Wow, what a week.  While the US was fighting political battles about the elections across the country, we were engaged in a local battle about a different election… our road runners club!  Our family has been a member of our running club for a long time now.  We support and volunteer at events.  You may also know I’m a coach for one of the local running shops (we have two in town), and an ambassador for the local race director (related to each other).  Oh, and to be clear, I also am friends with the owner of the other local running shop and also support them too.  There’s room for everyone in my world 🙂  And that’s where the story begins.

Miles run: 24.5, miles biked 7  Tapering for my half marathon on Saturday!!

Mon – 5 miles, treadmill.  Happy Monday!  I also got my strength workout in with my son.  

7 miles biking.  At night we headed out for a trail ride.  Might be the last night ride based on the weather. We’ll see!

The treehouses!

Tues –  3 miles treadmill.  Just a little run before voting!  Well, that was the plan, but when I drove past at 7am the line went down around the street.  I was in my work clothes, so not prepared to park in the grass or stand outside in heels for an hour.  Had to go back after work.  Luckily, when I stopped back after work, it was done in 5 minutes!  No line at all.  Woohoo!

Weds – 30 mins elliptical.  Good thing I had a workout plan for the morning because there was a lot of craziness going on around here.  We went to a local running club meeting last night and there was a very controversial election.  It’s sad that even our running club is split and it feels like you need to pick sides.  The reaction of our current club president (whose “side” lost) was uncalled for, unprofessional, and frankly embarrassing.  To give you a censored excerpt, he made a (assumed drunk) post on FB that ended with declaring the other group “considered as enemies and f*cking pu**ies from here on out.”  The post was removed, but not before everyone made a screenshot and everyone sent it around.

Thurs – 11 miles, long run.  Thursday morning woke to even more rage and fighting among the running club.  At one point my husband and I got dragged into the mess.  We are friends with both sides and get together with them several times a year, in addition to the regular FB connections.  Somehow we became guilty by association and at one point someone actually said “Shame on you Lisa [for knowing about the situation]” and claimed I only showed up at the meeting to vote for the “other side”.  She said I rarely attended group events and rarely attended meetings.  All of which was untrue and hurtful.  Ironically, I DID vote for the losing side.  If you know me, I dislike conflict and am apolitical.  I don’t want to get angry and upset about the daily news, so I just don’t participate. And now I was fuming and literally shaking out of anger at what had been thrust upon me and how someone would personally attack me like that!  You bet I fought back and laid out the facts, and was not being an a$$hole like they had been to me.  And with that, I ran 11 miles along the river to calm myself down.

Another Starbuck followed my run (44 more free ones left!), and then I enjoyed a beer at lunch with my husband.  Enough already everyone!  Why should we have to take sides even in our running community??

Fri – 5 miles running.  Probably should be a rest day, but with stupid crap still going on, more running was necessary.  In addition, I just stopped looking at the conversations going on FB.  I’m not playing that game anymore.  We had a send off for the girls cross country team. They traveled to Columbus OH for the State competition.  No matter how they run, the opportunity for the team to celebrate their great year, hang out with each other, and miss a  day of classes will probably be the highlight of the senior year for my daughter.

Sat – 30 mins elliptical, then hit the road for 2 ½ hour drive down to States!  There was tough competition, and the team didn’t have their best races. They finished 19th as a team (out of 20), but our fastest runner had an amazing day and got 10th place overall! A great end to a strong year for all of the girls.

We also took a drive downtown in Columbus. Turns out there was quite a celebration going on! It was odd to see the buildings boarded up in anticipation of riots, but luckily there was nothing bad going on. Living in the suburbs we never get to see stuff like this.

Sun – 40 mins elliptical. Will go biking sometime today to enjoy the amazing weather we are having (73 degrees!!!).

Hope your week was a bit more peaceful than mine was. And sorry, no more kitten pictures! They have gone to their forever home – they were adopted!!

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Q: Did you have to wait in line long at the polls to vote, or did you main in a ballot?

Q: Tots or fries with your burger?

26 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – did you really say that??”
  1. So sorry for all the turmoil! I seriously wish people could be adults about this kind of stuff. The past few years, it’s been like one middle school cat fight after another on social media. Like you, I keep quiet. Too much gets misinterpreted in print. I have lost so much respect for “friends,” not because of their opinion, but in how they choose to express it. Aren’t we lucky to have our fitness for an outlet? I hope things improve for your running club in the days/weeks.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…A Week of Biking on the FlyMy Profile

    1. Yes, thankful for fitness to sweat out the angries!! 🙂 I’ve heard there is another platform where you can really speak your mind called Parler. Yikes. I will be avoiding that one too I think!!

  2. I have no patience or interest w any of the FB arguing or turmoil. We don’t allow any political stuff or non running related stuff to be posted in our running group. Very glad we established that rule many years ago! Hope you all straighten things out! We also had some fabulous weather to take advantage of this week. Enjoy it while it lasts. Good luck w the half marathon

    1. I have no idea what is happening in the group right now – I’m not checking it! I know several people who just stopped following the club’s social media until it all dies down. And I hope it does die down because we did have a good club!

  3. Since I am more or less living in Colorado but still technically an Illinois resident, I mailed my ballot weeks ago. Nice to be able to track it online and know that it was accepted. Sorry that you had to deal with all that running club BS. You would think that of all people, runners would be able to get along with each other. My Colorado club is a coached group owned by a guy and his wife so there is no controversy or disagreement, but my club in Illinois had some issues that resulted in the club president quitting the club entirely. Fries! Hot and salty!

    1. There were a few angry conversations early on about forming “their own” running club. So who knows, maybe we’ll have two of them sometime! I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. It’s so sad the state everything is in right now. I truly hope our nation (and people) can begin to heal now. So sorry you had to go through all that this week on top of everything else going on — and sorry about States. That’s a real bummer, too.

    We voted by absentee ballot, which my husband dropped off because we didn’t really trust the mail.

    Anger fueled runs can be good sometimes. I ended up partially having one myself today (although it was short).

    1. The XC team was fine with the results. They took it in stride. I think having a teammate do so well really made the trip worth it. If it were me I’d probably have a few reasons for it – 1) they didn’t run until 4pm and 2) it was 70 degrees when they ran. But the girls had no complaints. Good for them!!

    1. The situation got ugly really fast. I just hope it doesn’t mess up our existing relationships. I do have friends on both sides and I’d like to keep their friendship (at least the nice ones! haha).

  5. Ugh, I do not handle drama well and I really don’t enjoy watching adult temper tantrums. Sorry for all the flack you guys got. Good luck on your race!

    I did absentee ballot for the first time this year and it was so nice so that will be my go-to from now on. The only reason that I didn’t to in person was just in case I wasn’t feeling well.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…So I’ve Been Posting My Meals on the Internet for Three Years…My Profile

  6. Piss poor behavior is disgusting and so sad. I’m not a parent, but when I see it I think of the poor examples they’re settling for kids.
    It took me a few attempts, but I was finally able to vote last Sunday when the city was sleeping in.

    44 free Starbucks? I think I missed something. Whoa.

    1. I agree – like when you see parents yelling at kids at the store, or using foul language at them. That is terrible. Starbucks had a sign up bonus of 6,500 stars for their credit card recently. That is 43 free drinks! But I also already had some stars (points) too so I’ll be getting free drinks all year at this rate. And then cancelling the credit card when my free year is up and they want to charge an annual fee 🙂

  7. Oh man, that running group conflict sounds like a nightmare. I’m really sorry that you had to deal with that. I’ve noticed that Facebook is very toxic lately. I rarely post on there and just log on to see photos of family and friends. I’m glad that you were still able to get in some great workouts despite all of the turmoil.

    1. Luckily my FB feed was not filled with political stuff about the US presidential election. The angry people got sorted out of there somehow (phew!). I’ve really cut down the time I spend on there after this happened!

  8. Ugh! Conflict is the worst. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all of that, on top of all the rest of this crappy 2020.

    I am dedicated to fries. No tots for me.

    I did early, in-person voting. It’s available in my area, and I thought it would be the safest, most reliable choice.
    Jenn recently posted…week 44: time for the holiday season?My Profile

  9. Yay for finding forever homes for the kitties but I will miss their cute photos!

    It’s really sad when you get pulled into something like what you’re dealing with with the local running club. And even worse when grown men can’t act their age and be diplomatic- in any situation! I’d take a break from it for the time being because it sounds like it’s just causing you undue stress. I think we’ve all had enough of that at the moment!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Recovery Week 3: 10/31-11/6My Profile

  10. Ugh! So sorry you had such a contentious week, but it sounds like you handled it as well as possible. Thank goodness we have running to help us keep our sanity!

  11. That is an ugly situation! Sad that they had to react that way. We are older and wise and know better. Let’s act like it!

    Fries for my burgers. Love them!

    Will you be fostering kittens again? You know I love seeing pictures of them.

  12. How did I miss those Starbucks free stars??

    I voted early and waited in line but it made me feel good.

    Love French fries but the McDonalds kind lol.

    I cringe when I see what people post on FB. One of my friends asked me why I never post political stuff.. D’uh?

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