You know how getting up at the crack of dawn is a life affirming jolt of energy when the sun is just starting to rise in the summer?  Well this week has been a fight to keep the dark side away!  The dark of the early morning that is.  My mornings are getting darker and I’m struggling big time to be motivated to get up early and work out.  With no races on my schedule, so no real reason to get my running done early, I fight to justify if being tired and losing a bit of sleep is worth it.  My family stays up late, and I am out of schedule.  I mean, am I doing my body more good by sleeping in, or working out??  Feeling run down is not a good feeling.  I need to find a better balance!

A little less activity this week because I had to work all week. Yep, a “normal” work week of 5 days vs my 2 1/2 summer days. Ugh (life is tough, right. haha!!). 27 miles running, 30 miles biking.

Mon – 4 miles running.  What a sweaty run!  I had planned on going farther, but with some scheduling issues I just got 4 done.  And with this humidity and temps, 4 was good enough!

Tues – Bootcamp w/ 2 miles running.  Another dark morning at bootcamp!  So now I get to see the moon, stars, AND the sunrise during this hour.  Oh joy.

It was another fun bike ride at Ladies Ride Night.  That’s me in the right corner in black 🙂  We rode 17 miles and enjoyed some snacks and drinks afterwards.  An all around great summer night!  As I mentioned earlier, with that pre-dawn workout on Tues morning, by the time Tues night rolls around I feel like it’s already the end of the week because I’m spent!

Weds – 3.5 miles running.  When my alarm went off at 5:30, I was just too tired to get up for our Daybreak Divas group, so I went back to bed 🙂  I figured I wasn’t getting any benefit by wearing myself out when I needed the sleep.  I eventually got out for 3.5 miles before work.

I had a Girls Night with my daughter.  We went shopping, out to dinner, and picked flowers.  Our bouquet turned out really good!  I never knew I could make sure a pretty bouquet out of wildflowers.

Thurs – 6 miles running.  Still feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep, but decided to get out there anyways.  I also attempted some speedwork.  Nothing really planned, but worked in a few 800m and 400m intervals.  I was between 8:24-8:31, so that was good enough to make me happy.  I haven’t done speedwork since March so I wasn’t expecting much.  Phew, exhausting.  I did sign up to be a sub coach for our local Dave’s Running fall training program, so I figured I need to get used to running some intervals in case they need me for track night soon!  gulp.

We had a Zoom meeting with the coaches for the Dave’s Running Fall Training plan. We got to see the new software for the online training. It’s really cool! I’m looking forward to using it.

Fri – Bootcamp w/ 1.5 miles running. We mixed it up this morning and did less stairs and running, but more cardio in place.  Huge struggle to get up the early dark this morning, despite getting to bed early.  Did get to enjoy a peaceful sunrise at 5:45, and stumble around in the dark for a bit as we started our workout.  

A friend passed by and caught us mid jumping jack (me on the far left in the picture).  Too funny!

Friday night 12 mile ride with the boys. We took out bikes out to a flat trail which I used to run on a lot (during those long marathon miles!). Just a flat trail – but so much different when riding a bike! There were also a million bugs which insisted on pelting me in the face. Yuck! But the sunset view was very peaceful 🙂

Sat –  Rest day!  Trip to Cedar Point today.  Our 2nd trip to the park this year, and it was rainy again!  At least it wasn’t hot, so wearing a mask wasn’t a big deal.  We were actually glad to have it because on one of the really big coasters, it started sprinkling and the rain felt like it was scraping our face because we were going so fast!  yikes!

Best ride photo ever, right? If you can’t express yourself with your mouth, you gotta compensate with your hands. LOL!

Sun – 10 miles, long run.  Another rainy day, but I got out before the rain came in.  Nothing exciting about this run, but I was glad to get it done.  

And July is done. Ended up with 915 miles for the year on July 31st. This past week has been a struggle. I guess I’ll chalk that up to the mornings getting darker, no races on the calendar, and a full week of work. A general “meh” for week. I hope your week was better!

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Q: Did you have a good week, or are you in the “meh” gang with me?

Q: Do you have any flower arranging skills?

Heck no! I can decorate cakes, but I cannot arrange flowers. I should take a class on that sometime!

30 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – sunrise, sunset”
  1. Wow, those bouquets are gorgeous! What a fun night with your daughter. You’re such a fun mom 🙂

    I’d like to make it to Cedar Point someday…I’ve heard they have the best rides!

    1. I found that flower place from a Facebook friend who went there. I didn’t know it existed. I love finding new places like that. Especially good places for dinner! At least there is one good use for FB these days. LOL
      You do need to go to CP. It does have the best coasters!

  2. Sounds like a really fun night with your daugher!

    Obviously, unfortunately, I was team meh this week too. The rest helped a lot, but it didn’t help yesterday’s run, so I know I need to shake things up somewhat to be able to keep running but not get worn down. Funny thing is I felt like I was having stronger runs . . . until I didn’t.

    1. I am feeling a little more energized this morning… but hey, it’s only Monday afternoon so there’s still time to go downhill 🙂 I just need to commit to more sleep.

  3. Definitely in the meh group too. I think it’s all starting to get to me. I’m hoping with cooler temperatures and more comfortable running, I’ll feel more like myself again!

  4. You had a really awesome week of workouts, even though you had to work a full week – nice job! The trip to Cedar Point sounds really fun too. My best friend lives in Cleveland and she was thinking of taking her son to Cedar Point but was hesitant because of everything with Covid. I’m going to direct her to your blog so she can see how much fun it was!

    I love that you had a Girls Night Out with your daughter – how fun!

    1. YES, a trip to Cedar Point is highly approved by me. I felt super safe there and they are doing a top notch job on sanitizing and distancing. Everyone is taking the mask wearing seriously too. Not a bunch of people being jerks about it.

  5. I understand your “meh” – that’s been me for the last couple of weeks. But luckily for me, the mornings are getting lighter as we ease out of winter. The days are even starting to feel warm again. By the way, I LOVE your pink flowery mask!

    1. My new mask has been a good purchase – one side flowery (when I’m feeling sassy) and the other side is solid blue (for work) 🙂 My coworker has been making the masks. A pretty good side gig because it was $10 (!) but at least it’s really comfortable.

  6. Love that photo of you and your daughter with the flowers. I think we all have that meh feeling these days. I am trying to appreciate the little things. WE are staying up much later than usual watching tv and I am having a hard time getting up to workout early as well. Have a good one and thanks for linking

    1. Sleeping in is a great perk of WFH 🙂 That’s cool you have been getting together with new running friends! I need to arrange a run with my friend again.

  7. Still a great week of miles (on foot and on wheels) despite the “meh.” I agree, where did the sunrise(s) go??? I used to leave my house at 5:00, and though it wasn’t daylight, there was a hint of a sunrise…and full-on daylight within 20 minutes or so. UGH. It’s just not right…summer is too short!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Enjoying the Sun; Getting it DoneMy Profile

    1. You did have a good week! Do you think maybe the heart rate training has made a difference in your perception of the runs? Easier/slower feeling better?

  8. A great week – and it’s shocking to see your sunrises then as we’re still bright light at 5.45 am here. I kind of miss my sunrises, mainly because of my photo a day habit – much easier when there’s something pretty to photograph!

  9. It really is hard to find balance with sleep and getting everything in! Hope this week feels better. How fun that you were able to go to Cedar Point! I used to go there as a kid And it was always a highlight of the Summer 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

    1. I remember going to a summer camp program when I was maybe 10 or 11 yrs old and we took some buses to Cedar Point one day. All of the kids just got to run around the park and it was the BEST EVER. Such a feeling of freedom, and so much fun!! Yes, good, good memories. I’m glad we live so close to it.

  10. Your wildflower bouquet turned out so pretty! I always say I’m going to grow a cutting garden, then I can’t bring myself to cut any of the flowers! Haha!
    I have a mother-daughter brunch on tap tomorrow before we take our oldest back to school in Atlanta. 5am here is pitch black now. So depressing.

    1. Hope you have a great afternoon with your daughter! We are just starting to look at colleges for my daughter. I agree – it would be hard for me to cut the flowers in my yard!

  11. I had a meh week with the reality of no vacation sinking in, but I am in a better mood now. Wow on the amusement park. I can’t even get my husb to eat outside at a restaurant. Love the flower picking and bouquet!

  12. What A Marvelous Post – Stoked With All The Girls Adventures – I Throughly Enjoy “arranging” Flowers – Yes, More Play Time Please – Keep Adventuring On


  13. I’m not a big coaster person, but definitely team silly photo.
    The heat is the only thing that gets me out at oh dark thirty. Otherwise snooze is my BFF. I do better when I have work or somehting forcing me to go, otherwise i dally too long, which I always regret
    Cari recently posted…Hot or Iced Coffee in August?My Profile

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