The Columbus half marathon is coming up in just a few weeks (10/20/19). I cut my running back a bit this week to give myself a rest: 31 miles. I also got to ride a bit more = 40 miles. This past week has been busy!

Monday – [Unscheduled] Rest day!  Rest day is the best day, right? This was actually a hard choice because on Sunday after the race I was feeling really beat up from all the miles and I knew I needed a rest day.  I hate to miss a Monday workout, but I do know recovery is necessary, so I skipped my run today. I did get to take a little walk with Alan and the sunset looked beautiful at the park.

Tuesday – 9 miles = 8 miles + 1 mile of strides. It was sweaty outside, but it actually felt good!  I was happy to be out running in the dark and soaking in the stars and the sun rising. I was glad I took the day off yesterday and overall felt good!  However when I went to work I had a weird, sharp pain from my hip which made me cringe to walk! Once again, it turned out to be a freak pain which went away within 4 hrs. Fun note – with homecoming at our high school this week, there has been mischief going on. My neighbors really got toilet papered!!

Evening ride = 15 miles with Alan 🙂  I’ve been a bit bummed that every night at my house has been taken over by homework.  My kids are busy until 5pm with sports and band, which makes them consumed by homework/other stuff for the rest of the night.  I get frustrated because I want to get outside and do something. I want to enjoy the beautiful weather, but no one is available.  So, I just invited Alan to go along and I’ll start doing what I want to do by myself when needed. I miss our family time together, but I also don’t want to be stuck in the house.

Wednesday –  Rest day! Did get together with our training group for their recaps of Race for the Cure. At the restaurant I had the most surprisingly delicious food… pickle bread!  It’s like pizza without the tomato sauce. I know it sounds weird, but it’s sooooooooo good!

Thursday –  6.5 miles, speedwork.  I’m waffling on the Pfitz training plan now.  The workouts were just a bit more than I think will be beneficial for my body.  I’m not running in the Olympic Trials – I just want to have a solid half marathon in 2 weeks 🙂   This workout was warm up, 6 x 4 mins on and 2 mins off and cool down. It went ok. Not breaking any speed records, but it’s ok.

I went to gym.  Odd happening – I felt weird wearing this color capris (like Peter Pan!) only to find two other ladies wearing the same exact color at the gym!  What the heck??

Side note:  OMG, we got new carpeting today!   Have had the old carpet for 16 years.  New carpet is AMAZING!

Friday – 4 miles.  I tried to make it down to the river to catch the sunrise, but I was about 5 mins late.  Still, the view was lovely!

Cycling – 25 miles.  My husband and I went for a long bike ride.  The wind was rough in a few spots, but overall I was excited to get this ride done.  I haven’t been out this long on my bike for a while. It felt good!

Evening fun – homecoming football game.  The football team crushed it again, 49 to zero!  My son is quite a handsome marching band member, no?

Saturday – 12 miles, long run w/speedwork.  This was an interesting run because:

  • It was a point to point run. I started at my daughter’s cross country practice and I ran home.
  • My daughter drove the car home alone for the first time!
  • Despite the cool temps, this run didn’t really feel “easy”. I feel too achy these days.
  • My mid 4 miles were at “race pace”. Oh wow, I’m going to be slow this upcoming half marathon!
  • I tripped and fell during this run. Tripped on a plank and ended up sprawled on the bridge. Oof. No injuries and no ripped capris though. Yeah!

On the family front, my daughter went to the homecoming dance.  She went with several friends. I think her hair turned out really pretty!! (she’s on the right)

Sunday – Rest day!  Surprise – feeling a bit sore and bruised from yesterday’s fall.  One day should work it all out I think.

In case you missed it:  Race for the Cure recap

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Q: Do you wear capris that are solid colored and not black often? Which color?

Q: Do people toilet paper houses in your community ever?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – homecoming week”
  1. I think I have one pair of solid black capri’s…most of mine are colored/patterned (but I’m a color freak, don’t forget). You mentioned falling on your run…ummm, if no one saw it happen, did it really happen at all? (j/k). Barb tripped on a rock last week, on our 5:00 a.m. run. It happened so fast, there wasn’t time for me to grab her or for her to try to break her fall. Thankfully, no injuries or ripped pants. (and we haven’t told anyone, until now LOL).

  2. That pickle bread sounds really interesting – I’ve never seen that anywhere before!

    I have a few pair of solid colored capris but I really like patterns because they are fun and who doesn’t need more color in their life?!

    1. Someone at the table passed the pickle bread around – which we all said “ewwww” when we heard the name – and then 4 people ordered their own plate of it. We were all sold! You had to taste it to believe it. Amazing!
      I think solid colored capris are prone to sweat marks, but I’d love some more patterned ones! Do you have a favorite brand?

    1. The part that was most weird about the emerald capris is that the lady right next to me in the locker room had them, and they were both from Athleta, but different styles. So bizarre!

  3. I saw lots of TP hanging from the trees on my run today! It was homecoming this weekend and they TP the football players’ houses. LOL! Your daughter looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks! When she tried on her dress my husband did a little gasp and said “you look so grown up!”. I think 5 houses ended up TP’d last week. I was irked that some people hardly made an effort to get it out of their trees. It made a bit of a mess in one area.

  4. Pickle bread doesn’t sound weird, it sounds amazing. I’d be all o ver that
    Your kids are beautiful.
    I’m all over the place with my patterns, but I think only solids are black. Certainly not because I like it.
    Glad you & your capris are OK post fall

  5. Oh I remember the days of toilet papering when I was in HS! I think we did it before big field hockey games. Seems so weird to think about that now!
    I think all my capris are black but I do have a pair of blue tights. I dont love them and it gets kind of tricky to find tops that dont totally clash with them.

  6. I think you are smart to cup back your mileage and give yourself some rest days. I have some blue and green capris that I wear often and I love them, but black capris are my go-to choice. I am not too picky about matching when I run. I might wear any top with my multicolored capris.

    Your daughter’s homecoming photo is adorable. Hope she had a good time!

    1. I was told the homecoming dance was fun. No pictures of the event though because the kids take off their shoes (don’t want to ruin the gym floor!) and have to check in their cell phones when they get there! I guess that’s a good thing though. Remove the distraction.

  7. Thank God the kids don’t paper the houses here, cause we don’t give out Halloween candy (we do turn out all the lights).

    I love pizza without tomato sauce, actually, it’s all about the cheese! But pickles? Never say never but it doesn’t sound tempting.

    Glad you don’t seem to have injured anything from the fall. Hope you’re feeling better. Those wooden bridges can be really tricky!

    I am not in the #nevermissamonday camp Yesterday I’d planned to do some barre and other things (rain day), but my body said very clearly it was a rest day & I listened to it. Barely got in any steps, although I was pretty busy all day.

    1. We don’t go overboard on the candy for Halloween, but we do have some very generous houses in our neighborhood that give out full size chocolate treats. yummmm

  8. I wear black, blue, and multicolored carpris or shorts or even long leggings to the gym. whatever i feel like at the time. I am used to people doing a double-take of me at the gym. I figure if my hair is purple or pink or blue I may as well go for it with the rest of my outfit. I used to also always wear my procompression socks to spinning. hey, I didn’t want to get calf cramps 😉

    your son looks like a perfect marching band member. and your daughter adorable. I remember those TP days. Barely, but I do remember them a wee bit.

    I’m so sorry you fell on your last run. sounds like something I would do!

    1. I have calf sleeves and also tall compression socks, but I just can’t get onboard with them! They make me so hot. Like wearing sweaters on my legs! I wish I could wear them (or actually put them on. What a struggle!)

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