Week 1 of the training plan for the Glass City Marathon has completed! Our group is named The Incredibles (based on cartoon themed names this session), 9:31-10:00 target race pace. We have a big group – 43 so far. I’ve met quite a few, and actually remembered 3 of their names I think. LOL! This year I’m also tracking my walking miles towards the Dave’s Running Mileage Challenge, so I’ll be listing those out too. This week: 25 miles running, 5 miles walking. Total: 44.5 miles for the year.

Mon – 4 miles, easy run.  It’s day 1 of the 16 week training plan taking us to the Glass City Marathon. 4 miles are in the bank!

PM workout, HIIT and strength.  I gotta say, compared to the Peloton app, Centr really lacks many features. Mostly just trying to find a workout that I like!  We ended up doing a HIIT workout with some weights.  Not my favorite, but I got time with my son so it’s all good 🙂

Tues – AM, 30 mins elliptical, PT exercises. PM Track Night!!  The workout for tonight was a 2 mile time trial to help participants determine what group they should be part of.  We also did 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Indoor track pacing is tricky because even with my footpod the paces are off.  So based on lap time I was running around 8:30-8:40.  It felt great to be back at the track!

Weds – Rest day (running). PM strength workout. I got to sleep in a bit before work this morning, and did a workout with my son after work. It was an arms and abs workout.

Thurs – AM 3 miles walking. PM 5 miles running, pace run. I decided to join The Incredibles for a night group run. This run is not an official run for our group so coaches aren’t required to join. The workout was 3 pace miles, with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. It was a good workout, but I paid for it because I had a hard time sleeping that night with sore hamstrings!

Fri – 4 miles running. I wore our training swag. Nice jacket! Very toasty too. Later we went to the gym. I haven’t been there in a long time. It was nice to be back!

We had a fun family night out – trip to the Toledo Museum of Art and dinner at The Spaghetti Warehouse!

Sat – 8 miles running, “long run”. Our first long run with the group. We had 26 people which was a good turn out! Goal pace for my group was 10:15 and we finished with an average of 10:12. The majority of our group is training for the Glass City half marathon, and 8 miles was the distance for the full training (5 miles for the half). It will be fun getting to know everyone!

We also took a trip to Ikea today. Look at all of the people waiting to get in because they were limiting entrance to the store. Eek!

Sun – 2 miles walking, treadmill. Just getting some more miles and movement!

I had an interesting annual checkup with my doctor this week and mentioned my ongoing hamstring issues (going on year 5 now?). I won’t go into each week, but suffice it to say I haven’t had a pain free run (or day) in a very long time. It’s just too depressing to dwell on it, and I’ve become good about just accepting it, but change is necessary. I really hoped I would be in a better place by now, but I’m not. We discussed that the next step would be to try PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma). Of course PRP is not 100% guaranteed, I’d be willing to give it a try at this point. It comes with a bit of downtime so that will be a thought for later this year. I did talk to a friend this week who had stem cell therapy for his injured hamstrings and so far his recovery has been positive. I don’t think my hamstrings would need stem cell treatment, but it was good to hear a success story. Either way, I’m making arrangements this week to get back into physical therapy and get a written plan because what I’ve been doing hasn’t helped! Time to try something different!

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Q: Have you put away the holiday decorations yet?

Nope, I’m still holding out and turning on our outdoor lights!

Q: Have you ever had steroid shots or RPR injections? Did they work for you?

34 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – week 1, GCM training”
  1. I don’t think any fitness app compares to the Peloton app! They’ve set the bar high.

    Sorry to hear about your ongoing hamstring issues. I’ll be interested to hear your results of PRP, should you decide to do it! When I had PF that wouldn’t go away, that was discussed. I never did it though–lots of time off running and aqua jogging took care of it.

    1. We couldn’t even search by time (ie, 15 min class) on Centr. That’s an important search feature I think! I can only imagine PF being as frustrating as my stupid hamstrings. I do hope I never have to deal with PF! From my research it’s best to keep some sort of load on the hamstrings and doing nothing won’t help, so that’s the idea I’ve been going with.

  2. You definitely did a lot of fun thing this week! The museum looks amazing.

    I’m sorry that the hamstring hasn’t gotten any better. Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon!

    I have trouble with evening workouts because I’m such an early bird. 🙂

    1. I think one night of running (track night) will be good enough for me. I do enjoy my alone time on Thursday mornings so switching to Thurs night group run won’t be the best idea for me, especially if I want to run a few miles on Friday morning. I did want to meet people though, so I gave it a try.

  3. I have a friend who has been dealing with a high hamstring issue for several months and her PT (who is also a runner) recommended prolotherapy injections. She is considering it if she doesn’t see some improvement soon but it is not covered by insurance. I have no idea what prolotherapy does but you may want to Google it or ask your doctor or PT.

    1. Interesting. Looks like it’s a way to introduce an irritant to stimulate repair. Also used for arthritis… which my Dr mentioned I might have in my big toe (ugh, I’m falling apart!!). The other treatments aren’t covered by insurance either. My Dr always mentioned it was expensive. When he told me it was usually around $1,000 I told him I would GLADLY pay that today if it would make me feel better 🙂 Seriously, that would be sooooo worth it if it really worked!

  4. Sorry for the ongoing hammie trouble. I had prirformis issues and hamstring tendonitis for a long time…maybe it was all one-in-the-same (I had two different PT’s tell me two different things LOL). Once I got a convertible stand-up desk at work, my pain/trouble took a sharp decline. All of the sitting I had been doing was aggravating it like crazy. Gotta say, your training jacket is on-point!!

    1. I’ve been trying to get more standing time by using my desk at work in the standing position. But then I’m sad because my body is so stiff and achy when I go to sit down! I’m just having one of those “feeling sorry for myself” weeks I guess. Whomp, whomp. What fun it is getting old! Just hoping some serious PT work will make it feel better.

  5. My husband had a nagging hamstring injury- high hamstring tendonapathy; he looked into PRP but the time off was a little intimidating. He ended up having good luck with PT, though it definitely was a tough one to get rid of and he still has to work to keep it healthy! Good luck!

    1. That’s encouraging! I do hope trying something new will make a difference. I guess worst case scenario is I have to end up dropping down the the half marathon training and cut a lot of days out of my training plan. Pain free running every day is really my goal. I could care less about any finish time goals or even getting to a race. Daily life is more important!

  6. The first week of training is always the most exciting and you had a really great week!

    I’m really sorry to hear about your hamstring issue and hope you can get some answers soon!

    1. It will be interesting to see what the size of our regular group will be. I figured there would be more people in the early weeks. It’s a fun group of people!

  7. So nice to hear someone training for a race. It’s so nice that you have others to train with too.

    Hope you get answers about your hamstring.

    I feel that way about my feet. Can’t remember that last time I was painfree.

  8. I have almost sorted out ongoing ham problems by switching to a Swiss Ball chair – I just have to make sure I keep it pumped up as the angle still matters somewhat. A good week, I am a bit jealous of your running in groups thing as we’re back to run with one other person here at the moment.

    1. I’ve been trying to stand up more at work, so maybe that will help too. I was surprised how many people are in my group. A lot of positive vibes at these workouts! We do have strict rules about not mingling with the other groups so in case someone does test positive, we won’t have to shut down the whole program.

      1. That sounds good. We’re literally not allowed to be with more than one other person not from our household, only outside, and only for exercise, not for socialising!

    1. When I look at some of the exercise apps and websites it really makes me wonder if they ever shop the competition (or even use their own programs!). Peloton has it nailed down for sure.

  9. How exciting to be training for a race and with such a big group! Is it supposed to be an -in-person race?

    Really sorry to hear your hamstring continues to plague you. I’m curious to learn more about PRP therapy. Hope you can find some relief soon!

    1. We are scheduled for a live race in April! The full marathon has already sold out, and there is a waiting list. We have a few smaller races along the way too. Exciting stuff! PRP doesn’t always work for everyone, so that’s the biggest hinderance. Back when I first talked to my Dr about it the treatment was cutting edge technology. I guess that could be a benefit that it’s more common now, 5 years later (ugh).

  10. I’m really envious that you are training for a real race with people! there is nothing at all like that going on here!

    That queue for Ikea is massive! We’ve been lucky (when we could actually go there) that we’ve never had to wait too long.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your hamstrings issue. I know all about chronic pain though. I have had steroid shots in my back and in my foot and they have helped. Not with my foot anymore but luckily with my back. I hope you find a good solution.

    1. The IKEA line was crazy! It did go fast though, so that’s a plus because we had left our coats in the car 🙂 I was surprised we had a live event for the half marathon back in November, so I’m hopeful this marathon will get to go live too.

  11. The Peloton app is amazing! I just took a core class with Matty this morning and was like “what in the fresh hell was that?” haha! I haven’t heard of that other app you mentioned, Centr though.

    My doctor said that PRP injections could help increase the healing on my fracture but luckily it seems to have healed on its own and I haven’t needed to do it. I absolutely would consider it if I couldn’t fix an issue though. I have a friend with hamstring issues and she’s been off and on for years too so that seems to be a problem area for women runners. Hoping you get some answers and a treatment that works soon!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Spartan Super Training Week 3: 1/3 to 1/9My Profile

    1. Fractures do tend to heal up nicely. I’d love a fracture instead of my issue 🙂 Centr is a workout app that also has food planning and mental health tied in with it. But I signed up for the free trial because it’s run by Chris Hemsworth. I mean, how bad can it be listening to that accent? Haha

  12. When my inlaws lived in Ottawa Hills, it was my MIL’s dream to have her daughter’s wedding at the Toledo Museum of Art. That never happened and my SIL ended up getting married in the chapel here at the Univ. of Chicago, but I well remember that museum!
    Sorry your hamstring is still nagging you. Did you ever try having your pelvis adjusted? That’s what did the trick for my high hamstring issues. I have heard good things about PRP though too.
    Marcia recently posted…Oh Sunshine Where Art Thou?My Profile

    1. Interesting on the pelvis adjusted. I guess I haven’t but maybe my new PT will suggest that. The Toledo Art Museum really is top notch and a great place for pictures!

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