Weekly Workouts recap for May 24-31. Week 11 of “new normal”, aka Stay Safe, Smart Reopening… or something like that. Heck, it’s just “summer” around here now. School is out! I did a lot of workouts this week.  Running = 29.7 mile (let’s just say 30 miles!), strength x 2, and Cycling =  63 miles!!  That is probably the most I have rode my bike in awhile, and I’m happy to report it felt great.

Sunday fun… when we left my blog last week, it was Sunday morning.  I have to share the fun incident I had on Sunday afternoon. I went rollerblading with my son and he wore my old Rollerblades.  When I say “old”, I mean from the 90’s.  He’s used them a few times recently and they worked well, but when we got ready to go, a piece of plastic broke off of them!  No biggie, still functional.  About 2 miles into our skating, when we were turning back, the buckle broke off them!!  Luckily I was wearing a hair tie which was made from a t-shirt and I stretched it to keep the boot together.  MacGyver move.  Sure enough, a mile before we were finished, the other skate cracked apart too!!  OMG  Yep, I can confidently say that these skates have completed their journey.

Later in the day the temperatures soared to almost 90.  And guess what?  Our air conditioning in the house doesn’t work.  Ugh, no AC.  Just like the good old days when I was growing up! 🙂

Monday – Bike, 25.5 miles.  The morning was perfect for a ride with my husband.  My goal is to work up to a 50 mile ride by the end of July.  Back in the day we did a “Bike to the Bay” cycling event which was 75 miles EACH WAY, 150 miles total.  We did it on our old hybrid bikes, which took a long time.  But it was a rolling party, and so much fun.

Tuesday – 5 miles, progressive run.  With our air conditioning not working, we slept with the windows open.  Which means a super early wake up call from Nature.  Seriously, what the #$% are the birds chirping about at 5am??  Enough already.  But hey, that got me up and going, and since my hair was in a ponytail (no need to run a hairdryer and sweat to death!), I made it to work 10 mins EARLY.  Even my coworkers were shocked.  I’m sure they will be seeing more ponytails on me soon due to my impending longer drive to work!

At night – our first dinner in a restaurant in at least 10 weeks!  Hooray for taco Tuesday!  There were a few modifications to the routine there, but I felt good about it all.

Zoom meeting with my fellow RunToledo Ambassadors.  The future of racing sounds interesting.  Lots of changes most likely coming for everyone nationwide, and we’ll roll with the punches with whatever transpires!

Wednesday – 6 miles.  Day 3 of no AC.  I was wrong – the birds start chirping at 4:50am!  Ugh.  I took the opportunity of the extra time and drove down to the river to catch the sunrise.  It was totally worth it!  

Peloton strength class with my son 🙂 Sorry, no running for him this week. He sleeps in too late and I want to get it done in the early morning!

Thursday – 38 miles, biking.  Longest ride on my bike!  This was almost a #momfail though.  I had a vague idea of our route, but I hadn’t really planned much.  This was supposed to be 30 miles, but I got us lost.  The problem was that we almost missed taking my son over to the high school to pick up his stuff!!  DOH.  We made it just in time.

Friday – 5 miles running.  Since a few friends are heading back to work this week, the date/time of our bootcamp changed.  We had a 6:15 meeting time, but now it will be 5:45am.  Gulp.  I wasn’t sure I could swing that, but I gave it a try.  So glad I did!!  It was a beautiful morning and a great workout.  I haven’t mentioned that I have some issue going on with my upper back.  Last week, before mountain biking, I noticed my upper back was stiff when I twisted.  It’s been around for a week now, and some days are better than others.  Unfortunately I found a few of our exercises were a bit too much for my back 🙁

Here’s the dreaded stairs we go up and down! 😉

Saturday – running, 3 miles.   I’m guessing my back was feeling extra jacked up due to the bootcamp class yesterday because I was having a terrible time sleeping.  My back felt stiff all night long!  My legs were still sore from bootcamp, but the outdoors were calling me!  Luckily running doesn’t bother my back.  With the great weather, I made this a progressive run and got my final partial mile down to a 7:49 pace.  Woot!!!

We celebrated my daughter’s 17th birthday.  I know it’s not the most attractive cake, but she wanted brownies incorporated into her cake, so there it is!  It was delicious. We also play mini golf. Some “normal world” fun.

Sunday – 10 miles, long run.  The temps dropped a little more this morning – only 49 degrees.  Another capri wearing opportunity!  This run went well.  I could have ran farther, but remembered I am starting the River X Challenge on Monday and need to save my legs for more running 🙂

Congrats on making it through another long winded weekly recap of mine! LOL I hope you liked the pictures.

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Q: Working folks… did you get orders to go back to your office yet?

Q: Cyclists – how long is a “long ride” for you?

28 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – feeling the heat!”
  1. I used to love to roller blade back in the 90’s! I unfortunately did not keep my pair. It was such a blast. Loving all the family workouts. Cannot get my kids to join me at all

    1. I was using a pair of adjustable cheepie inline skates while he was using my old Rollerblades. I could definitely tell a difference in them! I think I’ll buy another pair for myself. I enjoyed skating too!

  2. Lovely photos and the roller blade story is hilarious! My husband has a phased return with his group returning in September, however he had a lot of meetings now so I’m guessing he won’t be back in that open-plan office every day (maybe ever!). I work from home so no change for me.

    1. Many of my friends are heading back to work, but I’m not sure about my bank coworkers yet. It’s funny how the world has figured out how to work online, so hopefully a lot of people won’t need to return to the office. It will change our work life I’m sure!

    1. I can’t even remember my family having an air conditioner when I was a kid, but we had a one story house so it wasn’t as bad as how our 2nd floor is at my house. I’m not a huge fan of our AC because my office job is so cold during the summer – I hate to come home to a cold house, but MAN, I was really missing the AC for those few days!!! So glad it is fixed now.

  3. I’m still working one day from home and the other 2 in clinic. I’ll go back to 3 days in a couple of weeks. We’re still on a limited schedule to keep the number of people down in the clinic.

    Anxious to hear more about racing in the time of pandemic. Will you share?

    1. For the races that we could potentially still have, it sounds like asking people to wear masks might be a thing. They wouldn’t need to wear it the whole time, but maybe just in the start corral and the first 1/4 mile. But then you would need it at the finish line area, so you couldn’t just toss it on the ground. Something like a buff would be acceptable. I think those ideas which are being passed on from the RRCA (Road Runners Club of America). Nothing concrete yet, but think of all of the things we won’t be doing…. water stops with cups, food after races, and on and on and on… yikes.

  4. Oh, 49 degrees- perfect long run weather! Such pretty pics too.

    I love the tale of the Rollerblades. They lived a good long life! 🙂

    1. We have now passed on my husband’s rollerblades for my son to try. His feet were a bit squished in mine, and my husband’s will be big I’m sure. My son is not too picky. LOL!
      It really hard to pass up a run on a 45-50 degree day!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! A cake with brownies sounds amazing! I LOVE your sunrises. I have not been motivated to get out of bed early enough these days — because the sunrise does come pretty early now. Our office is reopening in 2 weeks, but at low capacity and on a volunteer basis, so I’l be home for all of June at least. Our usual weekend bike ride is about 25 miles. It’s hard to do longer than that without going on the bike path, which is too crowded for our comfort level these days. We did a Century once. I can’t imagine 50 more!

    1. It’s funny because we never used to train for that 150 mile ride. We’d just do a few 20 or 30 mile rides, and consider it “good enough”. Of course we were just cruising along on our hybrid bikes, and it took forever, so it was nothing like riding on a race bike. The overnight stop was at Put-In-Bay, which is a small island with lots of entertainment and bars. Purely just a good time! But oh yeah, it was pretty darn painful to get on the bike seat and ride home the next day for another 75 miles. Ouch.

  6. A cake with brownies? How can that be ugly? As you know, I’m out the door at 5:00 some mornings, and I’m always at all the animals I hear! I run through a park (just a block in distance) and it sounds like a tropical rain forest LOL

    1. Well, the cake really did look like it had raisins in it 😉 I had to take some of the writing off of it too because I got carried away. But it didn’t matter, it was delicious!

  7. That is too funny about the rollerblades! Ive seen some people around here rollerblading lately and I’ve wondered if they are using ones from awhile ago or if they bought them recently. Hope your daughter had a good birthday!

  8. I think your daughter’s birthday cake is cute. And brownies are always good. 🙂

    I hope your back settles down! Strange that running doesn’t bother it — but good.

    I am a literal early bird. Even though I don’t work. I love hearing the birds chirp in the morning (and yes, I’m up that early without an alarm clock, but I also go to bed early.

    1. My back is 95% better! Still no idea what happened, but because I’m a hypochondriac I feared the worst! I’m guessing it had to do with all of the strength training lately probably.

  9. That’s impressive the skates lasted so long! Good news that they waited to go completely until you got home :). And happy birthday to your daughter! I hope that AC is back soon.

    1. Oh no – the skates actually split apart about 1/2 mile to the car! They were literally dropping pieces as we finished!! 🤣 A similar situation happened with my kid’s ski boots one year when we were snow skiing. Too bad I didn’t have any tape with me to fix it. Ha!

  10. Great, busy week for you! I’m jelly at how “open” your state is. Our “phase 3” only allows outdoor dining. Something is better than nothing, I guess.
    Crazy about the skates! Glad the malfunctions did not cause an accident!

    1. I do feel like things are pretty laid back here and a lot is open. I really hope the economy can survive. What a hit for the restaurants and small businesses especially!

  11. Tacos out? Mini golf? brownie birthday cake? Sounds pretty fabulous, but for the a/c going out. There is no way we could do it with the windows open here. It’s just too humid. Ugh.

    Right now, a long ride is about 5 miles lol. I’m deathly afraid of my bike at the moment. In the old days, maybe 30 miles?
    Jenn recently posted…week 22 (2020): the one with no titleMy Profile

  12. So I have to ask but is your AC working now? I am spoiled. I need AC in the house. It is torture without it. The rollerblades story is hilarious! I had a pair too but I think I gave them to my niece. I never did properly learn to rollerblade. I do remember roller skating when I was a kid.

    1. Oh yes, we did get the AC fixed. Luckily it was just a wire that a mouse had chewed through. It’s so miserable without just a little bit of cool air!

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