Hang on tight, there was a lot going on this week! Week 8 of my training for the Glass City Marathon (April 26) is done.  Lots of miles again this week. My schedule was all mixed up this week.  I was busy, busy, busy! (sorry for all of the pictures!!)

  • Miles run = 47.5

Monday – 8 miles, tempo (treadmill).  Getting up to run speedwork on Monday morning was a bit of a challenge in itself!  This went well though. I’ve lowered my targeted race pace so I didn’t get burned out and I was able to complete the pace miles (6 out of 8 miles).  I also tried out some new shorts I have. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try some “booty shorts”. Ok, they might be named that, but that’s what I call them!  The waist was a little tighter than I’d like (which is why I’m hiding my squishy middle in this picture, haha!!), but the legs did stay in place, so they are a keeper! Expanding my color range too – they’re not black!!

Tuesday – 5 miles, easy.  Paczki run! Well, my training plan said “easy” but I guess the guys I ran with were unaware what my easy pace is!  LOL! We started out with a 9:19 mile and I was huffing like I’d never done a day of exercise in my life!! (you can relate, right??) Phew. After I got warmed up it was a bit better, but this surely counts as my speedwork instead of easy run.  A group of us ran 5 miles, and we met up with a group who ran a 5K distance. Stopped at 4 miles and had a Paczki. Then enjoyed some food and drinks with everyone.  

Wednesday –  4.5 miles, easy (treadmill)  Debated whether I should run early following that run (ouch, feeling so stiff!), but I woke up before my alarm and my body appreciated the movement.  I kept it slow and it went well. My new Kinvaras are blinding!! I guess that’s why the color is named Vizicoral 😉

Thursday – 5 miles easy run.  This run had two purposes: 1) to get outside and enjoy the snow!! (the kids got a snow day, woohoo!) and 2) see if I could run a certain pace so I could take a sub coaching gig.  I didn’t quite get to the pace I needed (11:20-11:40), but it was close enough and I felt good so I accepted the assignment. Side note, I LOVE my Brooks trail shoes (Divide) in this weather. These are my test model, but the production model is out now.

5 miles, track night!  At night I was sub coaching for yet another pace group!  This run was fartleks but the coach told me the fast pace would probably be around 1:15 a lap.  Good news, nailed it! 🙂 It was a good workout. We had a small group, so it was almost one on one coaching tonight.  No complaints there!

Friday – Rest!  Felt pretty whipped in the morning, but was feeling very good as the day went on. Time to celebrate the weekend!

Saturday – Looooong run.  19.2 miles. This was a highly productive run because I got my training miles in, and I also got to help out a training group that needed a sub coach!  I ran over to the group meetup site from my house (got 5 miles in), ran 9 miles with the group, and then ran home (another 4.2 miles). I’ll be honest – the target pace for the long run for this group was 11:20-11:40, and I ended up being closer to 11:00 on average.  I got to chatting with a friend and the pace went a little fast, but then I’d slow it back down. Overall, everyone had a good run and there were no complaints on the pace (at least not to my face bahahaha!).

Then we went to an Olympic Trials watch party.  I really didn’t know a lot of the elites competing, but one of the coaches from the Dave’s training groups was running!  I was also tracking 4 women I know. One of the ladies works at Dave’s Running shop, the other I’ve met up with in Boston.  So fun!!

Here’s our hometown hero Evan Gaynor.  He got some airtime early on in the race.  It was so exciting to see him! He was the top finisher from Ohio with a time of 2:21:46. Way to go Evan!!!

Here’s a picture when we coached together.  

At night we went to the annual awards banquet for the Toledo Roadrunners.  I didn’t win any awards, but I did get to see all my friends, eat all the food (19 miles requires a lot of refueling, right?), and eat all the desserts.

Sunday –  Rest day, gym day.  I was feeling pretty good after all the miles this week.  Decided to get to the gym early.  (photo credit to my husband from Snapchat haha!)

Then I saw a really good sale going on at the produce store.  This store is 30 mins away, but the prices are so darn cheap I can’t resist taking a drive there!  We got all of this food for $24.95. Strawberries and pineapples were 48 cents each, and green peppers and cucumbers were 25 cents each!  Everything else was cheap too – with the exception of the cauliflower that I decided would be a nice treat in my salad for the week 🙂

As a quick update, if you read my post about the issue we had recently with some inappropriate conversations, someone did contact his Mom and she was unaware of what he had done. The family apologized and it sounds like they will be working with him and maybe he needs a change in his medicine? (He has Asperger’s) It was all a very productive conversation and I’m glad it was addressed. I feel MUCH better about it now. 🙂

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Q: Did you have a good week? Buy a bunch of produce perhaps??

Q: Did you know any runners in the Olympic Trials?

My friends all had great races despite those hills and wind!

28 thoughts on “GCM training recap, week 8 – soooo busy!”
  1. Oh good to know that whole FB conversation thing is worked out. Way to go on that 19 miler! Looks like a really solid week. I am always looking for just the right shorts to wear. I tend to go patterned on the bottom solid on the top. Thanks for linking up today

  2. I Know you were thinking there was more going on with that conversation that what surfaced…glad there’s a plan in action. What a frustrating situation for all involved. Wow, what a week! Totally loving the hubby’s pic of you 😉

  3. I love your new shoes! I’m about due for a new pair and I was going to get the Brooks St Patricks day edition, but then I saw that this year’s design is a dark, dull green so now I’m trying to decide between gray and red, after seeing your pic I think red is the way to go.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: A Lotta RunningMy Profile

    1. I had no idea how bright the shoes were until I got them. The picture doesn’t do it justice! Bright shoes are great for racing. It makes it easy to find you in the crowd (for spectators and race photos)!!

  4. All the miles definitely equals all the food & desserts (although I’d probably be sleeping in them).

    I didn’t even watch the trials. Too busy with other stuff. My week was hard, won’t lie, and we’re all recovering right now.

    1. I was expecting to sleep very solid the night after my long run, but apparently I had a bit too much coffee and I was all wound up. I hate when that happens!!
      I hope this week is going better for you 🙂

  5. Glad to hear that the uncomfortable situation is coming to a satisfactory conclusion! I had a run in with a guy like that–he was living in a group home and walked out. I guess people around know him but I did not and he grabbed me. It was really scary.

    You look great in those shorts, but I wouldn’t call them booty shorts–they cover your booty and then some! I have a few pairs like that and I really like them. Wore some today! No chafing for the win!
    Wendy recently posted…Leaping Out of the Comfort ZoneMy Profile

    1. Totally not even close to booty shorts, but they did make me feel a bit exposed at first! 🙂 I thought of you when I tried them on because you always have cool looking shorts like that. I like your style!

  6. Ummm…squishy middle? Please! I wish my middle was “squishy” like yours! 🙂 Those shorts are so cute. Why do I gravitate toward black shorts too?

    I wish that produce store was closer to me. I would pay waaaaay more than you did for all that produce.
    Laurie recently posted…Why You Should Not Live In the MomentMy Profile

    1. I’m noticing this is the year that I’m not outrunning my diet! My weight is a bit off whack compared to my previous years of training. bummer. I knew it would happen one of these years!
      The prices at that store are crazy cheap! They have deals all of time. I had just bought strawberries a few days earlier at my regular store for $2.00 a pack…. thus, when I saw the 49 cent packs I had to hoard them!! Luckily I’m freezing them for other uses.

    1. It was nice to just relax on Sunday after such a busy week!! The picture doesn’t do the bright shoe color justice. They are suuuuuuuper bright!

    1. I wish I was a little more consistent on the long run splits, but otherwise I feel like I’m really getting the hang of being a pro pacer at the track! It has been fun to run with several pace groups and meet new people.

  7. We are hoping to join up with a produce delivery service soon. I’m still not back in the kitchen (hard for me to stand for that long in a small area), so I don’t want to totally shock my husband with too many “weird” vegetables.

    Parenting is hard. We are going through a situation right now where things just sort of have to play out, but I hate the bumps and bruises our kiddos have to suffer as they navigate these years. Fist bump for solidarity. I’m glad everything worked out.

    1. I was a bit worn out from processing all of those vegetables! Felt like I spent the whole rest of the day trying to get them in my fridge, and making food with them. I totally understand what you mean!!
      Parenting is tough for sure. My daughter just got her first job and I feel like she is really lacking on communicating with them. They scheduled her for 26 hours next week! Um hello, did they not hear the news that she is in high school?? It’s so hard for me to just not get in the middle of it. Yep, trying to let it all play out here too!

  8. Glad to hear that situation is being resolved in a good way. Metal illness or not, that is scary. Great week for you. The XL trials field (especially the women) was amazing. I kind of love all the new faces that’ll be headed to the Olympics. Love the new shorts!

    1. It was fun to see people leading the pack at the trials who were unknowns to me! It really didn’t turn out like I thought it would. Also, such great stories of the runners that made it to the trials. Loved the two pregnant ladies. I would totally run it if I was pregnant!!

    1. Paczki’s are a regional food. We do have quite a large Polish community in our area so I believe that’s why we have them here. I prefer a donut though – Paczki’s have heavy dough, and I’d rather have something that’s not topped with powdered sugar. But give that, I still indulge for the event! 🙂

    1. I’ll have to get a daytime shot of my new shoes. So crazy bright!! I do like bright shoes because they are easy to find in a race – for both spectators and race photos!

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