And just like that, fall has hit.  The morning temps are in the 40’s this week and it’s almost time to put the shorts away.  Almost.  But that also means lots of cross country, soccer, and all the high school fun, so I’m all for it.  For the official training plan that I am sub coaching in, we have completed week 6 now. My body feels a bit beat up still from overdoing it last week, so I’ll cut back on the running a bit next week (ha! Isn’t that what I always say? “next week”).  Miles run = 31, miles biked = 45.

Mon – 6.33 miles running… what an odd number!  It was going to my 10K for Monday, but I guess I took an extra turn somewhere in my neighborhood and that’s what it became.  It was a great morning for running.  Clear sky with a crescent moon and Jupiter (or maybe Saturn?) shining.

Tues – bootcamp, 2 miles.  Brrrrrrrr…. 48 degrees this morning!!  And dark, so dark.  We finished our workout and it was still dark out!  Hooray for headlamps, right? I’m sure a lot of you saw how the wildfire smoke affected our sky here in Ohio. So odd, and sad.

15 miles, cycling – took a leisurely bike ride with my husband and son.  It’s so nice to get outside after dinner and see everyone enjoying the weather at the park.  Except for the bugs in the face.  We could all do without those. 🙂

Weds – 5 miles running.  Another brisk morning with a dark run around the neighborhood.  50 degrees, and that is officially capri wearing weather!  That will last for maybe two weeks, so I gotta enjoy it while I can.

I used part of this run to turn in my time for the now-virtual Shamrockin’ Shuffle. My photo op was later in the day 🙂

Thurs – 30 miles biking.  We were going to go on a really long ride again, but the 45 degree, windy weather was not appealing.  Pushing that one back until next week.  We did get to ride on a new bike trail.  I really like it!

Fri – 10 miles, long run.  What an awesome morning for running!  49 degrees when we started, so I was happy I grabbed my arm warmers before I left the house.  I haven’t seen my friend for a few months so we just chatted the whole time.  Didn’t look at my watch until we finished and I was shocked how fast we had gone.  Although the last few miles was really challenging, which is why my Garmin advised me on 66 hours of rest!!  Oof.  Got to reward myself for that one.

I was reminded of my run again when I sat on the high school bleachers for 3 hours in the cold for the football game.  Ouch.  My hamstrings were not happy.  But I did get to see my son play in the band (now a “pep band” and not a “marching band”).  It was really different without all of the crowds, but at least the football players are getting to play! Our school won, 27 to 0!

Sat – 8 miles running.  ALL THE STUFF!  I’m so thankful for being able to enjoy my kids sports these days.  But first, my day began with a “long run” for the “novice” training group.  I thought originally that I’d be running around 12:30 min miles, which might be a bit of challenge for me, but instead I ran with the group running 11:00 min miles.  This was a great reminder to me that the miles can feel much easier and still be very beneficial.  Initially I was a bit concerned how this was going to go after my long run on Friday, but it was actually very wonderful.  

And oh yeah, A BALD EAGLE FLEW OVER OUR HEADS 3 TIMES!  Yes I am very excited about that happening 🙂

Next on the agenda was a cross country meet for my daughter.  She got a PR for the season 22:43, which brought a big smile to her face.  Love that.  After last week’s disappointing race, this was really a big confidence boost for her.  

And finally, my son got to referee several soccer games.  Their season just started.  He said a few parents yelled at the refs during the last game.  That’s always fun when those jerky parents are there!

Sun – 40 mins elliptical  (with some mountain biking later on of course!) My morning movement was the elliptical, which was a good low impact workout.

And FINALLY, let me introduce our latest foster.  It’s Marci!  At 5 weeks old, she is a tiny little burst of energy.  Such fun!  And such sharp little kitten claws LOL.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

I hope you have been enjoying some fall weather too.

Q: How cold did it get where you live?

Q: Any high school sports going on in your town?

28 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – High school fun, and Marci”
  1. Congrats on another great week of workouts, as usual! We had cooler weather here this week as week and I loved it! Fall weather always makes me smile 🙂

    Marci is such a cute kitten! I’m sure she will provide lots of fun for everyone 🙂

  2. Sounds like the whole family had a winning week this week! I guess I should be happy I never had to sit through a football game (I was in marching band one year, but obviously we weren’t sitting).

    Marci is adorable. And yes, those kitten claws are killer!

    We got down to around 37. But I’m loving going out for my runs about 10, LOL!
    Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Zooming into the New Year: 9/14 – 20 WRDMy Profile

    1. I will admit that I crawled back into bed after dropping my son off at school on Thursday. No need to rush out for a bike ride in 50 degree yucky weather! In a few hours it cleared up and was perfect for a ride.

  3. Marci! Awww!

    We have junior rugby happening at the club we run by the side of to get back from the canal, however my friend’s son’s football match was cancelled as one of the opposing team had testing positive for Covid.

    Warm again here but heading for cold on Weds so have been taking advantage of capri wearing, too!

  4. We cooled down again this week! I’m not ready for it to be fall yet. It’s my favorite running weather for sure …. but I do love summertime for everything else.

  5. Yes, “next week” is always a cutback week for me! I know how much I benefit from them and I still don’t take them!!! Hey with running there is always something to work on;-) I turned off the feature that tells me how much recovery I need after every run, figuring that I don’t need any sass from my wrist but maybe I should turn it back on and see how high I can get the number to go?
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Another (virtual) 5k PR!My Profile

    1. I do get a lot of sass from my Garmin! It is pretty funny when I run slow it tells me I’m being unproductive. And then when I run fast, I need a lot of recovery time. Geeeeeez!

  6. You got me at that CUTE picture of Marci. Seriously adorable!!

    I laughed when you said 50 degrees is capri wearing weather. It is still shorts wearing weather. 🙂

    It has cooled down here and I love it.

  7. What a cute kitten! A bike path with a covered bridge sounds fantastic! I’ll wear shorts for a while longer, but it might be time to put away my tank tops.

  8. Congrats to the daughter on that PR!!!! Knock wood, our HS football season is still happening (albeit limited seats/tickets available). We’ve only been to the season opener (since they played the team that they paired up with for the derecho clean-up, and we wanted to show our support to both teams). We’ve been listening on the radio, over a bonfire amongst friends, though, for the other games LOL.

    1. I wish it would stay in the 50’s and 60’s in the morning a bit longer, but it’s all good. I mean, isn’t COVID going to go away when it gets cold? Oh wait, that was supposed to happen when it got hot outside. sigh.

  9. OMG…Marci! She is so stinking cute! I love her.

    Congrats to your daughter on her PR! And i bet running the slower paces is when you coach is really good for you!

    Great week!

  10. We are out of the high school era thank goodness! But I deal with jerky parents at my job and that’s always fun! Not. It’s great that they’re advocates for their kids but what about teaching them that the world doesn’t revolve around them? Sigh.

    Congrats to your daughter on that speedy 5k! Great way to wrap up the season.

    Is that kilt swag from the race? Or is it yours? Cute!
    Wendy recently posted…Catching My BreathMy Profile

    1. The season is actually only a few weeks in! We’ll be busy at XC races for at least another month. The kilt was part of the race swag. Originally it was going to be an attempt at a Guinness book record for most people racing in kilts. It’s actually a “racing” kilt, but with all that fabric it’s hot! I guess the fabric is a little lighter than others.

  11. Oh my furry cuteness that baby is sooooo adorable! I’d totally be a foster failure! I vote you keep her haha. I love black cats.

    Congrats to your daughter on her PR! That’s an amazing time!

    I love running when its chilly out- we usually get 50s and 60s until about January when it’ll drop to the 40s and maybe 30s for a few mornings. But rarely does it get that cold. I wear shorts even in 40 degree weather so you can see my socks haha. I just blast the heat in the car when I get done 😉
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Wineglass Virtual 1/2 Training Week 1: 9/14-9/20My Profile

    1. You are the exception to most Southerners I know. They are decked out in quarter zips and gloves at 50 🙂 The socks are warm though. This might the one time I’d wear my compression socks. They are too warm for my liking!
      There was a kitten last year that we almost adopted. A lot of people to end up keeping them! I’m happy just to be part of their process to finding a forever home!

  12. Oh, that kitty is perfection!!!

    I am jealous of your fall temps. It’s “fall” here. This morning was 73. That’s the best we can hope for.

    Yes, sports are happening, with restrictions. A doesn’t play organized sports (he does karate and skateboards), but we did allow him to go to his friend’s football game the other night. It was outside at a park, so they could socially distance. I don’t know what else to do.

    1. It was odd watching the football game. The players all touching each other. Eeeeek!! It seemed super weird. Sorry your son and family can’t enjoy more activities. Restrictions are a bummer.

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