Virtual races. Love them or hate them, we got a lot of them in 2020! With the coronavirus pandemic, COVIC-19 pretty much shut down the world in 2020. The Glass City marathon had to cancel their April 26th race, but decided to not only defer everyone’s entry to 2021, but also offer virtual races in 2020! Think about it… the race period ran for 2 weeks, so you had the opportunity to run every race that Glass City offered. The full, the half, 5K, and run a relay! Too bad I am nursing an injury or I would have been all over that challenge. Bling-mania!!

After the cancellation was announced, I happily ended my training for the full marathon and took it as a sign. Stop now and recover a bit. I’d run the half marathon instead. I cut out all speed work and even my long runs were suffering. But I figured I could at least finish the half, no “racing” needed.

I talked Alan into running with me, and we picked the best day of the week. Temps were in the mid 40s with slight winds. A little cloudy. Perfect! For a virtual race you just select your own course. Why sure, I could have just stuck with my typical deal, a nice flat straight out and back, but I decided to change it up! I also learned how to create a course on Garmin’s website, so I was pretty excited to execute this plan.

Miles 1: 9:24

If my first steps were any indicator if I should run or not, it would have been a solid NOPE! The right hamstring which I have been babying all week was definitely barking at me when I started to run. Luckily, the pain went away after 5 mins. Let’s do this!!

Miles 2-4: 9:12, 9:09, 9:06

The course was pretty easy (flat and on a bike trail) until we got to the hills at mile 4. We went down to the river. I really wondered, why the heck did I put hills on this course?? We had to go over two expressway overpasses, down one hill, and up one hill. The downhill was great 🙂 I’ll admit that I almost walked on the uphill! I haven’t run hills in a very long time. I was glad those 2 miles were over!

Miles 5 -8: 9:09, 9:40 (hills!), 9:21, 9:11

Following the “hilly” part of the course we circled the mall. The mall is empty right now due to COVID-19, so that was a tough part of the course seeing everything empty. After that we had to run two miles on roads where cars were passing us – so that was a tough part too!

Miles 9-10: 9:21, 9:22

By mile 9 we were back on the bike trail and heading home. Woohoo!! We started seeing more runners out, several of which had their GCM race bibs on. That was fun to see and we gave them some cheers.

Miles 11-13.12: 9:33, 9:36, 9:43, 9:11

Around mile 11 I was starting to run out of steam. Poor Alan keep trying to keep my morale up by talking to me and encouraging me, but honestly I was in pain and just wanted to be done. I may have told him to just “SHUSH!!!” 😉 My glutes/hammies were really in pain and around mile 12 I felt a shooting pain up my leg. Oh man, that can’t good!!

We felt like our bib numbers were a sign, so I ran 13.12 miles and Alan ran 13.11 miles! ;). Finish time: 2:02:51

I’m certainly not disappointed with my finish time. A far cry from my PR of 1:47 (wow, remember that day??) but not my slowest race either. I didn’t have a time goal, I was just running however I felt. But what this did do was to stir the fire on recovering, getting stronger, and going faster!! I wasn’t really excited about going out for my race earlier in the week, but after that race I was excited for sure!!

Post race: My hamstrings actually didn’t hurt as bad as they did when I was running. I did have a super painful, and odd, pain in the right hip. I iced it immediately after our run. And then, I got some coffee. YUM YUM YUM.

Time to rest a bit? ha!

Alan’s foot was feeling no worse than usual, so that’s a good thing too. All in all it has been a fun week of seeing all of my friends completing the race they have been training for. Putting all of that hard work to good use! I wasn’t sure how the virtual races would all come together, but I think it was a great option and I appreciate that Glass City offered it.

If I had to do it again, maybe I’d keep the course flat 😉

Q: Do you like hilly race courses?

Q: Do you use a website/program to map out running routes?

10 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon race racap 2020 – virtual!”
  1. I love that you guys matched your course distance to your bib numbers! When I did my 5k & 10k I was all about cherry picking a flat course but for my half I went with some hills just to keep it real. I’ve always used MapMyRun to plan my routes, I didn’t know that Garmin had that feature.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Eats: Nailed it?My Profile

    1. It took a little bit of figuring out to use the Garmin course tool, but I really like it. It will be interesting to use because it shows popular routes. I look forward to discovering some new trails!

  2. Great job on the virtual race, especially given the pain and the hills! Sounds like you managed to have fun with it too 🙂 I love that you matched the distance to your bib numbers.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  3. Great job on the virtual race. It’s not easy to run “against the time” and not against other runners as in a normal race. But in this period this is the only possibility to race.
    Here in Italy it’s the same. No “real” races for all the 2020, only virtual ones.
    I have your same garmin to map out running routes.

    1. I really like that I can see where other people run on Garmin Connect. I discovered a new trail this week! The virtu al races are really different, but I’m glad the running community is coming up with some alternatives for us.

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