With the CDC mask guidelines changed this week, and Ohio being on the brink of opening up June 2nd, the community was filled with a new found sense of joy. I could SEE the smiles on people’s faces. It was a social week for me, with a lot of things going on. Miles run: 30. Miles biked?: 0. I let my son ride my road bike a few weeks ago and he got a flat tire a mile from our house. UGH. Double UGH? My husband hurt his back this week doing yardwork, and even though I should be able to fix a flat on my bike, I haven’t had the motivation to do it myself so I’m waiting until he can help me 🙂 Good news though, after a week of pain, he’s feeling “a lot better” today.

Mon – 5 miles, Monday Runday, week 2. My watch had the opposite problem with the mileage tracking on my treadmill today.  It thought I was faster!  And then I forgot to calibrate it when I finished.  Doh!

Evening fun was rollerblading!  Remember last year when my old skates disintegrated when my son was using them and I had to tie them together with a hairband??  Quarantine fun!  Those skates were about 25 years old, so I did get my money out of them!  We both got new pairs and tried them out tonight.  It took a few miles to warm up, but after that we were skating like pros.  Good times!

This was 2020 – rollerblades that fell apart when we used them!!

Tues – 40 min elliptical + videos.  I’m going to start integrating lower body exercises into my cross training.  I’ve avoided them for years because they stressed out my hammies, but I’m hoping my efforts to strengthen them will now help!  I tried out two videos I found under “runners strength workouts” on YouTube.  Does anyone else think that the lady on POPSUGAR sounds just like Joan Cusack??  

Weds – 5 miles, Daybreak Divas.  After yesterday’s lower body workout, I am feeling it  My upper hammies were barking a bit.  🙁  But, I will still try to give it a chance and ease into some lower body strength work.  We had a chilly, but nice morning group run as the sun was coming up.  11 people in our group this morning.

1 hour rollerblading – out on the bike path again rollerblading with my son. My son did fall once, but we are getting the feel of the new skates. We also took a bike ride to get ice cream after dinner. The weather is so nice these days!

Thurs – 1.25 miles BOOTCAMP! I’ve been dragging my feet a bit about getting back into my bootcamp routine, but since it was my friend’s birthday I felt like that was a sign it was time to start back at it again. The workout had a “52” theme and the stairs were just as exhausting as I remember them. It really was nice to see them all again.

9 miles “long”ish run! Just like last week I didn’t start my run until 9am and honestly, it feels like noon to me! I really like to be done by 9am, not starting. It was a decent run, and I tried out my new Lululemon purchases (thanks to my team!).

The shirt was a fun find. It says Boston on the back. I also tried out the new seasonal Starbucks strawberry drink. A good choice if you like strawberries. For me, I’ll stick with my mocha flavors. Only 29 more free drinks left (uh oh, that doesn’t sound like a lot any more!).

Proud mom moment… senior awards night at school. My daughter has been working hard applying for scholarships and has been awarded several. She also got the OSHAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award which was a big surprise – only 2 kids in the school got it. Yay her! [description of the award: The award, named for the two-time Heisman Trophy winner, is awarded to an athlete that promote sportsmanship in their school and community]

Fri – Rest day... and opening day at Cedar Point! Opening day is typically a bit crazy due to new workers and staffing issues, but overall the park did a great job. Most exciting was the fact that masks were optional, other than indoors (restaurants and restrooms). Rides were at full capacity and loading was not slowed down by cleaning between each rider. Hallelujah for that!! I think this was the first time ever (in my 40+ years of going to Cedar Point!!) that I have ever had an alcoholic drink at the park. Due to my husband’s back issues we only went on a few rides so after that we enjoyed a drink!

Sat – 5.25 miles. This ended up being a faster run due to my shoes. I’m saving my Endorphin Speeds for faster runs, not everyday runs. My Endorphin Pros will still be my race shoes! Once again, no joke, these shoes make me faster and my running feel great.

Later that morning I helped out at the Girls On The Run 5k. So much fun! The girls had their names printed on their race bibs and their faces lit up when I called out to them. It put a little pep in their step for sure! Although I was working the water stop, we didn’t actually hand water to people (COVID!) so I worked at cheer squad and traffic cop instead.

I rounded out the day with many hours of yardwork. Planting and trimming overgrown bushes. Phew, what sweaty hard work!!

Sun – 4.5 miles. With the temps at 57 in the morning, I had to get out and run. My favorite running temperature! I finished the week with an easy run.

This week the temps are forecasted to get into the 80’s! A good thing because we are having a garage sale and need to sell lots of stuff. Amazing how many things I can find to sell around my house every year.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you planted annual flowers yet? How about a flower/veggie garden?

I’ll be putting our veggie garden in this week. Next stop, flower shopping!

Q: How it the weather where you live?

21 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – social edition”
  1. I have not been roller blading in forever how fun! I just bought that same lulu shirt w San Fran on the back for my trip in June . Another well rounded week for you!

    1. I was unsure on the shorts sizing. One was a little big and the other a little small, so hopefully my choice of the bigger size was good. The shirt was spot on though, and very comfy!

  2. I have been seeing a lot of people rollerblading this spring! Is it coming back? I have my rollerblades in the garage and I am tempted to take them out.

    We should have a garage sale but I have had my fill of hosting them over the years. Have you ever had anyone shoplift from your garage sale? I have and one of my friends chased the thief down. How low do you have to be to shoplift from a garage sale? lol

    1. You mean rollerblading went away? haha! I guess it’s a thing again. Also skateboarding around here but I’m not riding mine. I gave it to my daughter! I don’t think anyone has ever stole anything, but we have been cleared out by a person with a resale shop. Made us a bit irked after we found out because she got great deals that would make her money at her shop. I guess we should have priced stuff a little higher! Oh well, good for her.

  3. If I were you, I wouldn’t let my son use my equipment anymore (first the skates… then the bike… just sayin’.) Congratulations to your daughter! That’s a very cool award to win. I can see why you’re proud.
    Sounds like you had a fun week! It’s nice to start feeling optimistic again, isn’t it?
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Never Give UpMy Profile

    1. Ha! You’re right – my son is just too rough on my stuff! I know it wasn’t on purpose, but what the heck – I’ve never had a flat on that bike!! Being at Cedar Point without masks was wonderful 🙂

  4. I just told my sister that I wanted to try rollerblading this summer – it’s been so long since I’ve done it but always loved it!

    I was wondering about the new Starbucks strawberry drink. You’re the second person that has said it was just okay so I think I may skip it. I had high hopes for it though, lol.

    Congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishment – that’s awesome and I’m sure it’s nice to see all of her hard work pay off!

    1. It’s funny because I’m not a big strawberry fan (unless it’s real strawberries on shortcake), but I got strawberry Dole whip, and then the next day it was that strawberry Starbucks. Not sure why I was expecting to like it that much! But given the choice of nothing, or strawberry flavors, I’ll take strawberry flavors 🙂

  5. Congrats to your daughter! Glad your husband’s back is better. And good job getting back to Bootcamp & lower body work — I bet both help.

    I’m not much of an annual girl, I like perennials. 🙂

    1. Luckily my vegetable garden can be watered with the sprinkler system because I’m not good about watering my garden or my potted flowers! Annuals would probably be a better choice for me.

  6. I love the retro rollerblades! I used to roller blade a lot, it is a great workout. I was never very agile though with stopping 🙂

    I love your new lulu items, they look great! I agree how 9 am feels like noon, ha!

    Sounds like a fun week overall!

    1. Our new skates have a little different feeling brakes on them so I’m still getting used to them. We just aim for the grass right now to slow us down fast. haha!!!

  7. Huge congrats to your daughter!!!! Well done on all your workouts, too. It looks like a bunch of us spent several hours gardening yesterday. I got my salsa garden planted a week ago, but still need to get my seeds in the ground for zinnias and sunflowers. I still haven’t bought any annuals for my hanging baskets or front porch…procrastination at its best (but it has almost been too cold).

    1. There were frost warnings last week, so I was procrastinating a bit too! I usually get flowers for Mothers Day, but didn’t this year. I will need to go pick some out.

  8. It’s good to see normal life coming back! You were long overdue for that drink at the park;-)

    Today I put in my garden instead of blogging. I’ve been super busy at work and I realized that if I didn’t do it today that it wasn’t going to happen at all this year.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Eats: Short n’SweetMy Profile

  9. Lots of great things this week!

    I planted a hydrangea 12ish years ago. It hasn’t died. And that’s all I can say about that. Gardening is not my forte.

  10. what a fun week! and congrats to your daughter! great achievement!!

    I don’t know anything about gardening but we now have a backyard to deal with. currently digging up a small area to make the surface even – in a couple weeks we’re having a new stair put in from the balcony and folding doors under the balcony (but outside) so that we can let the cats out. then we have to dig up some other stuff. I think next year we’ll have more of an idea what to put in and where.

    the weather here is TERRIBLE and only continuing to be so this week. I’m so done. This is around the time that I usually go to Spain to see my parents (we “meet up” there) and usually it helps get throught the rainy spring. I’m feeling a bit blue from the weather and knowing I now haven’t seen them for 2 years 🙁

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