Week 2 of Spring MIT for the Glass City Marathon is done!  I ended my week with lots of active miles… Running = 32.75, Walking = 6, and Hiking = 7.  As my family knows, I don’t like to have a lot of downtime – especially when it’s a holiday weekend!  My kids and I have Friday and Monday for MLK day.  We didn’t want to go skiing again so soon, so instead we did a mini road trip to destinations in Ohio instead.  The places we went to were easy to social distance from others but were still fun.  I didn’t get to see my new PT yet (my appointment is Monday!) so the 3 hour car ride was a bit uncomfortable after an hour.  But oh well, it was nice to get out of the house!

Mon – 5 easy miles running, treadmill.  I spent some extra time doing glute activation exercises before running and perhaps that, paired with the rest day from Sunday, resulted in a decent run.  I was a bit upset about my hammies yesterday and today they decided to behave.  Go figure.

Weights in the evening with Zach.  My husband stopped by and he was our photographer 🙂

Tues –  2 mile walk, 5 miles running, Track Night!  I’ve got no pictures of track night (sad!).  We have a limited amount of time due to COVID restrictions/distancing so it’s just Run and Done!  Maybe next week I’ll get one.  Our workout was fartleks, 15 x 1 min on / 1 min off with a warm up and cool down.  I’ll tell ya, 30 mins running fast and slow on a track seems to last forever!!!  I’m not sure how accurate the pace is on my watch but the average was around 8:50-8:55 but it sure seemed faster.

Weds – Rest day (running)  Strength workout with Zach.  We hit the weights again and used a little heavier weights.  It was a good workout.

Thurs – 6.5 miles running with speedwork miles + 1 mile walking.  Miles 3 & 5 of this run were “threshold” miles, so 20-30 seconds faster than race pace. I decided to see if I could get 8:30 and ended up with 8:42.  Kinda close, but man, did that feel hard!!  Oof!  I took a walk around the neighborhood for a cool down.

Fri – 4 miles running.  A quick run before spending the day at the US National Air Force museum in Dayton.  If you’re a fan of aircraft, this is the place to go!  There are 4 hangers packed full of planes and everything that flies.  The first hanger houses early flight starting with the Wright brothers and the last hanger showcases spacecraft. 

The most interesting to me was the memorabilia for Air Force One and the presidential stuff.  We couldn’t go into the planes due to COVID restrictions, but I have toured them before.

Another “interesting” thing we did was stop by a Goodwill Outlet. I guess it’s the place where all of the unsold items go as a last chance? They sell items by the pound. My daughter and I got 7 pounds of clothes for $10. About $1.50 an item. They wheel out these big tubs of clothes (or shoes, household items) and you dig through them. People were just standing there waiting for new tubs! I’m certain there were great deals to be had if you put the time and effort into it. I got a Cabi dress and a pair of Levi jeans.

For dinner we stopped by a pizza place in a tiny town.  The pizza and breadsticks were so good!!

Sat – 7 miles hiking.  We spent the day hiking in Hocking Hills.  I didn’t think there was going to be any snow, but we were blessed by a light snowfall.  It made the area look so beautiful!!  I’ve never been there in the winter, but I will be back for sure.

For dinner we went to Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.  Have you ever been?  Chicken Fingers are the only main item on the menu (also fries, bread & coleslaw).  It’s very good!

Sun – 10 miles running (long run) + 1 mile walking.  This run went better than expected, which was a plus.  After all of the walking the last two days I wasn’t sure!  And surprise, it was another dreary morning in Ohio 🙂 (and time to finally take down the Christmas decorations. Booo!)

I’m looking forward to my PT appointment tomorrow and making a list of questions for her.  Fingers crossed that this is a successful new relationship!

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Q: Have you ever heard of the Goodwill Outlet store?

Q: Have you ever been to Hocking Hills in Ohio?

29 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – week 2 GCM training”
  1. A Goodwill outlet? How low can you go…apparently, even lower than Goodwill. Sounds like you had some great finds there. Your hike looks beautiful. I love nature, but I swear, this year has been THE YEAR for it. It’s been nice.
    Wendy recently posted…I’m All RightMy Profile

    1. I feel like the walking after a hard run is a much better cool down for me than just stretching, so hopefully that will be a positive change in my routine! And bonus that I’m getting my miles in 🙂

  2. The Air Force Marathon is in Dayton, so hopefully I’ll be there in September. The hubby won’t be running (well, maybe the 5K), but he’ll definitely be in all his glory seeing all the aircraft. You had a solid week! You’ve got me all eager to delve back into some speed training 🙂

  3. Love the photos from your hike!

    I’ve heard of those Goodwill Outlet places but unfortunately I don’t have one nearby. I agree – it’s probably an awesome place to shop if you’re looking for good clothing at a major discount!

    1. The Goodwill Outlet was quite an experience. I didn’t even look at the housewares but I saw some nice looking stuff getting loaded into people’s cars in the parking lot!

    1. I hope you got to enjoy the good food at Raising Cane’s! It was really busy when we went. I’m glad we don’t have an outlet near us – my daughter would be there all the time!

  4. The only place I’ve ever been to in OH was Cleveland, and that was for family & a wedding, so we really didn’t see anything. And I’ve never heard of a Goodwill Outlet store!

    That hike looks fabulous. Surprised there isn’t more snow in OH, but then again, we don’t have that much either. I think it’s coming in Feb.

    Glad to hear your hammies seem a little better? Track workouts can definitely be boring! And I think running just feels hard in winter in general, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed with your tempo run. Of course, I would be over the moon to ever be able to run at that pace, LOL!

    1. It has been a disappointing winter around here. I love snow! It’s just plain old dreary when there’s no snow. Fingers crossed we get more in February!

  5. Never been to Ohio. It’s on my hubby’s bucket list. He’s obsessed with planes.

    Love your hiking pics.

    Nice week of running. You got this.

    1. Your husband would love the museum. For us girls, it was a lot of the same thing but my husband knew all of the details of the planes and technology. He was geeked out by everything. 🙂

  6. Oh, wow! I’m a terrible thrifter – I have zero patience for any kind of shopping.

    I love that it snowed while you were hiking. That must have been so peaceful and beautiful. I do love snow.

    1. I love the thrill of finding a great deal at the thrift store! The store near us always has some nice brands – Loft, Banana Republic. In general it’s a bummer shopping these days because the dressing rooms are closed at all of the stores. Annoying!

  7. sounds like a pretty great week actually! I walked by one of the tracks we used to run on regularly yesterday and felt sad – I really miss the track. But yeah… 30 min can feel like a long time…

    I would really dig the air force museum! I love anything to do with transportation, but have a huge fascination with planes and ships (like really large container ships – I’m weird, I know).

    Chicken … fingers? Um.. Never heard of that I have to say though, in 1987 I got salmonella from KFC and basically won’t go near any chicken place anymore. I’m probably missing out but I remember how sick I was as if it were yesterday!

    I think I saw something about Goodwill outlet on a TV show once!

    1. I thought it was funny that the restaurant only had “fingers” (chicken strips) and the sandwich was fingers on a bun! I guess if you want to concentrate on making just one thing good… I can totally see why you would avoid chicken places!! You don’t forget stuff like that easily.

  8. One of my sisters lives in Columbus- I didn’t realize how close you guys are! She always takes her kids hiking in Hocking Hills! Looks like an awesome place to visit!

  9. Have you ever been to the Udvar-Hazy museum near Dulles airport in DC? If you ever get out here (post-Covid) that’s an amazing aircraft museum.

    Also I have a book recommendation for you: https://www.amazon.com/Secondhand-Travels-Global-Garage-Sale/dp/1635570115/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1WHPZ7ZGDC5YR&dchild=1&keywords=secondhand+travels+in+the+new+global+garage+sale&qid=1611262513&sprefix=secondhand+travel%2Caps%2C130&sr=8-1

    It delves into Goodwill outlets and the global secondhand goods market in general. Very interesting stuff!

    1. DC was on our list of places to visit right before COVID hit last year. We will get there!
      Oh cool – I will check that book out! I hope it has a good ending 🙂 I read something recently about how all of those free Amazon returns aren’t so great and a lot of them end up going to the landfill! That isn’t surprising due to the amount of stuff that gets returned and how can they even keep up with that?? It’s a sad thought.

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