This week had some ups and downs, but overall I’m super happy with my mileage.  Training for the Columbus half marathon on 10/20/19.

  • Miles run = 40

Monday – 5 miles, treadmill.  My plan called for 8 miles with strides, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet, so I ran 4 miles and then did the last mile with a few speed surges.  Will be running later for our group, so enjoyed this great start to my week!

Evening run: 3.2 miles, Ready for the Race group.  40 min tempo run for my group tonight. It was a sweaty, buggy night out there… and also quite beautiful!

Tuesday – 7 miles, treadmill.  Well it’s official… it’s treadmill season for me again!  I have absolutely no desire to get outside in the dark, and I’m fine with that!  Catching up on all of the TV shows instead.  

Wednesday –  Rest day… but not really.  Although my training plan said Rest, it was Ready for the Race group night!  As you may have guessed, I’m not that great at blending my coaching runs with my training plan runs 🙂  This ended up being the opposite of Resting… quick intervals! Ugh. 10 x 300m was the workout. And let me tell you, I didn’t hold back on this one.  Somehow I got assigned to the faster group and was determined to challenge/keep up pace with the faster lady. I don’t think I have ever registered a 6:xx on my watch before.  Oh my! What was I thinking?? This will probably be the run that will be my downfall in a week, so let’s all remember it 🙂

Thursday –  3 miles “recovery”.   Went for a wonderful run with Alan in the woods.  The temps were great. I was feeling a bit sore from the intervals yesterday, so trail running was a nice change of pace (haha).

Then we went to the gym.  Hooray for strength training!

Friday – 12 miles, long run.  My plan actually said “8k-10k race, 10 miles” (crazy math!) but I was in no mood for running fast. I ended up going for 12 miles, figured I’d split count this at the long run for the week.  11 miles were good. That last mile was a painful struggle! I was really feeling the Wednesday night sprints in my hamstrings for the rest of the day. Ugh.

Friday night…. more football and marching band!

Saturday – 7 miles, easy.  I woke up early to get my daughter on the bus for XC, so decided to go for a run.  My hamstrings had calmed down a bit. It was pretty outside, but really humid and warm for September.  My running path has a “water obstacle” when the neighborhood sprinklers are turned on.

My daughter had a good run at her XC meet.  You can tell because she let me take a picture with her.  You know, teenagers 😉

Sunday – R E S T day!!!

Random thoughts in closing… I’ve been listening to a few “new to me” podcasts that I’ll give a shoutout to: 

RunningBuds – this is actually two friends of mine!  Banter about racing, running, and other fun stuff (from a dude’s point of view).  Get this one on Spotify.

How I Made This (NPR) – even though I don’t consider myself entrepreneurial, learning about how others started their company is fascinating.  And Guy Raz could tell me anything… what a great voice!

Work Play Love – Lauren Fleshman & Jesse Thomas are entertaining and honest hosts. A good yin/yang balance in this one!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q:  What podcasts do you love?  Please share!

Q: Did Fall hit yet, or are you sweating it out too??

30 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – back at it, and then some”
    1. I think the weather is going to be awesome on Oct 20th for all races!! 🙂 Although last year at that race it was actually quite chilly and I underdressed. My legs froze!! I will make sure to wear more clothes if necessary.

  1. We had just started to feel fall-like weather, then last week we had a summer-rewind 😉 Tons of humidity and hot afternoon temps…not complaining, because I know they will be gone before long LOL I totally hear ya on the sprints wreaking havoc…when I had that 1-mile race (back in April), I had some major DOMS for an entire week. From 1-mile! Totally humbled LOL Great week for you, though 😉

    1. That’s the part I find hard about coaching – I feel like I’m not the speediest person around when it comes to short intervals. I sure was feeling those intervals for DAYS. I think I’ll be all back to normal on Monday. I hope. haha!

  2. I love How I Made This! It’s so fun to learn about how these companies started….makes me wanna come up with a unique idea for a business.

    Great week for you! I love the tropical shorts in your treadmill pic, where are they from?

    1. Those were an Old Navy find! I did get them this summer, but it looks like they aren’t offering that print anymore. I was thinking that I really should have bought a Hawaiian shirt when I was in Hawaii. There always seems to be some occasion to wear one!

    1. I have listened to some of the Marathon Training Academy too, and LOVE Another Mother Runner. I will have to check Productivity Paradox out. It looks like it’s right up my alley! I have just recently got hooked on a blogger that has a bunch of YouTube videos on organization and hacks. It’s Jordan Page (FunCheapOrFree). She is a hoot, but has some good ideas (and energy that is through the roof!).

  3. I tried listening to a podcast by two female coaches called Run Farther and Faster back before Boston. I kept falling asleep before the end! It wasn’t their fault. I should not have been listening just before bedtime. That is the only podcast I have ever listened to. I just got back from Colorado and the leaves are about two weeks behind schedule. Temps are cooling down and running was great out there despite the altitude.

    1. I have tried a few podcasts that I could just not get into because of the hosts. The voice really matters.
      No matter what the weather I’m sure it’s beautiful in Colorado! How did your marathon go??

  4. Team treadmill here too! My favorite running podcasts are Ali on the Run and Run Eat Repeat, for non running I like History Chicks and Young House Love has a Podcast. Okay, okay maybe you *should* have taken it easier on the 300’s but runners don’t necessarily do what we’re supposed to and for those numbers I’d say it was worth it.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Back to the TreadmillMy Profile

    1. Ali on the Run is one of my top podcasts too! I’ve never listened to Run Eat Repeat but I do see there was an interview with Matt Fitzgerald recently for the Life is a Marathon book. I gotta go listen to that one! (in case you didn’t hear, I was interviewed for the book. It’s my five minutes of fame. haha!!) I keep waiting for my name to pop up in an interview with Matt. LOL, I’m sure that is going to happen.
      I just hate to be the coach that can’t keep up! Guess there are worst traits to have!

  5. ooh I’ll look up RunningBuds. I’ve been listening to: Running Rogue (group I train with), Marathon Training Academy and Morning Shakeout and seriously thinking that on 18/20 I’ll need something not running to get me through
    Love your Thursday tights and congrats on those intervals. 300s are wonderfully evil
    Cari recently posted…Quick Run Down, week of 9.16My Profile

    1. Truth be told, Running Buds mentioned my name on a recent podcast so I’m extra excited about it. haha!! With all of these podcast suggests my player is now chock full! It is funny that I like to listen to podcasts about running WHILE running. I’m sure non runners would think that is crazy. I do also mix in some entertainment gossip ones too, but haven’t quite found my favorite in that category yet.

      1. Running while running works for me — but sometimes I just need the variety. My iPod is also super full. Need to toss some songs that I don’t listen to

  6. Awesome job this week!

    As far as weather, I feel like we had a bit of everything this past week – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, lol. One morning it was 45 degrees and by the afternoon it was 80 degrees. The weather is just wacky.

    1. Today it was 90 degrees. Enough already! It wouldn’t be so bad except our pool is 70 degrees, which feels like there are icebergs in it. I think I’m done swimming for the season.

  7. Great job getting back at it! You are really coming back strong after your race. Thanks for the podcast recommendations. Ive been listening to podcasts on some of my long runs but I always listen to the same 2 (Running For Real and Ali on the Run). I need to find some more to add to the mix!

  8. You guys seriously look like sisters, not mother/daughter.

    I have actually seen 6:xx on my watch. For 30 second strides, LOL! And it’s been a while, too. Nice job! Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

    I often reach for the treadmill when it’s a time thing.

  9. Thanks for the podcast recs. I haven’t listened in awhile and was wanting some new stuff. Oh Columbus. I ran the full back in 2009 and BQ’d there. It wasn’t my smartest race tactically but a BQ is a BQ. Congrats to your daughter. Oh yes I do know how teenagers are! Haha!
    I so feel you on the darkness. I’m not a fan of running in it.

    1. Columbus full is a tough one I think because it lacks a bit in crowd support. But the half is definitely one of my favorites. A lot of energy in the half! Heck ya, I’ll take a BQ no matter how the race goes 🙂

  10. Nice mileage for the week! What shows are you watching when running on the treadmill? It’s fall every other day or so here. Today is hot, tomorrow cool, Friday hot again …

    1. I’m just cleaning up my summer shows right now – Bachelor in Paradise and Claws. I’m really looking forward to the new shows this week, and if there’s nothing good, I’ve got a lot of Netflix shows I want to watch!

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