It was another busy week with some pretty great weather. Maybe Indian Summer? Weekly stats = 28 miles running, 27 miles biking. Week 11 of the training plan is done, and 3 more weeks until my half marathon.

I have to quickly recap our mountain bike adventures from last Sunday. We went on a new to us trail and it was super challenging. We were either huffing and puffing going up steep hills (which required us to hike up many of them) or flying downhill over exposed roots! I took a fast tumble, and luckily I landed in soft leaves. The area was really pretty though, but holy moly, I don’t think I’ll be asking to ride there anytime soon.

Mon – 5 miles, treadmill.  Does anyone watch “What we do in the shadows” tv show?  I’m so bummed the season finale was messed up on my DVR and I have to miss it!  I did see it was renewed for another season though, so that’s good news. That show is awesome.

Tues – 40 mins elliptical.  My body was feeling all sorts of aches this morning, and an angry hamstring.  Saving myself for the 10K on Saturday!

Weds – 5 miles, treadmill.  Feeling much better this morning!  I learned something very interesting today… how to calibrate my Garmin on treadmill runs!  Super simple – there was a choice as I saved my activity!  (I never scrolled down far enough).  So I ran two runs and calibrated both of them.  Odd thing was, Garmin said 2 miles and 3 miles, but Strava still said 1.94 and 2.95!  How weird!

PM, 6.5 miles biking. A quick ride along the river before the sun set. It gets dark so early these days!

Thurs – 5 miles running, AM. The weather was so nice (52 degrees) I couldn’t say no to a run even though I will be coaching tonight! I tried to put a little pep in my step to get an idea on what my pace might be for Saturday’s race.

I was quite sweaty when I got home and Marci enjoyed a salty treat 🙂

This run also earned me Starbucks drink #2 of 47 free ones. Iced Caffe Mocha. I really liked it!

PM, Track night! 5.66 miles total. The workout was 8 x 600’s and the pace was 9:30 for the intervals. Nailed it! The weather was unbelievable – 70 degrees! Another tank top run for sure.

Fri – 20 miles, biking. A break from running, but I still got to enjoy the wonderful weather. In other news, we returned Marci, and got two new fosters – Edie and Charlie. They are cuddlers!

Sat – Race day!! 6.2 + 1 mile warmup. I ran the Racing for Recovery Rockin’ 10K. A real live race!! The warm temps of the week were gone now and it was 39 degrees! I was nervous about racing, but it turned out really good. I was not nervous about COVID-19 or anything like that. The race safety precautions were more than adequate! I just wasn’t sure how well my body would be feeling (annoying high hamstring problems!). I was able to pull off a pace of 8:27 overall. Woot! The course was really hilly, which I was not expecting. My finish time of 52:27 was good enough for 3rd in my age group too. Very exciting! I’ll recap this race later this week.

That race earned me drink #3 of 47 – a long time fav, Java Chip Frappuccino.

Good news for the girls and boys cross country teams at our school – they came in 1st place (girls) and 3rd place (boys) at the district meet and will be advancing to the regional meet! My daughter didn’t run, but she is an alternate so she needs to be ready in case someone can’t run.

Sun – Rest day! Just chilling today. Maybe a walk to see the fall colors and a quick strength workout with my son.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Did you have Indian Summer in your area yet?

I think our warm weather is gone for good now!

Q: If you had a choice right now, would you run a 5K or 10K at the same race?

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Racing, Rock on!!”
  1. Ugh Strava is just die hard about sticking with the original data. At least they changed the software so that it reports the same time as the Garmin instead of elapsed time, that was an annoying feature. If a race is a 5k/10k, I’ll almost always go with the 10k because I love the distance. Congrats on your race!
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: The Final FartlekMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah, I do remember that Strava changed it last year. That was annoying! Do you think that calibrating more than once makes it “better”, or do you think it just overwrites the previous calibration? Probably the latter. I’ll have to investigate that.

    1. I had thought that I didn’t want really fast, so I opted against the 5K. But out on the course I was thinking it would have been nice to just stop at the 5K finish!! LOL The hills did me in!

  2. Sorry to hear about your tumble last weekend but glad that you are okay!

    Congrats on your race this week and your 3rd place AG award! It must have felt awesome to a real live race again.

  3. Congrats on your 10k! And the age group placement. Pretty sweet!

    I have noticed that Strava and Garmin don’t agree on my miles either. I don’t know how Strava figures it out. It’s very odd.
    Wendy recently posted…Keep on RollingMy Profile

  4. Amazing work on your 10k- especially on the hills! Nicely done.

    Glad the race was safe too with regards to Covid.

    Those kittens…make me want to add a cat again to our household! My husband doesn’t want the litterboxes again or the cat hair, but who cares? I love cats…Matilda grew up with the two cats, though I’m guessing Ruth would take some adjusting 🙂

    Great week of workouts for you!

    1. The weather sure was wonderful last week! I’m surprised how cold and rainy it was in your area. The boys team hasn’t been to the regional meet (which is this weekend) since 2005. It’s been a great year for them!

  5. Nice pace and congrats on the age group award! Also those fosters are too cute! It’s making me want another kitten! Then my cat comes in my bedroom and does something annoying and I’m like maybe not haha.

    We definitely have Indian summer but its not as nice as yours! It’s still really warm and humid here, but I like it for the pool workouts. It would be so much harder to get up and go to the pool if it were chilly!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Recovery Week 1: 10/17-10/23My Profile

    1. Luckily the kittens get “locked up” at night, or they would probably be in all sorts of mischief! But my cat does wreak havoc on my in the early hours. She sleeps on my bed, and if I bump her she will insist I go downstairs to her room and show her the food. Ugh.

  6. I am still in awe of the free Starbucks drinks you have.

    It was also warm on Thursday too. It was perfect for running but I had already run that morning.

    Those new fosters are too cute. I am seriously considering fostering kittens too. I am worried about Lola (oldest cat) because she still does not get along with Mateo.

    Great job on your race and congrats on your placing in your age group!!
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…Weekly Run Down: Week #3 of training for a 5k and weird weatherMy Profile

    1. Unfortunately the line is so long at Starbucks it’s a bit of a hassle to go… but you know, oodles of free drinks has me coming back. LOL! I really do love fostering kittens. It’s the perfect way for me to help out. The hard part is when they first arrive here they are in a rough shape. They almost always need some sort of medicine. But that usually turns around pretty quick and they are leading healthy lives (and getting it mischief!).

  7. Congrats on your AG placement & real race! I am not planning any real races anytime soon.

    Your river looks so much like the pond I walk around!

    Those fosters are the cutest. What animal doesn’t love a little salt?

    1. My husband was laughing at me because I just really wanted to get out and ride by the river that night, and see the sunset. By the time we got organized and down there, we only had 35 mins to ride, which wasn’t much. Oh well, we did get to enjoy being outside and that’s what mattered to me!

  8. I would probably stick with the 5K since I’m still technically “recovering”. I would want to see how I did in the shorter distance before I took on the longer.

    Love all your cycling views. I think I have to break out my bike tomorrow. My leg was really tweaky and angry today and I think I might have to change up my motion to give things a break.

    I love the cold brew with sweet cream foam from Starbucks. It’s just further from my house than Dunkin so I don’t get there as often.
    Jenn recently posted…week 42 – getting the end-of-year second wind!My Profile

  9. Oh those kittens are the cutest.

    I would definitely pick a 10K – less pressure to run fast. My speed has left me these days.

    I am missing my Starbucks now that I work from home and also do not travel.

    Congrats on your race! A real one. Lucky you.

    1. I was thinking the 10K seemed really far when I was racing! LOL! I didn’t think I was really exerting myself, but now my hip is acting wonky. Might be out the rest of the week. Whomp whomp.

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