It was a pretty wonderful week around here. The big news, LIVE RACING HAS RETURNED! I’ll get to that a bit later, but my week looked pretty good too: 28 miles running, 50 miles cycling. Let’s get going….

Monday – 5 miles running.  Another dark Monday morning.  I keep telling myself that I’m not going to run outside in the dark, but after I get started I know it’s not that bad.  It was a bit humid though, and coming off a trip to Cedar Point on Sunday, this felt like a bit of a slog.  In addition, my laundry did not get done on Sunday, so I threw together some clothes that did not match, and socks I don’t like and I just felt like a trainwreck in the wardrobe department.  I’m not a huge stickler about clothes that match for a run around my neighborhood in the morning, but having a nice looking running outfit does matter sometimes!

Tuesday – bootcamp, 1.75 miles running. 73 degrees and 90% humidity?  Oh lord!  This was a sweaty one.  Dripping sweat just to lay out my workout mat! 

Biking, 17 miles.  Another Ladies Ride Night!  We had a slower paced ride to a local metropark where we were part of a promotional spot for the levy renewal for our metroparks.  Our metropark system is amazing and I hope they get funding for more improvements. After the ride we celebrated the birthday of the bike shop owner.  Delicious ice cream cake.

Alan rode with a group and he kicked some major butt!  His 28 mile ride had an average of 21 mph!!  Wow!  Celebration was in order for sure.

Wednesday – 6 miles running.  I was expecting the heat and humidity to be smacking me in the face this morning, but learning from Monday’s sad run, I geared up in the best stuff to be successful (sports bra and neon shorts!) and this run turned out really good.  Dare I say a bit speedy? (given the conditions, I’d say yes!)  The combined factors of – 1) flashy clothes 2) listening to music 3) wearing Kinvaras and 4) having a lot on my mind – turned this run into a really great workout.  And phew, so sweaty!!

25 miles cycling, GROUP RIDE!  Another “couples ride” and another great challenge of cycling.  The wind was tough going out and we were only hitting 15 mph, but on the way back we were crushing it!  Max speed was 23.1 mph!  Average speed was 17.3, which is also pretty great.  With the 82 degrees temperature, it was also a big sweatfest.  We stopped for slushes on the way home 🙂

Thursday – slept in!  After all of the activity early in the week, I was due for a rest day.  Just to satisfy my need to do some movement, I went to the gym with my husband and did the elliptical.  I haven’t been to the gym forever, so yay for me!

Friday – bootcamp, 1.75 miles running. This was my last Friday bootcamp for the season. Our kids will be in school next week, and I like to have the “wake up the kids” job.

3 miles running – after bootcamp I ran a few miles with a fellow bootcamper. Holy moly, that humidity!

Sunday – 10 miles, long run.  The weather is cool, and the running is easy!!  Dang, I love it when these “fall” temperatures hit.  54 degrees. Yes, yes, yes! My speed comes back.  Overall pace was 9:04, and it would have been better but I totally bonked on my last mile.  I realized I had only eaten 200 calories of fig newtons before my run, and I was in serious need of some food by mile 9.  Oops.

7.5 miles mountain biking! I had a fun morning on a new trail (DTE Energy Foundation Trail). It was a lot of hills, turns, bumps, rocks, and almost no wooden structures. The fact that I didn’t fall on this trip made me super happy. I’m looking forward to going back again and riding more trails there!

SATURDAY – (yes, out of order…)  This week we had TWO super exciting racing events going on.  Yep, REAL LIVE RACING!  The big news around town was that Run Toledo put on a 5K & 10K.  Our first live race since March I think?  I was unable to attend, but I heard it was a great success and hopefully will pave the way for more live races in the near future around here. Kudos to the Run Toledo staff, ambassadors and all of the volunteers that make these events awesome!!

The other event was the start of cross country racing!!   My daughter’s team had it’s first meet of the season.  I was a bit bummed last week when we learned she would not be running varsity for this meet.  She has run varsity for the last 3 years and this senior year would really top it off, but it was not meant to be for this meet.  So she laced up and ran with the JV squad.  The race was two big loops, half in the woods.  Soon after the race started, she emerged in the lead of the JV race!!  She had a nice lead too.  Even the second lap (2 miles) she was still in the lead!  WOW! 

I went to the finish line and was a bundle of nerves waiting for the runners to come out of the woods again.  This time, she had dropped to 3rd place, but still, a great race for her.  And best of all, she was very happy with her performance.  Even ran faster than the last place varsity runner, so there’s hope she might run varsity on an upcoming meet.  Both the varsity girls and the JV teams got 1st place at the meet.  What a fun day, and great to see such a normal thing happening. It gives me hope for the school year.

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Q: Have there been any live races where you live?

Q: Have the schools started football or other fall sports where you live?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – return of LIVE racing!!”
  1. Ha ha running clothes that match…at least you had running clothes that were CLEAN, that’s the standard that I try to meet;-) Our case numbers are starting to go down and there are a few real races on the schedule for September, so if those happen it could mean that I’ll be doing some real racing in October.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: CompromiseMy Profile

    1. Honestly, you’d probably finding me wearing clothes that smell more often than clothes that don’t match! Shorts seem to have a way of sticking around for a few runs before they get tossed in the wash 😉 I’m sure there were a lot of eyes on the race this weekend to see how it went. Yes, hopefully some more races will be here in October (perfect racing weather!!).

  2. Congrats to your daughter on her XC race!
    Some live races have happened where I live, and the precautions are abundant enough that I signed up for a half marathon in November. It’s exciting to have races on the calendar!
    Those long runs after the summer heat breaks are the best!
    Laura recently posted…Weekly Workouts: Covid RecoveryMy Profile

  3. wow live races! No I do not expect to see any around the DC area for some time to come. I do miss them though. We don’t have any group rides or group anything right now sadly. You sure had a pretty successful week of workouts and fun. Thanks for linking up

  4. No live races — or even group bike rides around here. Locally our case numbers are plateauing, but not going down. Statewide, our case numbers are hovering at about 1000 new cases a day.

    Congrats to your daughter! I hope she gets to run varsity, but it’s great that she can excel on the JV team.

    1. We do have a pretty speedy varsity team now, and more talented runners trying to get on the team, so that’s a good thing overall. It was fun to see her in the lead for sure!!

  5. I think I told you a few weeks ago that my son is obsessed with the laundry….so I always have matching running clothes! In fact nothing goes more than a day without being washed. Congrats to your daughter on her race!

  6. Yes, bright clothes are crucial for running!!! That said, I have fun pairing odd color combos together because matchy-matchy is not my gig LOL Congrats to your daughter and the teams! Awesome to be back in action with live racing! Our HS football season has begun, but the odds are high it will not last for the usual length of season.

    1. We have had one football game so far, but it was away so the band didn’t get to go. The band will have a very limited appearance at the home games, so that’s a bit of a bummer. But I guess I should be happy to have something!

  7. I’m not sure what running varsity is I’m afraid but well done to your daughter for doing well. We have very few live races here, just some fell races I think. Some have tried to run and then had to cancel at the last minute.

    1. The varsity team is the top 7 runners. The next fastest 7 runners go on JV (junior varsity). They run in different groups, so it’s a bit of a division of the team. Luckily it’s a great team of kids and they all support each other. It was kind of weird though because I really don’t know many of the JV team. I know all of the varsity girls!

  8. Congrats to your daughter! Did she place as well in varsity? Maybe the JV was a blessing in disguise.

    Very solid week for you.

    They did have a live race here. Sounds like it went off well. They social distanced, started 2 at a time, wore masks when starting . . . I’m waiting for real racing!

    1. She actually did run faster than the last varsity runner, so that’s a good thing! Changes are pretty good that she will get a chance to get back on varsity for at least one meet, but they are ranked strictly on how fast they are, so at least it’s an easy decision for the coach!
      I think RunToledo has 2 others live races scheduled at this time. One is a marathon / relay event that’s happening next weekend!

  9. When I’m on the treadmill anything goes as far as running clothes, but when I run outside the outfit is carefully curated. 😛
    There is no live racing here and all fall sports have been pushed to spring. Congrats to your daughter. I well remember the angst about running Varsity or JV. I’m glad she totally threw it down and proved herself.

    1. Yep, it was definitely a treadmill outfit that I wore. Not a good choice!
      Interesting that they pushed the sports to spring. I hope it all works out. We had our first home football game tonight, but we didn’t get tickets for it. Limited seating.

  10. Haha on the matching outfits. I like to match as much as I can too. Weird but it makes me feel good.

    Congrats to your daughter! Events like these also give me hope for more normal things to take place.

    1. Now that this first race has been a success (not the cross country one), I see talk of several races happening this fall. I think it’s started a good trend!

  11. Right On – What A Refreshing Post – Congrats On The Bike/Run Milage – Well Done – So Stoked You Have A Ladies Group To Ride With – Pleased You Also Have A Motivating Husband – Very Happy For Ya – Thank You – Enjoy Your Weekend


  12. Thanks! My husband has always been a strong supporter of us working out together. We don’t run together anymore, so the cycling has been a really good replacement for that! Hope you have a good weekend too!

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