On the heels of feeling “meh” last week, this week was really a great turnaround.  I had some great runs, some great bike rides, and a fun camping weekend.  Miles run = 28, miles biked = 67.  No long run this week, but some excellent “speedy” runs.

Mon – 6 miles, running.  It was super dark out my window when I woke up, and I geared up with blinkies, but much to my surprise it was barely dark outside!  The temps were a little chilly (64) but still humid, so I was a bit soaked when I got home.  There was even a little bit of fog hanging around.  Kinda eerie!  

Tues – bootcamp, 2 miles running.  I tried to take a picture this morning, but was in such a rush it just turned out as a black blur.  But the black blur accurately represents the start of our workout!  Someone even had a headlamp this morning!  It was also an unusually windy morning, which felt like Fall.  The birds were enjoying the breezes and the bald eagle flew over our heads a few times, sailing on the gusts of wind!  

Ladies Ride Night!  16.5 mile bike ride – another great night of sisterhood and cycling 🙂 I am getting much more comfortable riding in a group and I tucked in right behind the group leader.  It was a speedy ride and we hit 20 mph several times.  We also got yelled at by angry drivers (totally jerks and it was unnecessary… we were sharing the road).

Fun incident… you know how people are most “scared” about not being able to unclip from their bike pedal and falling over??  Yep, it happens.  And it happened to me tonight!  We stopped at a stop sign, and I had procrastinated unclipping, thinking we were not stopping.  I was tipping over, and started to fall on the person next to me!!  “I’m falling over!!!” DOH!  Luckily it was my friend and she caught me, and kept me upright until I could unclip.  Gotta love a good riding buddy!  🙂

Weds – 6 miles running, “speedwork”.  I’m calling this one speedwork because it was actually chilly outside (53 degrees!) which led to some good paces.  I met up with the Daybreak Divas group and ran with a friend.  I got paces I haven’t seen in a long time!  Hooray for running and all that is good in the world (haha, those crazy good post-run endorphins speaking there).

Afternoon, 7 miles of mountain biking!  I was feeling a bit less than confident on this ride so I skipped a lot of the obstacles just to be safe.  I did make it over the teeter totter in the skills park, so that was a win! 

Wednesday night was a bit of an indulgence with both social beer night with my husband, followed by ice cream sundae night with the family 🙂

Thurs – 31 mile bike ride.  I had a two hour window while my son was at marching band practice, so I rode my bike!  It was a nice morning for a ride too – sunshine and no winds.  Somehow this cornfield was the only picture I took, but it was pretty. I did go through some woods and other scenic areas.

Fri – 8 miles running – bootcamp (2 miles steps/hills) and 6 miles separately.  Surprise – it’s still not getting any brighter at 5:45am 🙂  But the girl gang was just what I needed.  I’m getting a bit stressed about school potentially going online (yes, I want them to go to class!), so this early workout was just what I needed.

I ran 6 more miles after that, and saw some beautiful views along the river.  There were deer-a-plenty too! These three startled me.

We camped Friday and Saturday night.  The sunset on the beach was very pretty!  The campground, lodge, and beach were all very busy.  In a good way.  So good to see people outside and spending time with their families.  It seemed very normal.  I was also happy to see the lodge back in business with guests. My parents were camping too, so we enjoyed spending time with them.

Sat – 6 miles, progressive run.  This was a great run!!  I hadn’t planned on running that far, but when I looked at the paces  on my watch, I was happy to see them getting faster and faster.  I sprinted my last partial mile in at 7:40!  Woot!  Glad to see I didn’t need the help of a friend to get a good pace too. 8:46 avg pace for 6 miles.

Sun – Rest day!  But still more campground hiking and biking.  I slept in until 8:30, which felt really great.  The bed in our camper is so comfy!  We met up with my parents and went for a nature walk.  The boardwalk was a bit odd looking because a lot of the trees have died and there is a bunch of algae!  

The temps were climbing, so the afternoon was spent back home lounging in the pool.  The perfect end to the week!

Q: Cyclists with clip in shoes, ever had any incidents with them?

Hopefully it was nothing bad! I am able to laugh about all of mine afterwards 🙂

Q: Would you rather go out for a beer, or ice cream?

Obviously, I can’t pick just one!

26 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – sunny side up”
  1. You sure did get in some great rides and runs this week. I was nervous when I first clipped in years ago and fell a few times mostly at stop signs. Now I don’t even think about it at all. Would never go back! Have a great week and thanks for linking

    1. Agree – I’m so glad I finally got brave enough to clip in! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else fall in real life, but I did watch a lot of YouTube videos to see the proper techniques and they sure fell a lot!

  2. I’m not a beer drinker, so I’d easily choose ice cream! I do like the vast selection of ciders these days, though. Ummm, clip-ins? You probably know my answer LOL I’ve never had a prob “unclipping” because I don’t have them 😉 …and I’m fine with that situation because I’d be the one falling over LOL
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Kinda Outta KilterMy Profile

    1. I think roller skating is a good comparison for the clip in shoes – you most likely will fall, but you hurt little more than your ego when you do! It was pretty funny – I think I gave her shoulder the death grip as I started to fall on her! oops. I think the group all clapped for our great team work, so that was fun 🙂

    1. Right? There’s no need to pick just one. Well, my stomach wasn’t feeling the best when it came time for bed, but what the heck. Live for the present!!

  3. Everything looks so good: the camping! The beer! The ice cream! The hiking!

    I’m so glad your friend caught you and you didn’t fall! That’s so scary!

    1. A fall would have just been embarrassing. I’d be laying there like a turtle on its shell not being able to get my feet unclipped! Been there, done that! 😆

  4. Your camping trip sounds fun, and how cool that your parents were there, too! No way would my mom have ever camped. When I told her about our plans to rent an RV for several weeks and hit up as many National Parks as possible in the next year or so, she looked at me like why would you do? LOL

    I think I’ve had four incidents in three years when I didn’t unclip in time and all ended with me hitting the pavement. Fortunately, each time it happened as I was coming to a stop and either forgot to unclip or didn’t do it in time so it was just a topple over, not a hard crash.

    To answer your other question, I don’t like beer and LOVE ice cream so that’s an easy choice for me! 🙂
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: August 2 – 8 / Another Stormy WeekMy Profile

    1. My husband and I both grew up with campers, so that’s where we got our love of it. This trip has made me realize my Dad’s camping abilities are greatly reduced now, which is a bit sad. The whole getting old thing, it’s a bummer sometimes.

  5. Sounds like a good week! Glad your friend was right there to avert your fall. I’d definitely go for ice cream as I’m not a beer drinker.

  6. I love seeing animals and nature on my runs! So cool you saw a Bald Eagle!
    That mountain biking park looks cool! I’d probably fall though. LOL!
    Ending the week with pool time is always awesome. Way to go on all of your bike & run miles. 🙂

    1. I guess the bald eagle population is doing well, at least around here. I know of two nesting areas and have seen them in two other places around town. They are really cool!

  7. 30+ Miles In Two Hours Is No Joke – Well Done – Fantastic Camping Photos – Excellent Post All Around – My Clip In Stories Go Back To The Rat Cage Pedals From Back In The Day – As For Beer Or Ice Cream, Both – Yup, Creamy Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream In A Gorgeous Glass Of Potter – Oh Baby


  8. Wait, so you still down’t know whether your kids will do remote learning or go to class? I thought by now school districts would have notified everyone.

    I don’t think I knew what clipping and unclipping meant till I got my Peloton. At first I could not figure out how to do it but now it is so easy. And yeah I would also be scared of falling too.

    Beer for me!!! I like ice cream too but if I had to choose then definitely beer. I like to get the flights so I can try different ones.

    1. Our school district did have a plan in place based on the level, and the current level would mean hybrid (2 days in class, 3 days online), but then the county health department recommended the schools go online until Oct 1st. However, each system could decide, so Monday ours voted for the existing plan in place – hybrid. I’m in support of that. But we did push back the start date a week and they won’t start until Aug 31st. So many unanswered questions though!

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