I guess it’s week 9 of coronavirus “quarantine”, but things have been very normal around here this week. Some restaurants with outdoor dining have opened up, and a few retail stores have opened up. On the running front, I had a pretty epic week. A hamstring “strain” (or something) that happened back in mid March has finally calmed WAY down. Barely noticeable by the end of the week! I ran almost 30 miles, saw friends, worked out with friends, and even raced this week. Woot!!

Monday – 40 mins elliptical.  I guess my elliptical workout is my new Monday jam!  Time to catch up on some TV watching.  I still have 6 more episodes of Schitt’s Creek to watch, and I’m stretching it out as long as I can!  And surprisingly, my body is feeling good despite all the rough mountain biking this past weekend. (Recap here in case you missed it) Hooray!

4.25 mile walk.  I finally finished my audiobook, “Rich People Problems”.  I really liked this series of books (Crazy Rich Asians).  It sure did take a long time to complete though! Random thing I saw on my walk… isn’t this a fun way to celebrate? I wonder what they staked them to the ground with?

Tuesday – 4.5 miles, treadmill.  This has not only been the first time in *weeks* that I have been on my treadmill, it was also the first run that I’ve been on in weeks that my right hamstring hasn’t felt “pinchy”.  That’s WONDERFUL.  And I know this will surprise some people, I did miss the rhythmic beat of my feet hitting the treadmill.  It’s all good 🙂

I do have to rant about a Zoom meeting this week.  At my office they decided we all needed to bond a bit and use Zoom video instead of just audio.  So we had our first IT team meeting.  It was fun to see everyone again!  What was not cool was a millenial on our staff who is working remotely.  I kid you not, but he was laying in bed for the whole meeting.  He was just a big zoomed in head, but I could totally see the blanket across him.  I thought that was a bit rude.  Make an effort and at least sit up for God’s sake!

4 miles PM run… yes, you’d think that morning run was a win and I’d stop there, but my friend asked about getting together for a run and I was like “A friend!  A friend!!”.  So yep, 4 miles were run after work.  We got to do a jump shot too.  Sooooo good to connect with a friend again!

30 min Peloton strength class.  Weights with my son.  Phew, my shoulders were pretty whipped after this one!  

Wednesday – 20 mins elliptical, 10 min core class. I told myself I’d just sleep in, but since I woke up early, I did some exercising!  That core class was so hard!!  Ugh.  The planks were especially a challenge with my tired shoulders from last night.

Thursday – Bootcamp.  Real live bootcamp!  This was a great workout.  My friend has been meeting with friends for a workout in the early morning, and I really wanted to join them. You know, FOMO (and friends!!).  So I showed up.  Not even really knowing what we were doing!  We met along the river.  Did 3 sets of weights, then climbed up a bunch of stairs.  Then we ran up the ramp (the alternate route instead of the stairs).  Then do it all over again.  FOUR times.  After the first time up the stairs I was gasping for air.  My friend considers me a “fast runner” and told me to just “go ahead” when we were running up the ramp – but little did she know I was dying!  Well, let’s be honest – it was apparent to everyone that I was struggling to keep up with them. LOL!!!  (note me sweating in tank top, and them in long sleeves. ha!)

But the river view was awesome, and we did see a bald eagle in the trees nearby.   And it was so nice to reconnect with people!!

The workout was cut short because it started to rain, but I will be going back for sure!  It’s personal now.  I feel out of shape! 

Friday – 10 miles, long run.  And DOMS.  Oh my, I was feeling that stair workout from Thursday!  But there was no way I was missing out on the great weather. I went farther than I had expected to go.

I did find some fun things on my run…  a bunch of snails, crossing the path I guess? Also a toad. And $1!  I never find money on my runs, so that was pretty exciting!

Saturday – Corona-thon duathlon!  Virtual edition of course 😉  This event was done with my son.  His first duathlon!  I’m very proud of him.  He did great!  1 mile run (8:45 pace), 13 mile bike ride (13.5 mph), 5k (9:49 pace).  The weather was decent (mid 50’s) but it was foggy and humid.  He had never practiced running after biking, so the “jello” legs were pretty odd for him.  If you’ve done a brick workout, you know what I mean!  There was a little bit of walking during our 5K, but for a guy who hasn’t worked out more than 50 mins with me, racing for a 1:45 mins was a big step up!  I think he could easily be convinced to do another duathlon.  Yeah!

Transition area in our garage!

Sunday –  5 miles. I decided to try out my compression socks today. So I actually had two workouts… running, and taking my socks off. Ugh. I’m really not a fan of compression socks, so they will go back in my drawer for another year or so until I get inspired to try them again 🙂 We spent the rest of the morning shopping for veggies to plant in our garden… when the rain stops.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: If you plant a garden, what grows best for you? What do you like to grow?

Tomatoes and cucumbers work well for us. We’re going to try some green peppers and watermelon again, but they have never been very successful!

Q: Do you wear compression socks for running?

They are just too restrictive for my liking – and too hot. I’m not sure what benefits they would have for me, but I just can’t get past those two issues!

32 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – fun, friends, and a duathlon!”
  1. I had to laugh at your description of the Zoom meeting! I really think that people are getting a little too comfortable on these video meetings. We use Microsoft Teams at my job but it’s the same concept. I am normally on a few of those meetings a day so I always make sure I look professional from the top up, and no one knows I’m wearing sweatpants and bunny slippers 🙂

    That duathlon sounds like it was a blast and what a cool idea!

    1. A sweatshirt would have even been fine… but laying down? Come on! One of my coworkers changed his background to be a picture of my and my husband at a race (race selfie). He’s my husband’s friend, so I got a pretty big laugh out of that. yes, he’s weird. LOL
      I’m glad my son had a good experience with the duathlon. I really miss the post-duathlon cookouts we have typically at our races. That makes it a lot of fun!!

  2. We’re encouraged to hold most meetings via Zoom and I have to admit I’m getting some Zoom fatigue…But would not even consider lying in bed, eeks!

    I”m so glad to hear you injury seems to be done! Great news!

    1. I’ve only been on 3 Zoom meetings so far. It’s still all fun and new to me! ha!
      I wasn’t sure if doing exercises on a really sore hamstring would be a good thing, but I’m so excited it has helped! And just in general, taking time to do PT exercises has been key. Hopefully this trend continues!!

  3. I only wear compression socks for recovery after really long runs or marathons. Or on really long flights…like coming back from London or Tokyo. Otherwise no bueno. So glad to hear your ornery hammy is feeling much better and yay for your son working out with you!
    Isn’t is amazing (and humbling) when we try a workout where our “running fitness” does’t come into play and we end up getting our behinds handed ro us? Haha!
    Very jelly of your state opening up! Not even close here.

    1. Oh yes, I was challenged in a whole new way at bootcamp! We did 20 reps of each weight exercise. I would never have done that many had it not been for my friends doing it! I’m sure I would have called it a success after just the first 2 rounds of that. haha!!!

  4. Laughing at the Zoom meeting story! I have given up putting on nice clothes when I work from home, but I don’t want to look unprofessional when I do a video visit with a patient, so I keep a work logoed shirt nearby to pull over my clothes when needed. My husband was very impressed with my ingenuity, lol!

    Nice week for you. Glad the hammie is calming down. A few weeks ago, I ran by a house where they were having a bootcamp in the driveway. She even had battle ropes! I was so excited and she had me leave my number to call me…but she never did. Whomp, whomp.

    1. You need to run by that house again!! Maybe she lost your phone. Battle ropes is legit! I took along 10 lb weights – which felt like 50 lbs when I had to carry them. I need to use a backpack this week!

  5. I would totally do boot camp outdoors if I could do it where you did that! So pretty!!! I actually enjoy outdoor workouts, just so long as there isn’t sand and water involved. (I’ve done a ruck on the beach. That was NOT fun for me. So much sand.)

    Planks are SO HARD after a shoulder day!! Way to hang in there!!

    That’s a cool idea with all the balloons in the ground!

    I like compression socks but I don’t like the battle to get them on or off. I’ve tried pro compression and those things require serious WORK! I did recently purchase some Lilly Trotters just to try them and they are MUCH easier to maneuver and their compression is …. well, less compressiony. lol. I actually really like them! I’ve worn them on a few runs and I think I might get a couple more pair.
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…Week 5 of Training – Inching Closer to Race Day!My Profile

    1. I seem to have larger calves then most people (my skinny jeans are always stuck on my calves!) so the compression is really tight. Ugh. eh, I tried.
      The water on the river was like glass that morning. My family said my super power was making them feel like slackers because I was so ramped up about my workout and wouldn’t shut up. LOL!!!!

  6. Hooray for no hamstring pain! That’s huge, I know you’ve been struggling with it for a while. I found a $20 bill last year out on the road, early in the morning and in a remote enough spot that I had a clear conscience about picking it up (I mean hey, that’s practically the cost of a 5k). I went through the motions of planting our garden today. We’ve had several very poor tomato years so hopefully this year will be better. I’ve never had much luck with bell peppers but cucumbers, zucchini, and fresh herbs are always a hit. I’ve never tried compression socks, anything constrictive kind of freaks me out.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Real Runners WalkMy Profile

    1. I thought my veggie plants were goners already because I had them sitting on my patio (haven’t planted them yet) and a bunny was hopping around our yard! I promptly placed them in the fenced in garden area and will need to get them planted ASAP. The first year my garden was built we lost a lot of plants to the bunnies. I got wise and put up a fence after that!

  7. I’m jealous of the duathlon, even if it was ‘just” virtual. I’ve only done one du, but it was a fun out-of-comfort-zone experience…and the jelly legs, YEP! I prefer compression sleeves over full socks, but I have worn both at different times (depends on the color scheme of my outfit #FashionOverFunction LOL) On me, they seem to have a cooling effect (?) so I don’t notice any excess heat issues.

    1. I seem to either dress with a lot of clothes (fleece tights always when it’s cold!) or practically no clothes at all. The heat of the socks is just a deal breaker for me. But they sure do look really great on other people for sure!!
      I am glad my son agreed to the duathlon. It was fun! Next time we need to have a great finish line set up with cookies!

  8. yay for pain free runs! So jealous that you are able to run w your friends again. Looking very strong those strength workouts are paying off. Thanks for linking

    1. I think this quarantine has had the most strength workouts and cross training I’ve ever done before. I really do think it’s helping! The variety has been nice.

  9. I do like compression socks but mostly wear them for longer runs. You had a GREAT week! Great job! That duathlon looks like so much fun. We use Google Meets for our staff meetings and i remember one time a teacher was on the bed. She was not in pajamas but was lying on top of it on her stomach. Hope that made sense. Anyway, I did chuckle because sometimes administrators (besides our principal and vice principal) like to join us at these meetings.

    1. It really was a good week for me. I have been happy being a “loner”, but once I saw my friends again it was so great! It will be interesting to see what transpires in our next Zoom call. When the call started I think he was sitting in the dark (he lives in his parent’s basement) because we could barely even see him. No one has ever accused IT people of being normal so that’s typical. 😂

  10. Congrats on the Duathlon- I had some friends who did something like that this weekend too! It sounded cool! I don’t own a bike so I couldn’t participate, but I have definitely done brick workouts before and I totally know the jello legs feeling.

    You’ve seen my pics, so you know I do wear compression socks…all the time. I actually can’t run without them now, I feel naked if I do, even in 90 degree heat in the middle of Florida summer! I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve worn them the last 5 years or something but they don’t really bother me in the summer heat. They do help me so much during long runs- most times when marathon training my calves are the only things that don’t hurt after long runs. I definitely wouldn’t do a half or full marathon without them. Not sure how you took them off or put them on, but there’s a video of how to do it on Pro Compression’s website. You turn the sock inside out- makes it much easier to get on. I used to fight with mine all the time until I discovered that trick 😉
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Social Distancing Week 7: 5/11-5/17My Profile

    1. Kudos to you for wearing those socks in Florida!! I feel like I have sweaters on my legs when I wear them. I also prefer the cushion of my Balega socks so that’s a bit of it too. I also have a pair of sleeves that I tried to wear for a trail marathon. It was so hot that day I hard to rip them off at the first aid station. 😂 I’ve got issues.

  11. I found $5 the other day on my run… going to leave it in the pocket of my hydration pack and give it to someone in need if I ever pass someone on a future run (I live in downtown DC so won’t be hard unfortunately!) And yes, Schitt’s Creek is SO good. I haven’t watched the last season but loved the ones before so much…
    Laetitia recently posted…Weekly Run Down: (Virtual) Devil Dog Double WeekMy Profile

    1. We don’t live in a city area, so our “found” money goes into a jar for our donut fund 🙂
      I have a hard time picking out my favorite character on Schitt’s Creek. They are all so quirky and funny!!

  12. When it’s cold/cooler i always wear compression socks for my runs. They’re too hot for summer. You have to try different ones, it took me a while to find ones I really like.

    Congrats to you & your son on your duathlon! Also congrats on your hamstring feeling better!

    1. Regarding the compression socks, as my son would say “Nah, I’m good!” ha! I think I would wear compression sleeves for my legs instead of the full socks. At least I can keep my favorite sock fit, and get a little air in between!
      I’m very happy with the hamstring progress. And thanks, we had a lot of fun with our duathlon!

  13. Great job to both of you on your duathlon! That’s amazing!

    I do not garden or grow anything. I’m terrible at the whole thing. We had a raised veggiei garden a few years ago, and I did get a nice crop of green beans, but Mr PugRunner wouldn’t eat them because they were outside with the bugs (?????) so I didn’t see the point.

    I do like compression, but right now, I can’t get anything over my ankle so it will be a while.

  14. Great job on the workouts – always great when those pesky injuries say goodbye!

    I would love to try a duathlon sometime – I think that would be much more tolerable then a triathlon lol! Your son did a great job!

    I rarely use compression socks during a run…I do like them after a hard race for recovery though!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Building StrengthMy Profile

  15. Great job this week! I dont run in compression socks very often. I actually like them just for when I want to wear shorts but its a little bit on the cooler side. Sometimes I wear them after my run for recovery.
    I cant believe someone would take a Zoom work call from bed!

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