One of our fall traditions is visiting the pumpkin patch.  We have gone to the same farm for a really long time and there’s a good reason why – it’s the best!

There are lots of cute animals to visit of course.  There’s a lot of pumpkins to choose from.

And bunnies.  Awwwww, the bunnies!!

Have to take the annual pose to see how much everyone has grown.

Flashback to our 2017 visit…. 🙂

This one is hilarious.  She’s thrilled about being the shorter kid!

There are often rolled bales of hay to jump off of, but this year we discovered an AMAZING field of pick-your-own flowers.  WOW!

I could have taken a millions pictures (wait, maybe I did!).

Q: Do you visit a farm to get your pumpkins?

Q: Have you ever used a bale of hay for fall decorations at your house?

We did that once, but then found it a pain to get rid of it!

4 thoughts on “Trip to the Pumpkin Patch”
    1. That field of flowers was amazing! We tried to grow pumpkins one year in our own garden. I learned a lot about pollination and germination that year. And none of the big flowers grew any pumpkins. Another vegetable added to the list of things that won’t succeed in my garden!

    1. Hi there!! Long time no hear. I just saw you posted something, I’m heading over to your blog 🙂 Yes in indeed, my kids have really grown up in the past year. Zach is so tall now, but still my little guy, which is wonderful. Sydney is driving now and a busy teen. Two high schoolers is pretty weird and the months are just flying past. I’m trying to hang on to as much as I can and enjoy the ride!! Thanks for visiting again!

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