It’s been a pretty active week for me.  With a few breaks in the weather, it was easy to be outside.  Miles run this week: 34  Miles biked this week: 49.  I decided to sub coach for the Dave’s Running Fall Training plan, which will end (potentially/hopefully) in a half marathon in our area.  That race is still up on the air of course, but no matter what, this online/hybrid plan is getting friends back together in a safe way, and giving people an opportunity to check off boxes every day on their calendar!  (btw, for some people it’s a full online training plan, so if you’d like to check it out, HERE is the link to it!)  So here’s week 1 of our training….

Ok, week 1 of training really wasn’t by the book, but I did make sure to fit in a little bit of speedwork, a “long” run, and run more miles than the plan called for.  LOL! Oh, and I snuck in a PR in cycling…

Monday – 6.2, 10K for a Monday!  That’s not really a thing, but I’d like to start the trend 🙂  Back to sloggy sweaty running as the temp was 70 and humidity was 90%.  But I was listening to a good audiobook and it kept me entertained.  It’s Shoe Dog, a memoir by the creator of Nike (Phil Knight).  I’m just an hour into it, but so far it’s quite interesting.

Tuesday – bootcamp, 2 miles running. Hello sweaty weather again!  A good workout and I took an extra few minutes to swing by Panera to get my coffee because I’m on a free trial for a few more weeks.  I’m not really into getting coffee at a store unless it’s a Starbucks treat, but for something free I’ll make the effort 😉

14 miles biking.  Ladies Ride Night!  This was a special night because I talked my husband into joining a few of the guys that ride at the same time in a different route/group.  I certainly don’t challenge him with my speed and I thought he would benefit from these speedy dudes.  Turns out, I was right!  He had a great time and averaged 19.9 mph (soooooooo close!).  While my group ended up with an average of 15.5 mph due to numerous road crossings and just not going that fast.  But we did hit 22 mph as a top speed.  Woot!

We also got treated to catering from a local restaurant after the ride. The place that serves those huge pretzels you’ve seen on my blog.  Yummm.  Such a fun night!

Weds – 6 miles running.  Daybreak Divas group this morning.  I got to run with a former coaching mate, so it was a nice chatty run. And that sunrise over the river does not get old, am I right?? 

Thurs – 6 miles running.  What a morning!  I was only going to run 3 or 4 miles, but it was so nice out that I went 6 instead.  I’ll take 58 degrees any day!

45 mins tennis!  After running I dragged my son out of bed for some tennis.  With the cooler weather it was quite enjoyable and we did pretty good.  Even if I can’t really play well, I feel like I nail it with my tennis outfits.  Haha! (I did get a compliment on my skirt from someone playing tennis)

Friday – Bootcamp, 1.75 miles running.  As always, a great workout.  Had a new friend join us this morning, so that was fun.

Biking 35 miles, “long ride”! I’ve been a bit irked that my rides have been under 16 mph average pace.  I do see faster speeds when I’m riding, but with the stops for trail crossings and streets, I always come up with 15.5 usually.  So, I set out to get at least 16 mph.  I changed the watch face so I’d know how I was doing because it’s a metric I usually am not concerned with.  On my way out, I was going on a slightly uphill and was thinking this was going to turn out even better because I was hitting over 17 mph easy!  Well, as it turns out I was being helped out by a tailwind and didn’t realize it.  The way back was a little slower, and I was off the saddle climbing up the hills, but I ended with 16.6 avg mph.  So happy with this!

Also, glad I had Clif bar with me because at mile 24 I needed to stop and eat due to my blood sugar plummeting.  Food saved the day!!

Saturday – 9 miles, running.  “Long run” day!  Based on the training plan, we’re at 8 miles this week.  10 would have been good, but 9 miles was plenty based on the humidity and sun! Ugh. Still, I got a decent pace on this (9:27 avg), so that was an added bonus.

Sunday – 3 miles, recovery.  I should have had a rest day, but my friend (and former running bud!) has started running again and I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with her so we ran a few miles before getting a big coffee.  We got our run done in the drizzly rain, but when we finished, it started thunder storming and dumping rain! Phew, just in time.

Side note:  I did mention that Panera Bread is offering their coffee service for FREE, right?  And if you use my link to sign up for the FREE TRIAL, I will get an extension on my subscription.  That’s a win/win, so consider it. Click HERE for the link. And hopefully you will get a chuckle out of this one like I did. With the cancellation of college sports and all…

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Speaking of housework, what is a task you loathe?

Dusting. Hate it, don’t do it often enough. Love doing laundry though!

Q: Do you ever listen to podcasts or books about running while you’re running?

When I thought about my playlist, I seemed a bit obsessed about running! Maybe I need to find some cycling podcasts. LOL!!!

38 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – week 1 of training?”
  1. That cooler weather makes such a difference! Sounds like a very fun week with some strong runs! Awesome.

    Love the sunrise photos. Got to get them while we can before summer is over!!

  2. I was going to read Shoe Dog for my blog book club but it got so-so reviews. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

    I hate dusting too! I’m ready to throw out all my picture frames–so much clutter.

    Those sunrise pictures are amazing!
    Wendy recently posted…Keeping On…My Profile

    1. I’m at least half way through Shoe Dog now and I still find it very interesting. I’m a big fan of “Shark Tank” and “How I built this”, so it’s a good fit for me.
      I have been looking around my house now. Yep, it’s really time for that dreaded dusting task!!

  3. Awesome job on your cycle and running miles this week! That’s such a cool deal at Panera. I wish I had one nearby so I could take advantage of the coffee deal.

    One housework task that I ate is doing laundry – not problem with washing and drying but I hate the folding part, lol

    1. Oh – I love the folding part! I feel like I’m getting stacks of new clothes. That’s weird, right? LOL!! I will admit that I procrastinate actually putting the laundry away though…

  4. Very funny meme! I love cooking so much but hate all of the dishes. You really crushed it on the bike and the running miles this week. Nice job out there. Thanks for linking up

    1. I was very happy with my cycling this week! The group rides have been so fun too. The group told me they biked into October. I’m not sure I’ll hang on that long, but I’m really enjoying it right now.

  5. Love the pink skies! I chase an average pace on my bike too, usually something over 15. Between hills and crossings, that seems to be the fastest I can average. Oh, love the sunflowers too!

    1. The path crossings are really a killer on the bike speed for sure. And those darn runners all over the path slowing me down. Get out of the way people! ha!!

  6. It sounds like you had a great week and had so much fun at your workouts! I hear you on the need for speed when cycling. I ride along our community trails and up a steep gravel road to get to the road that leads to the W&OD Trail. I always threaten to wait to start my Garmin when I get on the trail so the trip there doesn’t slow my average speed down so much. LOL What can I say? I’m very competitive!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: August 9 – 15 / Flash FloodingMy Profile

  7. Ugh, I hate dusting with a passion. Actually I hate cleaning in general but I hate living in a dirty house more so…and when the planets are perfectly aligned I sneak quite a good bit of it into my work day, so that’s an upside of WFH. While it seems unlikely that there will be in person racing this fall there is still no harm in planning for it. Fingers crossed that yours will happen.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: A Seinfeld WeekMy Profile

    1. hmmm, if I worked at home I might devise a system of short breaks where I did 15 mins of housework. Just think how clean/organized my house would be! Big dreams there.

  8. I was just going to ask you about the coffee trial. Glad you mentioned it. I like their coffee but unfortunately there isn’t one close by to me.

    Great week with 34 miles!!!

    I haven’t tried listening to books or podcasts while running. I mainly listen to music. Lately I’ve been loving the Peloton run workouts because they have great music too.

    1. I love listening to music when I have something speedy to run. It really gets me moving! But when I need to keep it low key, a podcast will do it. I’m glad the library checks out the audiobooks for 21 days because it usually takes me that long to get through them! Most of them are 10-12 hours long!

  9. What gorgeous sunrises, and congrats on the bike PR. Love the sunflowers on your ride too. We don’t have Panera here I don’t think – but there’s something about iced coffee to go.
    I hated vacuuming, but really I hated my vacuum. Just bought a new one, so that might help. Also hate doing dishes

    1. There is something satisfying, yet gross, about seeing all of the stuff that gets vacuumed up! My husband does the vacuuming though. And I’ve delegated the dishes to the kids!

  10. I’ve been slacking on housework these days but my son LOVES helping with the laundry so we do a load every day. Folding and putting it away has become harder than ever but it keeps him happy for like 10 minutes lol.
    Jealous of your cooler temps! It did cool down here this weekend but its still in the high 60s in the morning, and it was mostly because of rain. But still better than running in 75 degrees with 95% humidity!

    1. Back in preschool my kids just loved helping clean up at school. I think all of the kids do! But back at home it’s a whole different story. 😉 We used to have a little kids Dyson and my kids loved running around with that thing. So cute!

  11. That Monday shot – WOW!! So beautiful!
    Glad you managed a lovely catch-up run with your friend on Sunday. I’m definitely overdue one of those! Housework task I loathe – definitely ironing, hands down.

    1. The run with my friend was pretty funny. It started raining almost right away. I really didn’t think that was going to happen! Heck, I probably would have cancelled if I knew it was going to rain so much!

  12. House cleaning chore I loathe? That would be everything. I want it to be clean, I just don’t want to do it!

    Love big pretzels. Love the sunflowers! And yes, the sunrise over the river never gets old — I don’t get out to see it so I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂

  13. Sounds like a good week! That’s great that your husband had fun with the cycling group. I hadn’t heard of the Panera free coffee thank, I’ll have to check it out 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

    1. COVID-19 has really made us think about all areas of our lives, hasn’t it! So many things we used to just think were OK, but now – gotta think twice!

  14. Oh, those sunflowers are gorgeous!

    Free coffee is the best coffee. And I do love giant pretzels. I would love one right this second.

    Great week for you!

    1. There are a few sunflower fields near me. A lot of pictures are popping up on Facebook! We have a sunflower that is over 6 foot tall in our bird area. I guess a bird must have buried a seed because we didn’t plant it there!

  15. Well, you probably know that I adore my sunrises, in foot & on wheels. I have never been one to embrace podcasts or audio books…so I doubt they’d hold my attention while running. I guess I’ve never knows until you try…

  16. The drop in humidity and cooler mornings have been a game changer! I love laundry as well! While I don’t love cleaning bathrooms or kitchen sinks, I have this thing where they NEED to be sparkling. Dusting and vacuuming, not so much. Ironing? What’s that?? 😛

    1. Yep, ironing does not exist at my house! I do have an ironing board that folds up into the wall in my closet. It really is a game changer because if I did need to iron something, I do it before I wear it. We have very few things that really need to be ironed though!

  17. Holy Smokes – What A Positive Upbeat Post – That First Sunset/Rise Photo, Amazingly Gorgeous – Stoked For Ya And For Putting Out The Effort – Blame The Low Speed Average On The Headwinds Both Ways – Stay Strong And Enjoy Each And Every Moment


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