What a week it’s been!  Lots of miles this week, lots of swimming, and some biking too!

  • Miles run = 52.2 (top mileage week this year!)
  • Miles biked = 16.8
  • Swimming = 55 mins

Monday = 5 easy miles. Happy Monday! The lack of humidity has increased my paces. Yeah!

Metroparks Monday – 2 miles in the evening. Ran a few miles with my family, mostly for my son’s benefit!  I feel he needs to get out and exercise. Too much indoor time this summer. Enough said.

Tuesday – 9 miles, speedwork.  Excellent workout today. I swapped my speedwork days got this longer one done before work.  The fact that I got to work on time was a huge plus, but the fact that I nailed my paces was HUGE.  Feeling good about this one. There was a Tropical Smoothie truck parked along my route. Fun tropical backdrop I say!

Wednesday – 4 miles easy, Daybreak Divas.  This was a good run for me because I was in a bit of a funk.  As an afterthought, I was kind of kicking myself because I thought I could have slept in instead of making the short drive to meet the group.  But once I got there and saw my friend, I was busy chatting away, catching up, and it was a really nice start to my day!

Swim – 20 mins.  Not sure why, but this was feeling exhausting.  20 mins was enough!

Thursday – 6.13 miles, Intervals!  This week starts my “interval” pace training which is faster than my previous “tempo” pace for track workout.  It was a sweaty morning, and the workout was 4 x 1200m with 2 min rest. That 2 min rest sure did the trick – nailed my paces.  Woohoo!

Spent the morning helping out at our local LPGA tournament, on behalf of our kid’s school.  We worked ecology! Glamorous “garbage people”. Haha! It’s a fun gig though.

At night we helped out at the OH/MI 8K/5K race.  This is the first year in a long time I haven’t raced, so we decided to volunteer instead.  I helped at the kids run (adorable little kids!!) and also was a course marshal for the 5K. Next time I think I’ll bring my own vest!  Yikes.

Friday – Brick ride, 10 miles.  Brick run, 4 miles. My plan said 4 easy miles, so I thought I’d get a brick workout done too.  

Later, I played tennis with my son.  Is it any wonder I was feeling tired?  I was not hitting the ball well at all.

Swim, 30 mins.  Swimming is still not getting any easier, or enjoyable!

Saturday – long run, 20 miles.  20 miles!! The weather was perfect so I decided to just go for the big miles.  Once again I just looked at my heart rate and kept it under 165. Avg HR for this run = 158.  Interestingly, I ran the same amount of time as last week’s super sweaty long run, but ran 2 miles farther!  What a difference the temperature makes.

Sunday – Try a Tri day!!  What, me take a rest day? Bahahaha.  My husband and I really needed to review our triathlon transition plans, so what better way to do that than run a mini triathlon!  We started in the pool…. 5 mins of swimming was more than enough for me. Phew!! I think I might just wear this sports bra to swim in. Why not.

Then hit the bikes for almost 7 mile ride.

Then 1 mile run around the neighborhood.  I think my neighbor thought I was a whack job when I came running out of my driveway and on to the main road at top speed.  Hey, it was a race after all!

The mini race was fun and educational.  I feel well prepared for my triathlon now (except for the swimming part!). That’s a wrap on my week. Lots going on!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This was a long one! Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you ever staged a race for practice?

Q: Do you know what your heart rate zones are?

20 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Erie training, week 10”
  1. You had a great week, Lisa! That’s a great little mini tri that you and the hubby did! Great idea! Have you done a tri before (I’m assuming yes)? I do a lot of my hill repeats early in the morning, but I do wonder what the early-morning walkers wonder when they see me running up and down the SAME hill numerous times. Oh well…. 😉
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Going All OutMy Profile

    1. They probably think “there’s that crazy runner lady again”. haha! Yes, I did a sprint triathlon last year, but this year I’m doing the Olympic distance. My husband has not done any multi sport event, so I have been giving him some tips.

  2. wow some GREAT running miles this week! I am a little confused though because I think we must use different terminology here in Europe (or maybe it’s me haha); when you say you did 9 miles speedwork, is that a tempo run with sprints? Also major kudos for 9 miles of anything before work! I really struggle with early morning runs; so far I can’t do intervals or anything except a recovery run in the morning.

    I ran a race course a couple days before a race I wanted to PR at with my coach so he could give me a few tips and tricks to run as efficiently as possible. And I did get my PR (thanks to my husband, Speedy McCheesehead, who also paced me…)

    I do know where my HR zones are but I am not training on HR right now. Probably in a few weeks, hopefully when things are going a bit better, I’ll pay a bit more attention to them. Right now I’m just trying to get the kilometers in my legs.

    1. Actually I should have said “threshold” pace, not tempo. Basically it’s stepped up from a range of 8:20-8:30 (“T” in the plan) to 7:50-8:20 (“I”). Whatever it’s called, it still makes me nervous to see anything with a 7: in the front!!

    1. I’m going to try to get at least 2 more 20 milers in. I’ve got a vacation coming up that might make it very challenging to fit them in, but hopefully I can!

  3. Wow! What a great running week! Nice mileage. I did one tri. I swim (and of course, run) on a regular basis already. My total preparation for the bike part was to ride up to the end of our street and back (about 1/4 mile). I rode a trail bike. It was a disaster, but fun! 🙂

    1. We have a mountain bike trail in a park near us. We took our old hybrid bikes on the trails once. Oh man, that was crazy! I would need a different bike for that kind of cycling for sure.

  4. Great week for you! A rehearsal “mini-tri” is a perfect way to practice transition and the flow for your tri. While my older daughter and I have been outside a ton this summer, my 13 yr old has been inside with screen time way too much. It drives me nuts.

    1. My daughter has been meeting up for cross country conditioning 5 days a week, but my son choose marching band over cross country for the upcoming school year – so no scheduled running for him 🙁 He has been riding his bike for a bit, but not too much. Yep, video gaming all the time.

  5. I don’t bike but i do love to swim & haven’t done it in far too long (where I used to swim has closed). Of course I’m super slow, but it just makes me happy.

    Nope, never staged a race. I can’t even imagine all that exercise but I’d say you certainly nailed your fitness this week!

    1. All of the swimming is tiring! I don’t think it’s a sport I will pick up as “enjoyable” like I do cycling, but who knows. Maybe someday. But not now. haha! My goal for the tri is to just complete the swim – I have no expectations on how fast it’s going to be!!

    1. I think the tag said 1XL – 2XL! I guess they want to make sure it fits *everyone*. Luckily my post was just directing runners with no traffic, but my husband also volunteered as a course marshal and he had a couple of really angry drivers because he was redirecting traffic. That job is too stressful for me!

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