We had some pretty exciting stuff going on in my family this week. My workouts weren’t that exciting, but at least I got to enjoy some beautiful fall foliage along the way.

Miles run: 26.5

Monday – 6 miles, treadmill.  Feeling much better today than the past few days.  This run felt decent enough. Love me a morning run on Monday!

Tuesday –  6 miles, treadmill.  I wasn’t going to run, but decided to take advantage of my kids having the day off school today (voting day!).  I got to sleep in and wasn’t rushed to get ready. My run was same-old-same-old, which is a good thing!

On the work front, this is my life lately. I’ve been setting up a bunch of PCs with Windows 10. My home office is overrun with them!!

Wednesday –  Rest day, yoga.  Gold stars for me today because I actually woke up early and did yoga!  Trust me, this is a huge accomplishment for me because I don’t have the attention span to do yoga, but I made it through a YouTube core class.  I was sore all morning! Not sure if the yoga was the reason because it was my hammies, but I know downward dogs are not my friend so I didn’t push it very much either.

Thursday – 10.5 miles, “long run”.  I’m hoping to be able to keep up a 10 miler each week, but my body is making me question it.  Same as last week, I was feeling like the first 7 miles were good, but afterwards it was a bit of a struggle.  Feeling a bit of pain on the hammies and glutes. But, when you’re on an out-and-back course, you don’t have a choice to just end it.  It wasn’t horrible, but I wish there was no pain. The woods were beautiful today and the leaves were raining down as I ran. So pretty!

We had a super fun surprise this week… winning some big money!  When we bought my daughter’s car, my husband was entered into a monthly drawing to Spin the Wheel. His name got drawn and the wheel stopped on the biggest prize.  OMG!!! It was unreal and we were in shock as we drove home.  

At night we volunteered at packet pickup for the local half marathon. I can’t say this enough, packet pickup is a great job to help out at. It was a social event! Everyone I know is running this weekend either locally or in Indy. It was a good weekend for racing, everyone did well!

Friday – 4 miles.  Kept an eye on my heart rate and this felt good.  It was a “feels like” temp of 15. I had to dig out all of my winter gear for this one!

We had another surprise this week – my son was picked as one of the “Marching Generals of the week”! Four students are acknowledged each week. We have no idea what the criteria is for this acknowledgement, but it was so fun to hear his name announced at half time and he got recognized during the performance. Woohoo! The football team is having an amazing season and they are in regional competitions now. And they won again. Despite the frigid temps, marching band continues one more week 🙂

Saturday – Rest day!  We had a super late night Friday, rolling into the campground at midnight.  We wanted to get in one more camping trip before the camper goes into storage. We didn’t get to use it much due to high school activities, so this is it!  

On our hike a snake was crossing our path. He wasn’t so happy to see us 🙂

Sunday –  Rest day again. We did get a hike a little at the park and the leaves were the best!!

The forecast for this week has a lot of cold days, and snow on Monday. What? I’ll believe it when I see it.

In case you missed it, I wrote up a recap of our trip to Kauai.

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Q: Snakes? Scared of them, or do you like them?

Q: Have you ever won anything? Maybe a casino win??

I have won a few things. But then again, I enter ALL the contests, so the odds are greater for me than most people I think!

25 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – on a roll”
    1. Our forecast was true – we got the snow! I don’t think it will stick around, so when it melts this weekend we need to get out and put away all of the stuff that needs to be in storage for winter. Like the stuff in my garden (tomato cages). Oops.

  1. Sounds like a great week! That snake is so creepy. It looks so big! I can’t believe you were close enough to take that picture. We had snow in the forecast for tomorrow but now it changed and is just rain.

    1. It was a big snake! He was crossing our path on the trail. We thought it would be a good idea to pick him up… he thought otherwise! We’ve picked up smaller ones, but this dude looked really mad. That would not have ended well!

  2. Wow, congrats on the big money win!!! I tend to win a lot of random things (via Insta now days), but have not won a huge cash payout. It snowed last night and we’re supposed to get more of it this week as well. Currently, it’s in the single digits with wind, and I had to fire up the ‘mill….

    1. It was such a surprise to hear my son’s name at the football game! It was funny because my husband kept whispering his name each time, being a comedian, and then it really was his name! Getting that really good picture from his band was maybe even better than hearing his name.

  3. My husband has actually won big in Vegas a couple of times. Of course it took many years of playing to get to those big wins. I rarely win stuff, but once in a while little stuff. Congrats!

    I don’t mind snakes, but if they suddenly appear (like you don’t notice them ahead of time) it can get your heart going. I used to have to let the baby snakes the cats would bring back outside.

    Congrats to your son! And that’s a very strong looking plank.

    I’m at the point of having to decide whether or not one more half is feasible this year (maybe not) — if not, then I’ll be dropping my long runs back down to around 7 miles. Maybe less some weeks. Winter is just hard for running !

    1. I’ve been thinking all day what formula is going to work best for me. Maybe shorter runs, more days of running? I’m getting frustrated by my hamstring issues again!

  4. Congrats to your hubs on winning that drawing! Since when does a car dealership give anything away? LOL! And congrats to your son!

    I volunteered at a packet pickup last summer. It was a really interesting experience! So many different types of runners.

    That snake photo is awesome and terrifying all at once!

    1. The dealership had the spin on Facebook Live and he said “and this time the winner even bought the car!”. ha! The entry into the drawing was just for doing a test drive on the car, but I thought it was cool that we did buy something.

    1. The snake was just happily crossing the path, so maybe he wouldn’t have freaked you out… he just didn’t want to be petted! haha It must have been the biggest garter snake I’ve seen though.

  5. Congrats to your hubby for winning the prize money and to your son for getting acknowledged at halftime!

    I could talk about snakes for hours, specifically, black rat snakes… Let’s just say I’m not afraid of them, but once they start coming into my house they really annoy me. EWhen that happened several years ago, I eventually said, “Enough is enough!” We figured out where they were getting in and fixed the problem – two years and about 17 snakes later…
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Exploring Bryce Canyon National ParkMy Profile

    1. oh wow! We pretty much just see garter snakes around our house. They have hidden in our basement steps to get warm, but they have never made it into our house! But, we do get at least 2 mice in our fireplace a season. We still can’t figure out how they get in there!!

  6. good week for you and well done on the early morning yoga! do you have any idea where the pain might be coming from when you are running long? I mean I know you mentioned your hamstrings and glutes but do you think maybe there’s a hip imbalance going on triggering that?

    congrats on your big win! congrats to your son too! we never win anything. well we don’t enter much either! ha! I did once win a race entry and EUR 100 gift certificate from a Running store ! whoo hoo!

    1. A race entry and gift certificate is always a good win! The pain is high hamstring tendinopathy (also called proximal hamstring tendinopathy/tendonitis), which is an injury due to overstretching the hamstrings. It’s been a long, frustrating journey with this injury and it’s flaring again. With some smart strengthening, hopefully I can eliminate it forever!

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