It was a slow week, with less demands on my time. No complaints here! I did a bit of soul searching, and a lot more running. Overall a good training week for Glass City marathon (April 26th). It was also a very indecisive week!!

  • Miles run: 44.5

Monday – 5 easy miles.  Another Monday, another day of still feeling sore after my long run. Despite having an active rest day yesterday, and keeping my body moving (elliptical), I’m still feeling quite sore any time my glutes engage (primarily on the right side).  It’s days like these I seriously consider dropping to the half to give my body a break. It’s still an option on my radar! My husband has yet to return to full running (or any running without pain!) so he’s going to try the half at Glass City. As I tell everyone about marathon running – “respect the distance” and “listen to your body”. At lunch, enjoying all of those veggies we got yesterday!

Tuesday – 5.5 miles, intervals.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run this morning or not, but in the end it turned out pretty decent.  Still a bit sore in the glutes/hips from the mileage on Sunday, but overall feeling a bit better. I finally added up my February miles. I was shocked to have so many, especially for being a short month! I guess Leap Day helped 🙂

Wednesday – 5 easy miles.  This run almost didn’t happen!  I laid in bed when my alarm went off and pondered if a rest day was better than running.  Was *still* feeling a bit more sore than I thought I should be. But, since I didn’t fall back asleep (even my cat napping on me didn’t help!), I decided to run.  Was stiff/sore for the first 10 mins, but after I warmed up this was a really good run. I just can’t seem to predict my runs these days. 

Thursday – 9 miles, tempo run.  2 miles warm up, alternating 1 mile race pace and 1 mile 30 seconds faster for 6 miles, and 1 mile cool down.  I’m still trying to figure out my potential race pace. I went with 9:15 for the race pace, and was able to hit the paces.  Surprisingly good run! It deserved a jump shot. Been a long time since I did one of those!

Must have been the shoes.  I busted these babies out of the closet.  Haven’t used them since Erie marathon, and they look brand new.  So much heavenly cushion!

Friday – Rest day!  I did make it to the gym, and then it was time for the “quarterly beautification” appointment.  I had to cut a few inches off my hair because it’s damaged (booo!) but it looks so healthy now!

I was also on a mission to purge some excess clothes from my life.  It was quite successful! Hopefully that will make my morning choices much easier.

And…. it may be cold outside still, but the ice cream parlor just opened.  Yippie!!

Saturday – long run, 20 miles.  (20.02 to be exact. haha!)  The weather was beautiful. I was doing some soul searching.  I’m still really contemplating dropping down to the half at Glass City.  I was hoping this run would give me some direction. However, this run didn’t completely suck.  But it was painful at the end. Just think would 6 more miles would do on top of that! Ugh.

My husband was the real winner of the day – he gave me some great treats when I arrived home! Also worth noting, he found me in the neighborhood and rang a cowbell and gave me some cheers as I finished my last mile!

My main debate is if it’s better to just cut my losses and hope that I’ll be fully recovered (stupid painful hamstring issues) enough to have a great Fall marathon, or would it be better to just continue on and have a slow marathon.  Would I just injure myself more, and would I be happy with a slow marathon that misses my goals? I just don’t know!! At this point, I’m leaning towards dropping to the half. But who knows, I’m sure I’ll change my mind 20 times before race day. ha!

Sunday – 30 mins elliptical. Resting! Eating donuts! Enjoyed a trip to the donut shop with my family 🙂 Also getting outside soon to enjoy the spring sunshine!! Just for the record, now I’m back on the full marathon goal and took a sub coaching long run for next week. Bahaha!! I’m the worst.

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Q: Have you ever had to drop out of a training plan because you were afraid it wouldn’t end well??

Q: Do you own a cowbell (for cheering at races)?

We keep several in our cars. Need to always be prepared!!

34 thoughts on “GCM Training recap, week 9 – change your mind much?”
  1. I have also been purging my closet. It’s a lot of work! I agree marathons and half marathons are distances that need to be respected. Sometimes our bodies just don’t want to get on board with what we plan. Thanks for linking up today and have a great week ahead

  2. Aww, your husband is a keeper! I have several cowbells, but my husband is too busy trying to get photos of me than ring it — and that’s actually fine by me. He takes awesome photos!

    I was purging until this week. It was time for (almost) total rest. It’s so hard to know what to do sometimes. I definitely feel better today, and it was lovely — but I have to say I still wasn’t motivated to run. Probably because I know i have a really long day coming up on Tuesday.

    Pretty sure I’ll be out there tomorrow.

    Good luck with your decision. It really isn’t easy. Sometimes, though, really taking that time to rest, not pushing through . . . well, still not easy to decide.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…A little break (hopefully): 3/2-8 WRDMy Profile

    1. We often end up ringing the cowbell, and the other person is cheering on a runner… which is totally counterproductive because you can’t hear the cheers over the cowbell! Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

  3. Purging closets takes SO much time, but the pay off is having an awesome looking and organized closet!

    I love that story about your husband – What a supportive spouse!

    1. I really like the end result of purging things but I do have a hard time parting with clothes! I keep thinking there is going to be some occasion that I’ll need a certain dress or something.

  4. I was just telling the hubby my sock drawer needs major purging! I wear socks for running (and fitness stuff) and with boots, but that’s it. I really don’t need 1.000.00 socks that never get touched…and nobody probably wants them either (ewww). What a dilemma with the full/half debate…I can relate because it’s happened to me. It’s hard to know what’s worse…succumbing to a shorter distance, or giving up on any goals for a longer distance. Runners and our first world probs, right?

    1. Oh yes… my sock drawer is a major disaster! I keep thinking I’ll get around to that drawer, but I still haven’t. But who knows when I’ll need that old white C9 sock from 10 years ago. haha!!

  5. I struggled with training last fall. I’d signed up for a half on a whim and knew that there wasn’t enough time to properly train and then it was like my body decided it didn’t want to run so my training was very shoddy. I went into that race with one very slow 10 mile and a bunch of 8 mile long runs. It ended up being a good race for me, I wasn’t fast because I knew that I didn’t have the training to back it up but I wasn’t slow either. You’ll know what to do when it’s time, there are always plenty of other races so no loss if you don’t run the full, but on the other hand if your body is up for it why not? Good luck!
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Inside Out EditionMy Profile

    1. I did toy around with the idea of being a pacer for the race (forcing me to run slower!), but then realized I didn’t want the pressure of delivering a consist 26.2 miles. Also not sure if I could deliver friendly and supportive banter after 24 miles of running. “just shut up and let’s get this &*%&^ done”. LOL!!!

  6. We have a few cowbells — I find them motivating when I’m racing so I try to return the favor. Come to think of it, I think it comes from years of watching ski races on tv — I think cowbells are common for those? LOL on all the soul-searching – or was is sole-searching?

    1. I swear we went from “really needing a cowbell” to “how did we get so many cowbells??” at our house. They multiplied like rabbits.
      I went out thinking “just give me an answer!” and I got chocolates and flowers. Maybe I should take that as a great sign. 😉

  7. I love a closet cleanout and purging- it’s rewarding, but it does take awhile 🙂

    Great job on that 20 miler! I just finished a slow-for-me marathon. It was tough to find my ‘why’ but I am glad I did and my legs feel okay, but I wasn’t dealing with an injury like you are…it’s a tough call. Good luck with the decision!

  8. I love that your husband came out with a cowbell at the end of your training run!

    And that’s a tough call. I had to not do a mara at all one year as I had a really terrible cold, with nosebleeds, and was just not well enough. But that was easy to judge really.

    1. I guess I really have awhile to decide still. I keep thinking the race is super soon, but it’s really quite a few weeks away. The tide could turn!

    1. Thanks! It’s always encouraging to have a decent (or surprising!) run every now and then. The key is sometimes lowering your expectations I guess! 🙂

    1. The mileage did surprise me! I do tend to get a little too hung up on the weekly mileage, which isn’t always the best for me. It gets to be a bit of a obsession!

  9. Such a tough decision! When do you have to decide? Last year, I was signed up for my favorite 10 miler but with that prolonged fatigue/RA flare, I couldn’t even run more than 2 miles without stopping. I dropped down to the 5k. I won my AG–chalk that up to all the fast runners doing the 10 miler–but it didn’t feel all that victorious. I totally feel your dilemma!

    I’ve been purging my InknBurn–I was on a roll on eBay, but haven’t sold anything for a while. Booo!
    Wendy recently posted…Am I Losing My Mind?My Profile

    1. I think I have until the end of March – so a while longer to make any final decision.
      Oh yes – we have been having an electronics purge and getting rid of a lot of excess stuff on Ebay too!

  10. It’s never too cold for ice cream! And your husband is so cute! How thoughtful of him!

    Usually, if things aren’t going well, I just adjust my goals and turn the race into a having fun sort of thing.

  11. I usually avoid decisions like that until they absolutely have to be made. I mean…the closer to race day, the better idea you’ll have of how you’ll feel that day? (But the actual reason I wait is because I’m indecisive.)

    1. I know… I’ve got time to decide! It feels like the race is soon, but we still have plenty of weeks before April 26th. With all of this Coronavirus stuff going on, who knows what races will even be going on then! yikes.

  12. sorry you have to make a decision like that 🙁 I’ve been in that position before too. I think you just have to adjust your plan as you go. and yes with the virus, who even knows?? I’m actually waiting to hear if my race in Rotterdam is getting cancelled or not…

  13. A very tough decision for you, especially since you’ve done the work.
    I’m the person who spectates a race and arrives with a bag of cowbells to pass out to everyone around me. Gotta have Mo Cowbell!
    I’m impatiently waiting for our ice cream place to open!

    1. I hear that all of the ice cream shops in our area are open now. I might be making a trip to another one today 🙂 Gotta support the local community!

  14. How sweet of your husband to cheer you on during your final mile of your 20-mile training run and to have surprises waiting for you after you finished! I have five cowbells – two were in race swag bags, two were 1st and 2nd AG awards at a farm themed race two consecutive years, and my favorite is a very old rusted cowbell from my family’s farm.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…The Run that Got Postponed and a Not-so-Perfect Pull-upMy Profile

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