It was a good week. I ran 44.9 miles (UGGH!) and crushed a race. Most exciting this week is that I got an appointment for the COVID vaccine dose 1 next week!! I’ve never been more excited to get a shot. The Glass City marathon just announced that the runners need proof of vaccination, or a negative test result within 72 hours of the race. Yes, this caused a huge uproar from some of the runners. I’m personally not surprised by it, and think everyone has enough time to figure out what their plan will be. Thankfully 50 yrs + are now getting vaccines in Ohio, so my husband and I will be good to go!

Mon – 7 miles.  Due to Sunday’s hard run, I needed a little more recovery time.  My goal this training cycle is to get proper recovery, so I waited until after work to run.  It was a great choice because it was 64 degrees!  Time to bust out the tank tops and shorts.  I felt exceptionally pale and pasty, but the temps and sunshine felt wonderful!

A quick, but challenging arm workout happened after my run.  At one point my son said, “ewww, the vein in my arm is bulging.”  LOL!!!!

Tues –  track night!  5 x 1000 meters at Interval pace.  This run went really well.  My pacing was for 9:00 and I was right on target.  Woot!  We even did a “last lap fast lap” sprint to the finish. Even with that my body felt good post run.  This was our last night of indoor track.  Because the weather was so nice we ran our cool down outside.  It made for blurry pictures 🙂 The rest of our track workouts will be outdoors.

Weds – 5 miles, treadmill.  24 hour recovery?  Well no.  But based on how I was feeling last night I wanted to get my run in first thing.  I was even looking forward to my treadmill session!  Long time no see.  My glutes/hammies felt good, but my toe blister hurt like a *(^*&%^*&^.  Hopefully this is the worst of it and it’s healing up. 

I had a PT appointment today and it was a bit disappointing. I ran on the treadmill trying to figure out why I’m getting blisters, and there were lots of corrections to my form. I can run on my own treadmill just fine, but when I get on the treadmill they have, I struggle to breath and run super awkward (especially because I know I’m being filmed!). I struggle through an 11:30 pace. Sigh. Afterwards, it was “weights Wednesday” with my son.

Thurs – 7 miles + 2.25 miles, easy runs.  Since we have a race on Saturday, this was an easy run instead of speedwork.  Our weekly challenge is to “draw Strava art”, so I did my best… good, yes?  LOL  

I had been raining on my art run, but then it cleared up and was decent for the rest of my run.  I tried out my new toesocks and I really like them!  I thought they would be odd feeling, but I didn’t notice one bit and my toes (blisters!) were very happy.  The blisters didn’t flare up at all.  Yay!!

Fri – 3.14 miles.  I was going to make this a rest day, but had FOMO when my husband came home from his run, and I felt good – so off I went for a run around the ‘hood.  This was my early Pi run (happy [early] birthday Kim @ KimRunsOnTheFly!)

I worked at packet pickup for our race, and then went out for ice cream for the first time this year at our favorite ice cream stand.

Sat – 15 miles, race!  The Shamrockin’ Mayhem 25K, which turned out to be only 15 miles.  I really didn’t have a plan for this race, just run by feel.  I had a bit of concern when my first mile was 8:34, but hey, I was going with it.  Overall my miles were much faster than I anticipated.  I was going to be happy with 9:15 pace, and ended up with 8:44 overall!  That was good for 3rd in my age group out of 11 runners. 😁 I tell ya, those new shoes (Endorphin Speed) are amazing.  The miles clicked off and each was sub 9:00.  I was on the struggle bus for the last two miles, when I started having shallow breathing.  For a moment I thought I was going to hyperventilate, but I pulled it together and just kept plugging away. I’m not sure why the course ended up being ½ mile short, but the race map really did have it at 15 miles instead of 15.5, so that’s what we ran.  I will NOT be considering this as a time for my 25K, but just a 15 mile race.  With that, it does qualify for one of the faster half marathons I’ve had lately!  Very happy with my race. Race recap coming later this week! (spoiler alert, the toesocks worked amazing too!!)

Sun – Rest day!!!! And yes, I sure do need the rest! I am sore, but I’m happy that the soreness is in my quads and NOT in glutes and hammies. That is a huge deal because different body parts were working! If the weather is good, I hope to get my bike out today too.

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Q: Controversial question here – would you be angry if your scheduled marathon had those restrictions (need vaccine proof, or negative test results)?

One thing that hasn’t been determined yet is if there will be rapid tests at the packet pickup. With the title sponsor being a hospital, you’d think they could arrange something…

Q: Toesocks… have you tried them?

31 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – GCM training, week 10”
  1. I heard about those guidelines for the Glass City Marathon. I think its a good idea especially if people have access to vaccines and testing. I would still want other precautions to be in place though. At this point, after all the cancellations, I think I would just be happy to race one way or another! Congrats on your race!

    1. I’m assuming we still need masks, and I’m ok with that. Reactions to Covid vaccine shots were the hot topic at the finish line yesterday. A lot of my friends have been vaccinated already!

    1. That’s great you will be getting the vaccine soon! I was surprised at the negative reactions of the announcement, but then again, maybe the smallest percentage of runners are the ones that complain the loudest.

  2. I always hated running on the TM at PT too! I never really could get into a groove with it. Yay on your vaccine. That would make me feel a lot better about the race if I knew people were tested or vaccinated

    1. I do have to giggle sometimes when they draw the lines on a running picture at PT – like “see how your elbow is in this picture compared to this other picture?” Sometimes I just don’t see it! LOL! The PT treadmill just feels wonky.

  3. I am so sloow on a treadmill.

    Congrats on killing your race. I ran one too. I did NOT kill it but I was so happy to be out there, it didn’t matter.

    I have gotten both my vaccines but i think I would be annoyed with those restrictions.

  4. I have a pair of Injinji socks from a few years ago. I don’t wear them often (my toes have been pretty happy, with no blisters, for awhile), but I do like the socks. I am amazed at how comfortable they really are! Way to go on the 15-miler! That’s a great pace! And thanks for Pi’ing with me…you even ran it at a similar pace to all of mine (but a twinge faster LOL).

    1. I’m regretting that I didn’t pick up an actual pie when I went grocery shopping. I would have really enjoyed that! Those toesocks have really been a savior.

  5. Great job on your race! Congrats!

    I have friends who swear by Injiji. I have a few — I actually have heavy “compression” ones for winter; those I use. The other socks just aren’t as cushioned as I like, but I used to use them with some Vibrams.

    Right now I am not yet eligible for the vaccine. I am 59. They just opened up for 60 yr olds . . .

    1. Thanks! I lucked out and got the only pair of Injiji socks they had in town, so I didn’t get a choice on thickness. I thought they might be too thin, but I didn’t notice. I do like a more cushioned sock usually. And they were half priced. Score!!

  6. It’s so crazy how different the vaccine rules are in each state. We’re still at 65+. My son is in Wisconsin, and he has asthma, so he qualifies for the vaccine. He’s getting his tomorrow. Meanwhile, my hubs and my sister can’t get one yet. Makes no sense. And in answer to your question, I guess I don’t care either way about the vaccine and racing. We’re outside and I truly believe the risk is low.

    I have worn the toe socks and I like them!

    1. The state rules are so odd – you’d think everyone in the country would be doing the same thing. I just heard Ohio will be opening up to anyone over 16+ soon. Who knows!!

  7. If vaccine/testing is what it takes for the Toledo race to happen this year then I’m good with it. I’m trying to think of another large marathon like this that’s having an in person race and I’m not coming up with anything.

    That’s super exciting that you’re schedule to get the vaccine! The goal is to have it available to everyone in my state by May 1, so I figure there’s a chance that they’ll open it up to my age group before then, and if they don’t May 1 isn’t that far away. Anyway you figure it, V-day is getting close.

    Congrats on your “short” 25k…my 15k course today was long to make up for it;-)
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Cliffhanger!My Profile

    1. I actually probably couldn’t have made it another half a mile! But really the frustrating thing was hearing people being surprised at how great their pace was and I didn’t want them to be mislead that it was being calculated on 25K instead of 15 miles. I didn’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles of accomplishment, but I also didn’t want them to be all bummed out in the future if they couldn’t live up to it again!

  8. Actually I’ve been assuming marathons would start having those regulations. I think it’s reasonable, especially since they’re giving you an alternative if you don’t want to (or can’t) get the vaccine.
    Congratulations on your race! That’s a great pace for 15 miles!
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Triple Pi Run!My Profile

    1. These days not much is surprising for COVID stuff really! 🙂 You’d think that someone with COVID wouldn’t feel well enough to run a race, but my friend just told me she was ignoring her COVID symptoms for a few days and going for runs (and then was hit like a truck for 2 weeks!). You just never know.

  9. Yay on the race — fantastic time! I feel clumsy on my PT tread too — maybe it’s knowing you’re being watched, like you said. As for the race protocols, my first reaction was “no problem,” but if I’d already signed up and suddenly had to figure out how to get tested (and pay for that), I might be miffed.

    1. If I did have to pay for testing I would be irked, but my insurance told me there was no charge for the test and it could be done more than once – and I have budget insurance – so I wonder how other insurance coverage is. I assumed everyone got it for free, but I could be wrong.

  10. I’ll be honest: toe socks freak me out. I’m so glad they work for you, but I don’t think I could do it.

    That’s a bold move by your race. I’m very interested to read the Facebook comments on that announcement. In my opinion, the race is allowed to make whatever rules it likes, although I do think the negative result is kind of silly (just because you test negative in that moment, doesn’t mean you aren’t positive the next day). I’m in Florida, and there’s no way this would fly, but I also don’t think I would be comfortable running a large race like this without attention to these details.
    Jenn recently posted…|week 11| one year of lockdownsMy Profile

    1. Freak you out! haha! I’m really surprised how comfy they are. GCM is offering a switch to virtual if you don’t want to get the test or vaccine. But people are still mad, saying it’s a money grab or that it’s not enough time. They really are just trying to do their best to put on a safe race so I’m not sure what people would rather have!

  11. Congrats on your race!

    So interesting about GCM’s announcement – we’re so far behind in vaccines here that I cannot imagine any race being able to pull that off. Great that you’ve got your vaccine lined up!

    1. We are really on a roll here with the vaccines in Ohio, at least in my area. I got my first vaccine today and there were a ton of people moving through the location I was at. One of the workers said 4.600 people were getting their first dose today. wow!

  12. That is exciting about your vaccine! Congrats on your race too! I’ve worn toe sock too but cannot remember why I stopped. Glad they’re working out for you since you are still getting toe blisters.

    I wouldn’t be angry if my race had a restriction like that. I am already vaccinated so no problem there. However, I would think for those that aren’t they would have liked to know prior to registering for it.
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…Tuesday Topics: Best things I’ve seen on a runMy Profile

    1. Ohio is opening up vaccines for everyone over 40 this weekend and then over 16 in a few weeks. There really should be time for everyone to get the shot if they want it! It would be frustrating to those who think they aren’t eligible yet, but the majority of the runners should be able to get one by then.

  13. great week! congrats on your race! I always long for the track when I read your updates. Also really love that you are working out with your son as well!

    For a race, if there were restrictions/ requirements such as testing or vaccination proof I wouldn’t be angry. I actually am not planning on doing any races or group events until I’m vaccinated.

    Love toesocks! been wearing injinji’s for years – they help with keeping my toes apart a bit (on the left foot I have nerve damage and the toes “stick”to each other) and definitely help in preventing blisters! When I saw this photo last week I really thought my husband had posted on social media for once! These are his faves for sure!

    1. Even though some people complain about indoor track, I’ve really been liking it! This week we switch to outdoor track and the weather forecast looks horrible! I hope the forecast is really off.

  14. I love my Injinji toe socks and wear them on all runs and most walks. They really work well for me and I don’t get blisters anymore.

    Interesting about the proof of a Covid vaccination or negative test before running in the marathon. We’re still in 1b here in Virginia so many runners wouldn’t be eligible for the vaccination. Yay for getting yours next week!!!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Two Local Races Promoting Assault/Abuse Awareness and PreventionMy Profile

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