This past week was full of all sorts of crazy temperatures. Some warm, some really cold! The Columbus half marathon is almost here (10/20/19). I thought I was cutting back my miles, but I actually had quite a few! Next week more rest for sure. Hoping my hamstrings will stop complaining!

  • Miles run = 35.5
  • Miles biked = 8.6

Monday – 6.2 miles (10K for Monday!) I’m just gonna say it.  I’m not the biggest fan of running outside in the dark. The weather was lovely, and it was peaceful and all at 5:30am, but dang, it feels so LONELY running around in the dark.  My neighborhood is safe, and has street lights, but it’s a bit sad to be out there. If it wasn’t for an upcoming race and needing to know how to dress for it, I wouldn’t be outside.  So Blue Monday it was. I’m actually looking forward to some treadmill time!

Evening run, 5.41 miles.  I didn’t think I was actually going to be running much tonight but we did!  It was our Run Toledo course preview for the upcoming 10K on Sunday. We checked out the course and handed out door hangers to alert the neighbors a race was coming through their hood!  We also go to check out the Halloween decorations.

Tuesday – 4 miles, speedwork.  A really chilly morning! Once again, outside as I need to make sure I’ve got the right clothes on for the upcoming races.  Mid 2 miles were at race pace, which ended up being just some random pace of challenging effort. Goal achieved!

Wednesday – Evening run 5K – “Running on Tap”  This is a group run with Toledo Roadrunners.  We run a 5K, then have a drink at a local brewery. 

This was a tiny place that was really awesome. It’s in a garage!  Great beers.

Thursday – Rest day, and I went to the gym for weights. And also… 8 miles bike ride.  I couldn’t resist the beautiful weather for a went for short ride in the afternoon. Later I got ambitious and set out to paint my nails.   Then I accidentally dropped the polish bottle on the tile and it shattered… and splattered all over our tile and [GASP] brand new carpet. [yes, the carpet is just ONE WEEK old] Holy crap.  It took an hour, but I did get it all cleaned up. This picture shows just a tiny amount of polish that got on the carpet. It looked like a murder scene.

Friday – 10 miles, long run.  Not going to lie, this wasn’t my best run 🙁  I was hoping to cruise through the first half, then run the 2nd half with negative splits and 5 miles of race pace.  I got a slower pace than I had hoped on the way back, and ended up taking a break halfway through because I was tired!!  OH MAN. But look at this view….

Gotta stop and smell the flowers sometimes. Enjoy the journey, right?

Saturday – Rest day!  For real. The only exercise I got was running across the cross country field to see my daughter race!  The temps were in the 30’s when she ran, so she busted out some winter running gear.  

Sunday – Race day!  I’m running the MacQueen’s Run for Your Life 10K.  I don’t really have a goal for this race because it’s a week before my half marathon, but check back with me later for a race recap!   Instead, I’ll wrap up with a picture of how my cat likes to interact with me when I’m trying to work!

[** Update: my 10K went very well! Recap will be up on the blog soon!]

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Q: Do you ever feel lonely outside running in the dark, or it just me??

Q: Do you paint your finger nails? Home DIY or go to the salon?

I rarely paint my nails because it tends to ruin them. Takes months to get them looking good again! The polish doesn’t last very long either.

18 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – chill in the air!”
    1. I guess it’s just the “all dark” runs in the morning I don’t like. I do rush out the door on the mornings that I do have a chance of seeing a sunrise when it’s not so early! Yes, that sunrise was soooooo amazing along the river!

  1. Glad your 10k went well. I actually enjoy running in the dark more than running in broad daylight. I prefer daybreak when there’s a bit of light. That sunrise is gorgeous!

    1. Hmmm, running in the afternoon (noon – 4pm) or running in the dark? That is a tough one for me, but I would have to go with the dark too! I love morning running!

  2. We had very similar weeks…except I do enjoy running in the dark (but am glad my last “long run” in the dark is done for a long time). I try to change colors on my NoxGear vest every time, too 😉 AND, I had a pretty great 10K on Sunday. Now, about these cold temps (we also had those in common), I am so not ready for winter. End of story.

  3. Congrats on the 10k! I used to run in the early morning hours when my boys were little so I could get it done before my hubs left for work. I don’t relish that, but it looks like I will do it on Tuesday morning, since I missed today’s run to spectate the Chicago marathon!

    I used to paint my nails. Then I dropped a bottle of polish on the carpet and yep, experienced what you did. Mess on the carpet. LOL
    Wendy recently posted…I Haven’t Got Time for the PainMy Profile

    1. I did get compliments on my painted nails, so that was a plus. But sadly just 3 days afterwards, it’s all chipped. boo! I had a lot of friends running Chicago. Fun to track them during the day. FOMO – There was talk with my husband of running it, maybe in the next few years!

  4. Being retired, I do most of my runs alone early in the morning. There are days when I wish for some company but most days it is a chance to just clear my head. Funny that when I actually do have some company, it seems annoying because I feel I am expected to make conversation. I volunteered at the Chicago Marathon today. Incredible to watch the elites blast through our aid station. Weather was perfect and the female winner set a new world record.

      1. I was at the 5K and the temps were in the upper 40s. If I had been running, I would have preferred a little cooler, but it was a good day. Lot of friends ran PRs and I read there were over 5,000 BQs.

  5. I last painted my nails for my wedding, I think! I’m really bad at it and if I had a new carpet I know I’d do that!

    A great week of photos! I have started to have to run in the dark a bit and yes, it’s lonely and vulnerable feeling when you’re on your own. Glad your 10k went well!

    1. I kind of felt like running outside in the dark this past week was a punishment! If I get the reward of seeing the sunrise though, it’s worth it – otherwise, I think I’m keeping it indoors!

  6. The weather here has been a little crazy too – not too much of Fall, but lots of going back and forth between winter and spring/summer temps, lol.

    I’m sorry that your 10 mile run didn’t go as you had hoped but that view is awesome!

    1. Luckily the park had nice benches to sit on while I took my rest break during my run! LOL! I see in our forecast it’s going back up to the 70’s later this week. Just in time to be unseasonable warm for my half marathon probably!

  7. I actually love the solitude of running alone in the wee early hours of the morning. It’s become my favorite time of day. I just wish I was still outside to see the sunrise. By then, I’m either already in my basement training my first client or in the shower getting ready to go to the other gym for work.

    What a bummer about your nail polish/carpet accident and how lucky that you eventually got it all cleaned up.

    Good luck on your half this weekend!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Exploring Sand Caves, a Man-Made BeautyMy Profile

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