My week was all confused due to a change in work days for me.  By the time Weds hit, I didn’t know what day it was!  When Friday rolled around, my week was really out of whack.  My week seemed a bit more low key than last week.  I didn’t even ride my bike at all! And sure enough, my weekend flew by. Whomp whomp. Miles run = 37.6

Mon – 6.2 miles, 10K for a Monday!  Since I have the day off today, I skipped bootcamp (couldn’t bear to get up that early when I could sleep in!!) and ran for an hour instead. My running path is looking so pretty these days!

Tues – 12 miles, long run.  Decided to do my long run today, due to weather conditions and not having time later in the week!  It was a decent enough run.  The weather was wonderful.

We got to tour the treehouses at a local metropark.  These are located where we ride mountain bikes.  I’m super excited because we are spending the night in one in July 2021!  Yep, that’s the first time there was availability.  

Weds – 4 miles, treadmill.  Treadmill season has officially started for me.  I had zero interest in getting geared up to run around in my dark neighborhood, so I hopped on the treadmill. I haven’t run on it for months!  I didn’t miss the gloom of the dark outside one bit 🙂

Thurs – AM, 40 mins elliptical.  PM – Track night!  We had an interesting workout, and I subbed for the 10:31-11:00 pace group.  The workout was 1600, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 with a target pace of 9:30.  My group was spot on!  And, we did a “last lap, fast lap” at 7:49.  Well done!!  This was our last night at the track because it’s getting too darn dark!

Fri – 4 miles, treadmill.  Running indoors again due to working today.  It’s nice to be catching up on my TV shows. And look who’s being a little stinker, climbing up my legs! 🙂

Sat – Rest day!  The only running done today was by my daughter’s cross country team.  There was tough competition and the girl’s team got 4th place.  Still, very good efforts were made by everyone and my daughter was happy with her race.  She really kicked it at the finish line and passed someone.  That’s always a satisfying feeling!

Sun – 6 miles.  I finished my week with some quick miles which ended in sprinkling rain.  It looked pretty dreary out, but it turned into a really good run.  

With our fingers crossed, we headed out to Cedar Point for one last trip.  The park is decorated for Halloween and always looks great.  He had to have positive thoughts because the potential was for rain.  And guess what?  It rained pretty much the whole time we were there!  DOH!  We were able to get on one big ride, but the rain hit us so hard on the ride it felt awful!  Our ride photo showed all of us hiding from the elements (hands on our foreheads to stop the rain. LOL!!!). After 2 hours in the park, we left because the rain was just not going to stop.

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Q: Have you ever rode a rollercoaster in the rain?

Not surprisingly, this was not our first time riding in the rain!

Q: Does spending the night in a treehouse sound like your kind of fun?

Did I mention there is no running water?…. but there is electricity, air conditioning and a heater!

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – all mixed up!”
  1. I would totally spend a night in a treehouse! In fact, remind me to look into that, there’s got to be something like that around here. I am so happy that WFH means that I can run outside in the mornings when it’s light. I remember so well that gloomy feeling every September when I would end up doing my entire run in the dark, and it was kind of depressing. The treadmill in the basement is very warm and cheery by comparison.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Fartleks and Speed UpdateMy Profile

  2. That tree house looks kind of cool but not sure I would want to sleep in one! Roller coaster in the rain? Maybe! Looks like a fun and busy week for you. Have a good one and thanks for linking up!

    1. The treehouse will be very interesting! There are a ton of small thoughtful details incorporated into each one. We reserved the one that is mountain bike themed. A lot of gears and other biking items are part of the house. At least it does have a composting toilet, so that’s a good thing 🙂

    1. Rollercoasters in the rain are pretty intense! This particular one has a 300 foot drop, and goes 93 mph. So yeah, those tiny raindrops feel like knives when they hit your face!!

  3. I LOVE roller coasters, but I don’t think they’d be much fun in the rain. I’ve ridden my bike in the rain, and the raindrops pelting my face were most unpleasant LOL I’d bet they’d feel like bullets on a roller coaster. A tree house stay sounds fun!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Weathering The WeekMy Profile

    1. Marci is at such a super cute stage now. She’ll come running towards us when we call out to her, but she is also getting a bit feisty and wants to bite everything. I’m trying to curb that behavior!

  4. I think the treehouse idea sounds fun! Nope, I’ve never ridden a rollercoaster in the rain. Now I’m wondering if 6 Flags here is even open for Fright Fest. I haven’t heard a thing.

    1. They scaled the Halloweekends event to a “family fun” theme. So no nighttime haunted houses or spaces. No creepers in your face! We had to coordinate my daughters work schedule so that’s how we ended up going on a rainy day. Bummer because it’s such a fun time of year there!

  5. That kitten! What an adorable stinker.
    Never done a roller coaster in the rain I don’t think. Nice on a hot day for the breeze though

    1. You’d think they close the coasters when it rains, but they only close some of them based on their construction. We went on a wooden coaster in the rain a few years ago and it felt like we were going to fly off the tracks!!

  6. LOL at the kitten climbing your leg! I miss cats, but I don’t miss having holes clawed into my clothes. 🙂

    I’ve never rode a rollercoaster in the rain. Sorry it wasn’t a great experience!

    Thankfully I don’t have to run at o’dark o’clock, so even though I embrace the treadmill, it’s not a necessity right now.

    Hopefully by this week you’re beginning to adjust to the new schedule!

    1. Luckily that change in schedule was just for last week. I’m back on schedule this week! It made my weekend super long, but of course then I had a super short weekend following that, which was a bummer.

  7. That treehouse would make me a little nervous! I could probably handle 1 night with no running water but not much more than that. It’s so sad that its so dark in the mornings now. I miss sunrise runs!

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