Hi everyone! This is a wrap on week 14, so only 2 MORE WEEKS OF TRAINING. AGHHHHH! Not that I’m freaking out, but yeah, I did have some moments this week. I ran 48.5 miles this week, walked a bit, and even rode my street bike for 20 miles. Oh, and I got two new pairs of shoes. Happy happy joy joy!! I have fallen off the strength training wagon a bit. It’s just too nice to be inside! I started with a pain in the butt, then a shot in the arm, and was left with some chafing in the heat. Here’s how my week went…

Mon – 6 miles, easy.  Remember two weeks ago when I was crushing my training?  Well this was not starting out as one of those weeks.  My left glute was quite “pinchy” feeling and was sore for the majority of this run.   I figured I would be feeling much better after that long run.  I had a bit of a freak out moment and went to see my physical therapist on a last minute appointment.  She also worked on me after the 20 miler on Saturday (she works with our training group), but I needed more help right now!  She really worked my muscles and I had a bit of a headache the rest of the day.  Ooof. Fingers crossed!

Tues – 10 miles, pace miles.  It was a beautiful morning for a run.  The plan was 10 miles of marathon pace miles.  I did complete them as planned, but I still had pain in my glutes for the first 2 miles.  Ugh.

On a good note – I received a pair of Brooks test shoes. I can tell you about these because they are on the market now, but they are next year’s version of the Trace. I really love this model!! This is the 4th version of the the shoe I have tested. So cool to see how they have changed since the first test version. I’m looking forward to logging lots of miles in them.

Weds – 5 miles, treadmill.  It was decent weather outside, but I’m not a fan of running in the dark, so I caught up on some TV.  I was a bit sore for the first few miles, but then everything felt OK.  

The big news of the day was COVID vaccine shot #2!!  I was nervous about this shot because my first one was painful. The actual shot felt like a big pinch, and my arm was sore for days.  I give it a 5 on a pain scale.  But shot #2 was no big deal!  I barely felt it and my arm was not sore.  I guess I really got lucky on this one!!

The weather was so nice out (80!!) that I had to go for a walk.  I walked two miles at the park with my son.  We saw a bunch of deer.  Hard to see in this picture! Great weather to be outside.

Thurs – 5.84 miles, track night!  It was a small turnout for track night because the forecast was rainy and windy, but warm.  Luckily the rain stopped before we started!  I was feeling a bit off due to my COVID shot #2, and had napped an hour before track started.  I was also a bit chilly at work all day so I wasn’t sure how this workout was going to go down, but it went well.  I ran with the “back” of our pace group, which ended up being one guy.  Goal was 8:30 for our 600’s and we did it.  We enjoyed some ice cream afterwards.  Go team! Only 2 more track nights left!

Fri – 5 “easy” miles.  I ran after work, and it was warm!  73, windy and sunny.  But, I was looking forward to trying out my new shoes.  Yes, another pair of new shoes!!  I decided to level up again and got the Saucony Endorphin Pro, which has a carbon plate.  (may have been freaking out a bit and looking for an advantage to run faster! no lie there!) WOW, these things are springy!! I don’t think I’ll ever want to run in non-plated shoes again. LOL!! I ended up running faster than my tempo runs despite having a conversation with someone for most of the run.  I met up with another guy along the trail who was also running Glass City so we were chatting along the way. He had won the Glass City Marathon twice (back in the ’80s I think). Soaking up some good advice from a marathon winner can never hurt 🙂

Sat – 16 miles long run!  We had a good turnout for our group run. This run was a bit of a jumble.  I got a bit off track on our course, so the half marathoners ran 12 miles for their long run instead of 11 miles (oops!!!!).  They also all wanted to go faster than 10:15, so we ran 10:00 instead.  All good – at least no one complained to me! 

Then, I was left by my lonesome to finish up the marathon distance long run, so I just ran to 16 miles (instead of the 14 on the plan).  Luckily I had headphones and I ran around the campus.  It was fun to see the students out and about.  It was 73 by the time I finished my run and I felt it!  My leg chaffed from my skirt, ouch! The campus is hilly and I was a bit tired the rest of the day (and drinking ALL the water!).

This iced coffee was sucked down in two minutes flat!

Sun –  20 miles, cycling.  I have missed my Sunday morning bike rides!  This was my first one of the season.  Not spectacularly fast, but that is to be expected.  Nonetheless, very enjoyable.

Here’s a topic for discussion… Garmin Race Predictor! How can the times be so far off?? Last night I noticed that my husband and I both had the same values! He has run a sub 3 hour marathon in the past, so his prediction is closer than mine, but seriously, me running a 3:19?? Come on! None of these values are even close to realistic. Garmin is on crack.

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – week 14, GCM training”
  1. very excited for you. You got this.

    Glad to hear that you had no side effects after your 2nd vaccine. I didn’t as well.

    I’m still trying to figure out the shoe thing. I tried Brooks and got a blister (but I think it was the socks not the shoes).

  2. LOL, I think Garmin is trying to boost your confidence! I’ve actually never had much luck with race time predictors. I usually just set a goal time based on my training and that has worked out just fine for me. I think you’re going to do really well at your race!

    1. It would be interesting to see what all goes into those predictors and why my Garmin gives me a negative rating when I run slow (on purpose!). Maybe I should look for a podcast on that topic!

    1. I saw online Trace was a lower price point ($100) so that’s awesome! I really do like them a lot and will purchase them in the future. I am hoping to wear the new Endorphin Pros. I did have a bit of calf tightness after my long run, which was unusual, but I’ll try them more this week. If not, Endorphin Speed for sure!

  3. So excited for your race!

    It almost looks like maybe your husband runs with your Garmin sometimes? Or maybe the data gets messed up with the cloud or bluetooth? My predictors are pretty close to where I am at…and my husband’s are vastly different 🙂

    Glad the second shot wasn’t too bad! I’m a little nervous about it and am planning some extra time around it for recovery. But you were still able to run as normal, that’s so awesome!

    Way to go on that 5 miler!

    1. I can’t even guess why our predictors are the same. He never uses my watch, and vice versa. Crazy stuff! We are nowhere close to each other in performance. My husband did have a bit of an upset stomach from his shot, but overall I’d say it was no big deal!

  4. Race predictors never really work for me so I don’t pay much attention to that. Sounds like your training is going really well. Hope that glute issue you had does not come back. I am always worried mine will. Is your race in person? Yay for being fully vaccinated

    1. My glute pain comes and goes, but the high hamstring doesn’t get as angry anymore. I’ll consider that a victory! I’ve really been keeping up with my PT exercises and doing all the “right stuff”. Yes, a real live race! I’ll give all the details on that next week.

    1. It was a good week! I was looking forward to this week being less busy, but I’ve filled my week with work at home instead of work in my office. Boo on that!

  5. YOU have really had a great training cycle, Lisa. I’m really excited for you, and can’t wait to see (or read about it LOL) you crush that marathon 😉 I may have asked before…are the Traces a neutral shoe? Or stability? Do they give you that info when you’re in the testing phase? Your new Sauconies are HOT!!!!

    1. They are neutral, cushion. They don’t tell us any details about the shoes, but we fill out survey questions and they match you up. I don’t specifically shop for neutral shoes, but I think that’s what my regular shoes are.

  6. Sorry about the various pains/vaccine/chafing, but sounds like you ended on a high note! Hopefully my second will go as well. I really didn’t even feel the actual shot with the first one, but definitely had side effects.

    You always have to take those calculators with a grain of salt! my Garmin doesn’t have one, and of course I’m not training for anything anyway.

    You are ready! You have done all the hard work already! And yay for new shoes!

  7. You are ready! Which shoes will you be wearing? I haven’t read up on carbon plate shoes — guess I should.

    You did a serious workout after your vaccine. I did not feel a thing during my first shot.

    1. When Nike first came out with their Vaporfly shoes my husband and I considered getting them based on the review they were getting. I’m glad we waited because there is a lot more choices for plated shoes now, with much better prices. I think they are worth it!

  8. Oooh, I love those pink shoes! So fun!

    What vaccine did you get? My first Pfizer didn’t hurt at all, so now i’m curious what Dose 2 will feel like.

  9. GC is coming up fast that’s so exciting! Looks like your training has been great despite the high hamstring issue. Yeah Garmin’s time predictions are a bit ambitious for sure. Yay for the final vaccine!!

    1. I kind of want to reset the prediction stuff on my Garmin (not sure if you really can?) but I also don’t want to see the honest prediction either! LOL! I’ll just keep laughing at these numbers for a while I guess. 😃

  10. LESS than two weeks now!!! YIKES!! glute pain really sucks – I can imagine you were panicked a bit in the beginning! that’s the last thing you need before the marathon.

    the race predictor used to make us laugh so hard. At one point it gave Ron a time under 3 hours. His best marathon was 3:10. He tried so hard to beat that but next best was 3:16. Garmin is indeed on crack!!

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