I struggled to find the right thing to say about the state of the country this week.  It makes me so sad to see the events unfolding, and looting, police violence, protests turning ugly and all of the comments being thrown around social media.  It has been promising to see so many companies and people making a pledge to be anti-racist and that’s a good start.  And yes, we all can do better.  Since this has never been a blog about things other than workouts and vacations, I’ll keep it at that and move on to the weekly topic: what’s up with all of the miles?

  • Running = 39.2 miles
  • Walking = ? many, haven’t done the math yet!
  • Biking = 19 miles
  • Swimming = 5 whole mins. oh boy!

Monday – 6 miles, running.  Day 1 of the River*X Challenge!  I’m making my virtual journey down the Maumee River.  The journey starts in Fort Wayne Indiana, so I’m a little ways down the river now – 4.4%!  I will need to make sure to make my miles purposely slow to keep the injuries away.  Also, it was *really* chilly this morning.  45 degrees!  Sounds refreshing, but I was actually quite cold.  Should have worn different clothes.

In the PM, walking… 3.5 miles.  Getting more challenge miles in and chatting with my friend!

Tuesday – 2 miles, bootcamp!  Once again, the early wakeup alarm was unpleasant, but definitely worth it to hang with my friends and get a great workout in!  We always see interesting nature too.  This morning it was a juvenile red hawk.  We got up close and personal 🙂 [see him flying away in the picture?]

And on the way to work, a young coyote crossed in front of my car!!  No, coyotes are not common around my house in Ohio, but there are a few of them hanging around.

2 miles running in the PM.  I should have waited until after sunset because it was 90 by the time I got out the door at 8:30pm.  Phew!!  Sweatfest.

Wednesday – 6 miles, running.  Happy Global Running Day!  It was a warm morning, but really just a peaceful day.  A nice break from all that is happening in the world these days.

We took a two night camping trip to a nearby campground.  The park just opened so it wasn’t at full capacity, which is also expected because it’s a Wednesday.  We were able to enjoy nature and enjoy social distancing.

Thursday – 7 miles, running.  A warm morning.  It’s summer for sure!  I got to see a lot of pretty things on my run….

We went on many bike rides.  This was my favorite picture of the weekend – a ride with my kids along the lake.  A beautiful night!

Friday –  5 miles, running.  Another run around the camping area.  I went up the “big hill” that is part of the cross country course for the kids.  It was hard!!  

Speaking of cross country runners, I ran into my favorite runner (my daughter!) out on her training run at the campground.

I did get to do one Peloton strength workout this week with my son when we go home from camping, and then I had to go to work for the evening. 

We are relocating our office building.  My work life, packed up into a tub. Sigh. It was a loooooong night.

Saturday – Rest day!  It was for sure a rest day after staying up late working last night (didn’t get out of there until 11:30pm!  Too late for me!!!).  My body was feeling it.  And, I haven’t had a rest day in 8 days, so yeah, rest day!  I worked another full day moving into our new office building.  We celebrated when it was done!

Sunday – 11 miles long run.  It was a decent run.  I decided on mile 10 that I should push it a bit, and did get a 8:57 for that mile, but dang, that was hard.  I’m so not trained for speed right now. My new watch gives me a bunch of information – I need to research what it all means!

I also got a little swim in.  My new watch has a mode for “pool swim”, but apparently I set it wrong because it looked like I was Michael Phelps and swam super fast.  LOL!  I will need to play around with that a bit.  The post-run dip in the pool was refreshing!!

I’m now 47.25 miles into my virtual 137 mile trip down the Maumee River.  That’s already 45.5% done!  I am loading up the miles a little early due to an upcoming vacation, but still, I’m happy with my progress!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Does anyone else have a Garmin that gives you all of the performance stats? Do you base your recovery on them?

Q: Does anyone have any summer vacations planned, or has COVID-19 changed your plans?

35 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – a little time away”
    1. I am driving to Montana at the end of July with a friend to visit her family in Big Sky and then we are spending a day in Yellowstone and a couple of days in Glacier National Park. Ready for life to get back to some semblance of normal.

      1. Glacier and the Grand Tetons are on our vacation stops this year! I’m looking forward to a lot of nature, and not a lot of people hopefully! We might go to Yellowstone also.

  1. Your camping trip looks like it was so much fun! We really need these little getaways, don’t we? Those sunset photos are gorgeous.

    My Garmin gives me all the stats I need. It’s the Forerunner 35 and I’m surprised how much data I get from it!

  2. Wow- so jealous of your pool!

    I had to set the distance of my pool on my Garmin; maybe the default was a longer distance? Once I did that, it was pretty accurate and fun to see! I hav a Fenix 5 or 6 and I love all the different activities it can track!

    Absolutely stunning photos from your camping trip!

    1. I am excited to have “walk” as an activity now instead of just “other”! And my mind was blown when it accurately reported the water temperature!! The pool length doesn’t seem to go as small as I need it (38 ft, 11.5 m) so I might need to settle for the lowest which was 14m.

  3. Oh, that scenery looks amazing! What a great idea to go mid-week. I do look at the “recovery time” Garmin data after I finish a run, but don’t necessarily do what it says! Our big summer plans is my son’s wedding in July, which is still up-in-the-air …. Other than that I think my husband will want to keep staying home. The numbers are still pretty high around here — 1200 new cases in Virginia today. 🙁

    1. That must be stressful trying to plan a wedding right now. I hope it all works out! I had a friend who got married in a small family ceremony, which worked out. But their reception has been postponed because the hall won’t work with social distancing.

  4. I am not a camping girl at all but that getaway looks like a lot of family fun. Bike ride at sunset is gorgeous. The same thing happens w my Garmin watch. Apparently there is not a way to change it so it works w home pools. I am going to just use it anyway to keep track of time. I started w 15 min sessions last week. Nice week or workouts!

    1. I just did some research and did see that there is a pool size minimum. Well boo on that! I really do just want to see the time, but it would be nice if it could be a bit accurate on the number of laps. I’d just do the math!

  5. Your little family getaway looks awesome. I miss those days! Now, it’s usually just the hubs and me, so it’s fun but just not the same. Sigh. We have no plans for summer trips, but do have a Virginia Beach trip booked (for the hubby’s work) after my marathon in late September (ha! If the marathon still is a go).

    1. The September marathons are still iffy, aren’t they? Hopefully it’s a go for you. Camping sure will be different without the kids. That day is coming up a little too fast!

  6. I do not camp, but that scenery looks gorgeous
    Great that you were able to enjoy it without too many crowds. Probably true even outside of COVID.
    Wow on the late nights. Hope you’re relatively settled. Congrats on the solid week. Wondered if it was getting warm enough for your post run dips.
    I don’t use the Garmin for anything but outdoor runs. It’s too easily confused
    Cari recently posted…June? Really?My Profile

    1. Today was my first big day at the office. The space is nice, I made it to work on time, and I didn’t accidentally drive to my old office… so I’d say day 1 is a win! I pretty much had to tell my boss that I was leaving at 11:30pm. I was too tired to function properly. I said “you don’t want me to get in a car crash going home, do you?” I think that sealed the deal. LOL!!

    1. Camping is always such a nice escape. It’s nice not to worry about cleaning up the house, cooking dinners, doing chores etc. Everything is downsized!

  7. Great job in mileage this week and in the challenge! You’ll be done soon. 🙂

    I am not a camping girl but that sure looks fun. Beautiful sunsets!

    I have a Garmin 225 and it is pretty basic. I get all the info I need (pace, distance, time, etc). I honestly don’t need/want more than that.

    1. I didn’t think I needed more features (and probably don’t) but I’m shocked at what I’ve been missing! I really just wanted music and there was a great sale on this model (plus I had some gift cards) so that’s how my upgrade happened. I couldn’t pass the deal up!

  8. I love those sunset photos! As for all of the info Garmin provides…pick and choose what you want to believe, haha. There will be times when it will claim your training is “unproductive” and you’ll just want to curse it. I’ll be curious to hear how you like your watch. I have a 935. I’ve found that I have a tendency for my watches to go bad and I suspect it’s from swimming a few days a week even though they’re made for it. Within three months my last two watches lost the ability to read temperature and the elevation readings went bad. I hope for your sake I just have bad luck but would be curious if others have the same happen.
    Janet recently posted…Quarantine InjuredMy Profile

    1. Interesting! I’ve had great luck with my previous Forerunners (the 235 most recently). They have lasted for years. Of course they didn’t have all of these features though. I’d be bummed out if this new one failed!

  9. That camping trip sounds fun! You had some beautiful views. All my vacation plans have been cancelled until December. I’m crossing my fingers for that one.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  10. So glad you were able to get away for some camping. I’m sure that was such a respite.

    Crazy about the coyote! We have seen more wild animals lately- I love animals, but it’s a little unsettling too. Just be safe!
    Jenn recently posted…week 23 (2020): almost halfwayMy Profile

    1. Camping is always a nice break for us. It was a bummer that they closed their nature trail and nature center, but otherwise the park seemed the same as usual.
      It is sad to see coyotes around our area. It’s so out of place!

  11. What A Seriously Righteous Post – That Hawk, Oh Baby – The Photos, Most Excellent – Yes, My Summer Plans Have Been Derailed – Both Of My Events Were Cancelled – Oh, I Miss Spoke, Postponed – But Again, What A Refreshing Post Here – Much Appreciated

    The Padre recently posted…Do Over Re Do Try AgainMy Profile

    1. Thanks! Right now I feel like camping is about the only thing that’s not cancelled! I’m thankful my family can still enjoy that together.

  12. a lot of miles and it looked like your little trip away was a little slice of heaven!

    I don’t pay much attention to my Garmin I mean sometimes it tells me I need a lot of recovery time and I just did a 5K… then again, I’m a bit heavier and it’s all a bit harder on the body I suppose…

    All our travel is pretty much in the air right now. Or should I say grounded. I did plan a weekend away in Zeeland in a month’s time. I’m hoping we are not seeing a spike in cases / deaths since we loosened up some of the measures here on June 1st.

    1. I hope the trip to Zeeland is a go! It looks really pretty there. COVID news has really been on the back burner lately – I have no idea how our state is doing, but I’m guessing it is doing well because they recently rolled out another group of businesses to reopen.

    1. I’m so glad we planned a big camping trip for our vacation this year. The ultimate in social distancing at most times! Beyond that, I’m still unsure about flying and hotels.

  13. No plans. Wish I did. I keep trying to interest my husband in an RV. He’s resistant. And of course if it was a disaster then I’d get blamed so I don’t push.

    Can’t even imagine moving anything right now (several houses in our neighborhood have sold, though).

    That hawk is very cool! Impressed that you got the shot!

    1. The bank move was kind of weird. I thought about all of the things I was going to be touching that belong to other people. But I guess most people have been out of the office for awhile now – and I washed my hands a lot. Overall it went very well!

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