I don’t have anything exciting to recap this week. It’s been running as usual, PT exercises, and lots and lots of work. I did manage to run 26 miles this week, so I was happy about that.

Monday – 4 miles.  Never miss a Monday?  I probably could have… I woke up with a headache which was haunting me all night.  But once I got moving it was fine. Knocked out 4 miles on the treadmill.

Physical Therapy for High Hamstring Tendonopathy – I’m now into my next phase of exercises as I follow along with the plan I bought from here →  PT Plan.

All is going well and the weekly exercises challenge me.  I think the toughest part of PT is keeping a log of how I feel!  I was motivated to do that the first 2 weeks, but honestly, it’s a drag!

Tuesday – Rest day!  I was going to get up and run, but when my alarm went off my cat decided to relocate on my neck.  I figured I put in several days of running so a rest day sounded good. Hard to resist a purring kitty snuggling with me 🙂 Some days be like that.

Wednesday – 5 miles, treadmill.  After a busy evening on Tuesday, I was looking forward to a good workout on Wednesday.  It gave me the energy and motivation to decorate at work! My office was having a decorating contest and the IT department (mine!) was far behind.  But no problem, we decked the halls and I think it turned out really good! Our theme was Candy Cane Forest (clearly. haha!).

We are up against some tough competition though. IT just isn’t crushing it in the creativity department. This is another part of our office (not IT)….

Thursday – 10 miles, long run. I decided to do a long run today. It was about 5 miles into my out-and-back route when I remembered I was having issues with runs longer than an hour! oops. Luckily I didn’t have much pain at all, but I was suffering with some struggles trying to stay in a lower heart rate zone. I was just looking at my HR, and not my zone, and it turns out that the number wasn’t in the zone I expected and the majority of this run was tagged as zone 4 instead of 3. That’s a bummer.

But the sun was out and that made it very pretty!

Friday – 3.5 miles.  This run was another slow run around my neighborhood, except at the end my shin hurt!  Right when I finished! I was half limping around the rest of the day and iced it. By the day’s end, it was feeling almost better.  Freaky!

Saturday – 3.5 miles.  No shin pain. Phew! Was going to take a rest day, but I had major Tech Support issue last night that left me in a mental frenzy.  I needed to get moving and clear my head! I didn’t dress warm enough and I was freezing for the rest of the day! It was a speedy run for a change, which made me happy.

Sunday – Rest day. 🙂 I had to motivate myself to get those PT exercises done. My work-at-home job has been going crazy, and I’m lacking motivation to do exercises on off days. But, I did it 🙂 For reference, my “work at home” job is contracted for 4 hours a week. Not much, right? In the summer and when I’m traveling, I might have some weeks where I only work 1 hour! But the past few weeks, I’ve been working 3-6 hours ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. Ugh. It’s draining. There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, and I’m looking forward to reclaiming my evenings!

Update on my husband’s foot – the Dr did not think it was PF. Thought it was either a stress reaction, or an injury to the “fat pad”. Who knew we have a fat pad on our feet? We did not. Either way, the Dr said to put the dreaded boot on for 2 weeks and see how it feels. Time will tell I guess!

Q: If you work, does your office decorate?

My “actual job” did a lot of decorating (as you saw), but the other company I contract with for my “side gig” did no decorating at all! I guess I was the one who used to motivate everyone to decorate and since I left they haven’t done a thing!!

Q: Have you ever had a fat pad injury?

25 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – same old, same old”
  1. We used to have department decorating contests at work, but it was always the same 3-4 of us doing ALL the work, so we bagged that ritual.We have a lot of people who decorate their desks with small trinkets, though. Great week for you!

  2. We have a tree, menorah and kwanzaa bowl in the office, but they’re in the lobby/conference room. Our departments are too scattered to decorate by department in a meaningful way.
    I’ve heard of a fat pad injury, hope it resolves for him quickly.

  3. We’re supposedly having a deocrating contest at work but I haven’t seen any decorations! It’s very busy right now–lots of very sick folks out there!

    Glad to hear you’re getting back out there and logging some miles. Fat pad injury? Is that any different than a bruise?

    1. I guess it is different that a bruise. I’m thinking the boot will keep him from moving around so much and give him a needed rest period. Kinda like putting a clamp boot on a car… haha!

  4. With how little I’ve been running, the doctor might have said “you are a fat dad” instead of “you hurt your fat pad”. It’s possible!

  5. Nice running this week, especially that long run on Thursday! I just recovered from hamstring issues last spring (after 2 years of dealing with them!), and have been running pain-free for months now, but during a 5K today, my hamstring started hurting at mile 2.5. Ugh! I am now babying it and hoping it will be OK tomorrow.
    Laurie recently posted…What Is In Your Bowl?My Profile

    1. Oh man, I hope your issue is no big thing! I’ve been avoiding the speed work for sure. It will be a bit challenging when marathon training starts again in January!

    1. You will get there – looks like you are killing it at PT pushing around those sleds! yikes! I would not be feeling confident enough for that. Good for you!

  6. Well I guess it’s good that it’s not PF, but fat pad injury? What the heck?

    I had a super busy week at work and had to let everything but the running slide this week, and getting those runs in is the difference between being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and being completely miserable.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: A Christmas 10kMy Profile

    1. I agree – keeping up with the running helps a ton. This week will be very busy for me with social stuff – and I’m going to go out after dark! I’m such a hermit when the winter darkness hits. I’m perfectly fine with my couch and a blanket after work.

  7. Keeping up with PT exercises can be boring. I’m currently doing some for my hip and it’s hard to remember to do it every night. Then half the time I just don’t want to. I know it’ll help in the long run though.

    The office decorating competition is so cute! When I used to work in retail they’d have a Halloween pumpkin contest between the different departments. We had to use only things in our department to decorate the pumpkins. It made for some creative looking pumpkins!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…SPB Marathon Challenge + BDR Challenge Training Week 2: 12/2-12/8My Profile

    1. Our office decorating rules was no more than $10 a person, and $50 for the team I think – and you could bring in stuff you own from home. However, it seems like the other departments have the entire stock of Micheals craft store in their home basements because there were some really amazing decorations on that budget (I didn’t show those). Very impressive!!

  8. Glad the shin pain went away quickly! And that’s pretty cool that you had a decorating contest at work, the photos look great 🙂 We used to have something like that but nothing in the past couple years.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

    1. We were supposed to have a team captain on our team, and when I returned from a week off at Thanksgiving I found out he was too busy to do it. So we just went with the “it’s good enough” attitude and got it done. Mostly I didn’t want to disappoint the other departments!
      I really like what the other areas came up with!

  9. It seems like everyone is injured right now! Crosses fingers. I guess there’s an upside to not doing a long distance race in like . . . forever. Well, seems like it.

    I hate when we’re dealing with one pain and another freaky pain pops up; glad to hear it went away quickly.

    The decorating is cute! I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to work 2 jobs. I did it once, many years ago, but the side hustle was just a few hours a week & truly a labor of love.

    1. I do enjoy the side work, but right now I’m kind of cringing about renewing my contract because I’ve been so busy! haha! The work will certainly die back down though, so I guess I’m go with it.

  10. I work from home, so yep. We decorate 🙂 I also find that some weeks, I have little to do for work, and other weeks, i spend hours on it.

    Ooh. No, I haven’t had a fat pad injury, but I could see it happening. i’m glad you’re not having any shin pain and I hope your husband starts getting some answers soon.
    Jenn recently posted…week #50: countdown to weight-bearingMy Profile

  11. I love your candy cane forest! we used to decorate at Starbucks and have a contest between all the departments. Roasting and Packaging always won because they had all the extra packaging foil to wrap around everything haha! We don’t really decorate where I am now since it’s much more “Dutch” than Starbucks was. The Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas and that was last week already.

    PT is a pain and time consuming. but you’ll be better off for it!

    I totally know the feeling when a cat suddenly relocates itself on a body part that you no longer are willing to move…

    1. My cat does sleep on me when I go to bed at night, so that’s a fun little routine we have. But when she insists I show her where her food is at 4am? Not so fun. haha!
      I was just Googling Sinterklass. Very interesting celebration! I had never heard of that.

  12. No office here except my own in the house, so no decorating! I do usually put some stuff up in the house, though. And fortunately my BookCrossing friends and I have done a Christmas meal and secret santa exchange for the last 13 or so years, so I get a Christmas party!

    Great news on all the running and I love your feline excuse for a rest day!

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