Ray’s indoor bike track is named “mountain bike” track, but it’s actually a mix of BMX track and mountain bike track.  What’s the difference, from what I can see, BMX tracks have more jumps and turns which is perfect for the smaller bike size.  The mountain bike features are things like rocks, logs and other bumpy rides.  Rays offers a great mix of these two styles and either bikes will find plenty of challenging and fun things to try.

What is immediately noticeable is the huge size of this place.  It’s in an old warehouse/factory building so it has large open spaces and high ceilings with panels that let natural light in.  They have done a great job of using all available space.  Around the outside of the rooms there is a path (“green trail”) which winds through all of the rooms, and also travels high above some of the areas.  When I rode on it I immediately thought of the People Mover in Disneyworld.  Have you been on that ride? It takes you through the back side of several other rides in the park and you get a high level view of what is going on.  Same thing at Ray’s. The green trail winds up and down around the building and even takes you above the bike storage area.  What a cool idea – to be able to store your bike at the park when you’re not using.  That way all you have to do is show up and your gear is waiting for you!  For people with an annual pass that’s a really cool feature.

Map from Ray’s website https://raysmtb.com/

The building is comprised of several rooms.  When you enter the park for the first time they recommend you follow the yellow path.  That path takes you over to the beginner area.  There are two spaces which start very small.  One room has paths painted on the floor for practice just following paths – curvy and flat. 

The next room is a step up with very small hills.
After the beginner area you can level up to the Novice area.  There are two rooms with hills and flow area.  There are small wooden paths for practicing where you won’t fall and hurt yourself, or injure your pride either 🙂

One of my favorite rooms was the Novice pump track.  High speed fun!!  Well, it felt like high speed until I could hear some kids approaching me from behind at a rapid speed which made me realize I was not really fast.  But hey, “fast” is a relative term and it was fast for me!  A pump track is like a roller coaster.  You go up and down hills in a rapid succession and pick up speed on the curves and by pumping over the hills.  You don’t need a lot of skills for this area, just a willingness to go fast.

Moving up in skill level, there is  the largest room which has a mix of styles in it.  There’s a larger pump track which I may have got stuck in because I didn’t have enough speed to make it up to the top of a jump.  Oops.  But no worries, I wasn’t the only one who had that problem (and I quickly got out of the way!).

There were also lots of features that were above my skill level, but my son tried and had fun, but was also challenged by.  Once again, I may have had to walk my bike through parts of this room because I know my limit – and it was exceeded.

There are also several rooms which we discovered by searching around.  One was a small room named the Grind Room, which looked like a skateboard park.  I’m guessing that was for BMX tricks although no one was in there the time.  There was a jump room which we never did find, but I saw it from afar.  We did end up riding in the Profile Room, which was a mix of jumps and pump track.  The pump track had larger spaced hills and was not as fast.

All in all, we had a great day.  We bought a shirt too 🙂  I’m sure my son will be asking to come back again.  Since we live in Toledo, this park in Cleveland was almost a 2 hr drive.  Too bad it’s not closer!

One part I really liked about Ray’s is how it’s a mix of a ski lodge and skatepark.  They played music that I love (classic Agent Orange anyone?) and there were people of every age there.  We saw 4 year olds and we were part of the handful of 50+ year olds there.  No matter what your skill level, the other riders weren’t rude if you were slow or couldn’t make it over a hill.  Everyone wore masks at all times which was the COVID-19 rules.  It reminded me of a ski lodge because there were multiple fireplaces and picnic benches to hang out at and several tables were occupied with parents with laptops waiting for their kids.  I would feel just fine dropping my kids off here for a day of fun without my supervision. The staff was friendly and helpful.

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15 thoughts on “Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park”
  1. I cannot believe the size of this place! While I spent the greater part of summer/fall on my mountain bike, I actually use it as a “road bike.” Therefore, I really don’t go off-road with it, and certainly have not explored any such park with all these obstacles/challenges. I know Gustavas weighs more than a traditional road bike, but I kind of like the extra “resistance training” it affords me. It is kind of a killer on big hills, though LOL

    1. I was surprised that BMX bikes were more prevalent than the mountain bikes, but both worked. I’m sure I was the only one with a padded seat or bag on my bike! LOL But I did see another older mom there who had a rack on her bike and she was walking her bike through the course. Yep, someone just like me! 😉

    1. My son had been begging to go there since he got his bike in the summer. It was the perfect thing to do on winter break! We also went to see the house from A Christmas Story because it was filmed in Cleveland! (just drove past it)

  2. How cool is that?! I would love to visit this place.
    A few years ago, I had an MTB guide for a few weeks who taught me how to go downhill on the tracks, because I was way too fearful. I still am!
    I think this indoor track would be a way to train (and lose my fear) before going outdoors on the live tracks.
    Thank you for sharing, Lisa!
    Catrina recently posted…My Six Favourites of 2020My Profile

    1. It did take a lot of courage for me to try a few of those things. Even looking back at that large downhill I’m surprised I did it! It’s a lot of mind of matter.

    1. I was really surprised about the annual pass. Given that our Cedar Point passes are “worth it” if you go just a few times, the annual pass here in only worth it if you go almost a dozen times! The math is a bit off I think. So nope, we will not! $376 is a lot.

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