Apparently seeing all of my friends racing got me in the spirit this week… I signed up for two live races! A 10K happening next weekend, and the “goal” half marathon for our training group on Nov 14th! YIKES. I’m a bit scared about running a 10K. Speed hasn’t really been a friend of mine lately. But it will be fun getting to see friends, and get out there again. So now I can say I’m officially on week 10 of a 14 week training plan. I haven’t been keeping up with the plan, so I’m just going to do my best at the level I am now. That’s all we can ever hope for, right? Totals this week – 31.5 miles run, 15 miles biking.

Mon – Fitnessfest!  I had the day off, so I started out with an 8 mile run.  The trail was so pretty, and the temps were perfect.  Was going to run 6 miles, but then just went for 8 instead!

15 mile bike ride with Alan.  No pictures, but still the same amazing weather and views!  We noted that this was the first time back on the road bikes since that century ride a few weeks ago and we felt it!  Oof.

Gym time!  Gotta get some weights in today also because I’m not going to bootcamp any more.

Tues – 5 miles, treadmill.  2 more shows deleted off the DVR!  The DVR storage was at high levels, so getting a few shows deleted is always a win.  But sadly, the show I was catching up on was not renewed for 2020.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  I mean, should I even finish watching the recordings if it’s not coming back?

We got to watch a final performance of my son’s marching band at the awards night.  They did a great job!  I am looking forward to seeing them in their full glory next year. Here’s a 28 second clip of them playing “I will survive” (timely, eh?).

Weds – Rest day!  I was feeling a bit off last night so I opted to sleep in.  Not only did I turn off my early alarm (you know, when my cat wanted me to show her where her food was at 4:15 am), but I also turned off my late alarm and slept in until the very last moment!  I felt a bit better this morning, but still a bit leary that I have a cold, and feeling a bit achy. Today they also recognized the cross country seniors. Dang, 4 years went by so fast!

Thurs – 20 mins elliptical. I was still feeling a bit off, sweating quite a bit more than I thought I should have for this workout, so I cut it short. I did get a laugh out of the old running shoes I found in my closet. I looked like I was all set to do step aerobics with this shoe and sock combo.

4.5 miles, “track night”.  Our track workouts have moved to a local mall, which gives us ample lighting.  I sub coached for the “open pace/low mileage” group, and ended up with the faster people.  We did 6 x 800’s with a goal pace of 9:15 for the intervals.  They nailed it!

Fri – 3 miles running.  It was my first frost run of the season!  Time to bust out the gloves and ear band.  The change of temperature is always a bit of a challenge to figure out what to wear. 

Sat – 11 miles, long run.  I sub coached again, this time with the 10:31-11:00 race pace group.  The goal pace was 11:15, but we ran a little fast with an overall pace of 10:49.  It was such a beautiful fall day, and we were chatting, so the miles went by quick!  *Side note, I have sub coached 13 times now. That’s a record high for me!

In the afternoon we cheered on my daughter as she ran her (potentially) last high school cross country race!  Not sure who will be running on the varsity team for the districts race, but my daughter might be an alternate, so she’ll practice with them and go to the final meets of the season to cheer on her friends.  My daughter got a season PR of 22:21!  She was very happy.

Sun – Elliptical, then maybe some mountain biking? Feeling a bit jacked up from my long run, which isn’t good. I am back to doing PT exercises again, so hopefully I’ll be feeling better again soon!

Drink update… this week’s drink from Starbucks was a pumpkin spice latte. Can you believe I’ve never had one before?? I tried one iced last year, but didn’t like it. It was much better warm, but I’m still not a huge fan. I’ll stick with mocha flavors.

On the other hand, how about some beer that is flavored with hints of PSL coffee? I thought it was good. My husband thought it was gross 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Are you a PSL fan? PSL beer??

Q: Do you have any live races on your schedule?

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Game on?”
  1. Frost? Live races? Not things we have here right now. The cross country for seniors at least has cancelled for the season, as far as I know, and there is only the odd ultra running live.

  2. Congrats to your daughter! And yay on all that sub coaching. LOL at the PSL review. I do like them, but am not crazy for them. My fav is the peppermint mocha, but otherwise I don’t like mocha. I prefer my coffee and chocolate separate, I guess. 😉

  3. I’ve never had a PSL! I don’t really like anything pumpkin and the thought of pumpkin flavored coffee just doesn’t sound good to me. I’ll eat pumpkin bread though (I don’t think it tasted like pumpkin)
    Congrats on your daughters PR!

  4. Not a fan of the PSl myself either-too sweet and not worth the calories. Wow that’s exciting that you have 2 live races coming up. I don’t think we will have those here for a long while!

    1. It was pretty iffy about the half happening. There are very good practices in place, so hopefully that will keep the events happening! I don’t even dare look at the calories when I make a drink decision 🙂

  5. Yay on the live races and boo on the frost…not ready for winter. I recently had Southern Tier Pumking which is the first pumpkin beer that I’ve liked. I feel like Dunkin would make good beer so I’d be interested to try it. My husband hates pumpkin so I can’t resist bringing all things pumpkin home.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: The AfterHalfMy Profile

  6. Ha ha…I am so not a beer drinker, that PSL beer would probably have me gagging LOL Congrats to your daughter on that PR!!! Speaking of layering for the colder weather…I’m still trying to figure out the layers for biking, so I’ll really be in a state of confusion when the running returns.

    1. I really overdressed for our mountain bike ride on Sunday. But I didn’t expect so many hills to climb up! I did take a backpack so I could just ditch layer thankfully. It is hard to figure out cycling clothes!

  7. I’m not a pumpkin fan–I don’t even like pumpkin pie! I was going to try a pumpkin smoothie and share it on the blog, but can I even do that?

    Congrats to your daughter on her PR. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find your speed for that 10k! You got this!
    Wendy recently posted…Dancing in the DarkMy Profile

    1. I do like pumpkin pie smothered in CoolWhip 🙂 but it’s definitely a seasonal treat. It was a great end of the season for my daughter (and I guess her “high school XC running career”, right? [sobbing little tears as I type that])

  8. That’s a fun and timely marching band performance! Sadly our marching band season was cancelled, as were most every IRL race around here. Congrats to your daughter. You’re so right: High school sports just fly by. Seems like yesterday my daughter was running track. My strategy for 10ks is hard tempo pace for the first half then pick it up.

    1. I think my strategy for the 10K will be the run conservatively and try not to hurt or embarrass myself. LOL!! That’s such a bummer about band and racing in your area. It was kind of silly that the band couldn’t march this season at the games, but the football players are out there slapping hands and clearly coming into contact with each other. Oh well. The band directors did a commendable job with what they had to work with.

  9. Congrats to your daughter!

    Hope you’re feeling better now. It’s always awesome when you go out to run a certain mileage & feel so good you run a few more. 🙂

    I won’t be doing any live races this year (although there have been a few). So all my races have been virtual. Which means mostly easy running. I’m ok with that for now! Next up is a virtual 5k in November (as I wrap up the walk for RBG in a couple of days).

    1. My hamstrings are very temperamental these days again. I’m making today (Friday) my rest day in hopes that will calm things down a bit and I’ll be ready to race!

  10. So cool that you signed up for 2 live races! We’re not back to live races in my area but I’m hopeful we will be in a few months.

    That beer sounds interesting – I am definitely going to look for it the next time I’m in the liquor store. I do enjoy pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin flavored creamer for my coffee.

    1. I really like the beer! It’s a good seasonal. After the 6 I’ll be ready to get something else though. But that’s the beauty of seasonals – there’s always something new!

  11. Yay for your two upcoming live races!!! I do not have any live races on my calendar, but I am stalking my favorite Christmas themed race and hoping it remains live.

    I don’t like coffee so I’ve not tried PSL. I probably wouldn’t like it though because pumpkin bread/roll is about the only pumpkin flavored thing I like.

    Congrats to your daughter on her PR. Fingers crossed she’ll be chosen to run with the varsity team post-season.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: October 11 – 17 / My First Metric CenturyMy Profile

  12. You can keep your PSLs. I love the peppermint mocha in winter, but PSL is a no (although I love the smell of it). I also don’t love craft beers, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy a pumpkin beer either.

    Another frost situation! If you could send some of that cool weather my way, I would be most appreciative. It’s just soggy and hot here and I can’t stand it.

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