start this run late (9:45am!!) due to dropping my daughter off in the morning.  She was supposed to be dropped off at 8am, which cut right in to my running plan, but ended up being later, which stunk because I probably could have knocked this out really early instead of waiting.  By the time I started it was 82 and humid. Once again I had no expectations and set my watch to my HR screen. I tried to keep it under 165, but it did creep up a little. Ended up being 166 overall, so that was great!  Even though this was a slow suckfest, I won in the HR dept.

We went out that night to refuel on this delicious huge pretzel. Oh my yummm!

Sunday – Rest day… but, did get out and bike in the morning with my husband for 20 miles.  Then we went to see Spiderman: Far from home. It was really good!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This was a long one! Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you seen that Spiderman movie?

I’m not even a big fan of super hero movies but there are a few of them I really like.

Q: Did you have to work this week?

I worked an extra day this week, so I was mixed up all week! It was pretty dead at work. A ton of my coworkers took the week off.

21 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Erie training week 8? 9?”
  1. Oh gosh, I was mixed up all week, too LOL People out on vacay, my runs got switched around, I had a race AND a day off for the holiday. Crazy! I’ve been riding with my husband on Sunday mornings. He’s a much stronger cyclist than I’ll ever be, but our route is very hilly, so it’s like a leap-frog game…He passes me on most of the downhills and I catch up to him (and usually pass him) on the uphills. I think it’s a gravity thing LOL Thanks for linking with us!

    1. I used to be so nervous about riding my bike on the streets, but I’ve found Sunday mornings to be peaceful and lacking traffic. Very nice!! Sunday rides with husbands is a nice tradition to have 🙂

  2. I will have to schedule a weekday afternoon to go see Spiderman. I am a sucker for all the Marvel movies. Flying back from Montana on Wednesday, I watched Captain Marvel and on the way out there, I watched Aquaman. I had 16 on the schedule yesterday and only made 14.42. Heat and humidity were brutal even starting at 6:30. Hard to believe I was hiking in a foot of snow last Tuesday.

    1. Hope the weather is better for you today – it was for me! Yes, go see Spiderman! I haven’t seen either of those (Captain Marvel or Aquaman). Are they good?

  3. That pretzel looks amazeballs
    Someone went to the pretzel vendor while we were waiting to step off last week and I could have hugged them. IN fact I did one of them.
    Way to go on the runs and the swims.
    The flies have been INSANE
    Cari recently posted…Recovery weekMy Profile

  4. That patriotic drink did look yummy! We visited my sister on Cape Cod this week for the 4th. It was humid there, but not hot, so my hubby and I got some good runs in. Our fall marathon is the end of October, so we are just beginning to lengthen out long runs and do some formal training. I actually do much better when I follow a training plan. Sounds like your training is going great, even though you were off by a week!
    Laurie recently posted…Wheels and Wings 5K Race ReportMy Profile

    1. It took me four glasses to get the mix right on that drink, but I think that one was perfect! Training plans definitely give my week the structure that I love. I have no idea how I can’t properly put a paper plan in Google calendar. Duh!!

    1. That welt is the hives I’ve been having the past week. I only know that because my daughter has had the same issues, and has been to the Dr several times for them. Otherwise, I’d be freaking out a bit! It didn’t hurt, but was quite warm, swollen and itchy. Within a few days it was gone. Bizarre! And my hand? No idea on the numbness. It just happened all of a sudden when I was finishing up my last post! I’m falling apart.

    1. I have to manually hit the lap button in my pool. My Garmin 235 doesn’t track swimming. I do have an app installed on the watch but it doesn’t really detect my turns properly, so I figured it was better just to hit the lap button every turn and do the math on the distance. Clearly I am not a pro at swimming and do not do flip turns!! 🙂

  5. OMG that pretzel: hello! A good week. I’m not sure what a deer fly is, although I can probably guess – do they give nasty bites, too, like horse flies do?

    1. Yep, little triangular shaped flies that leave an itchy bump and hurt when they get you! The pretzel was delicious. My husband texted me mid long run to tell me we were going there for dinner. That’s good motivation!

  6. That is a really strong week considering the weather! Especially that long run, starting that late. And that pretzel looks amazing. I so love a soft pretzel.

    And I also love to swim, but do not have a pool. Life isn’t always fair!

    1. That long run was brutal! I was surprised to see so many other people out there. The huge pretzel really hit the spot (salt and carbs!!).

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about the thumb numbness. Glad to hear that it’s better and I hope it doesn’t come back!

    That pretzel looks delicious! As a carbaholic, I totally approve, lol

    1. I hate to jinx it, but that welt on my leg was the last one I’ve seen since last week. Crazy!!! That’s an interesting thought about the cycling and my hand numbness. I have had to shake my hands out a few times on my rides because I feel they do get a little tingly on my ride. I’ll have to keep an eye on that!

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