Remember those tiny kittens we were fostering? Well, it came time for them to go in for their check up. And sadly, they were big enough to go back to the Humane Society for spaying and adoption.

When we first got them. So tiny!!

But don’t really be sad, because they were each adopted within almost 24 hours of being back there!

That is no surprise to me because there were the most adorable, and best little kittens around.

We brought home another kitten to foster. This one is already 10 weeks old and spayed, but was recovering from a medical issue.

The bigger issue with this kitten is that it’s super shy! It takes one look at us and hides under the couch. It will be a challenge getting her to come out of her shell, but hopefully we can while she is here. Each day she gets a little more friendlier. She’s hard to take pictures of though!

Q: Have you ever adopted from a shelter?

Q: Have you ever had a shy cat/dog?

We do have one cat who is antisocial to outsiders, but she is friendly with our family. Our other cat is so friendly – and not afraid of vacuum cleaners! In fact, when you get the vacuum out she comes over to watch you use it!!

4 thoughts on “Foster Kittens update”
    1. I’m sure they are still being the best kittens ever. They were so adorable! Our new kitten has warmed up to us now – and is chasing our cat around the house!

    1. I thought we’d have these cuties longer, so I never really said goodbye to them! Our new foster has really warmed up to us. No longer a super shy kitten. Good thing, you need social skills to get adopted faster!

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