One week after the marathon and the marathon glow is still going strong. As are my sore quads LOL!! I think I’ve told approximately one hundred people that I ran Glass City and showed off my finish line photo every chance I got. And I celebrated. And drank beer. And ate a lot of food. And rested. And still, it was a busy week yet again in my life! I wouldn’t like it any other way 🙂 April running stats = 155 miles.

Look at me happily trotting across the finish line! 😁

Mon –  Gym workout.  I went to the gym again!  Long time no see!  It was all upper body work and it felt good to be moving around.  I wore my race shirt (which is not my favorite) in hopes someone might notice.  Nope.  How sad. Can’t you clearly see the HUGE 26.2 on my shirt. 😂😂

Per our tradition, I took the day off work and my husband and I enjoyed a beer and lunch.  I felt like a truck hit me when I woke up, so I’m sure I would not have been productive at work anyways!  Stairs are a big challenge for me following Sunday’s marathon.

Tues – I’m moving a little better today, but phew, the stairs at work were challenging!!

Our training team, The Incredibles, had a wrap up party.  The temperature was 80 so we got to enjoy the patio.  It was so fun to hear all of the race recaps and talk to everyone.  They also gave the coaches a very generous gift, which included a Lulelemon gift card.  You know I always shop Athleta so it will be fun to look at some different items!

Weds – 4 miles walking.  You know what takes a long time?? Walking.  Walking 4 miles especially!  Last week I mentioned that we had a “419” day for our area code.  The annual mileage challenge also had a “Bizarro challenge” where we need to run or walk 19 four mile activities in April to receive a special sticker for our water bottles.  I needed one more to complete the challenge, so this was it.  When it started to drag on forever I thought I might jog a little, but my quads were still a solid “nope”, and it stayed as a walk.

Thurs – 30 mins elliptical.  I used my elliptical machine!  This requires a highlight because it has been months since I’ve used it.  It was the perfect low impact workout to get me moving this rainy morning. I also did a little bit of a mobility video.  

Fri – Gym visit.  2 gym visits in one week?  Who am I?  Oh yeah, the recovering runner.  Most of my day was spent doing a side job swapping out a computer for a client.  Check out the 32 inch monitor he got.  wow!

Sat – 8 miles.  I was excited to get out and run.  Probably a little too excited because maybe 8 miles was a bit too much, but I was excited!  It was also cold… tights, gloves and long sleeves return.

It was a big day in our area – prom!!  My kids both went.  They also both had professional photographers taking pictures, which I’m waiting to see, but I did snap a few shots on my own.  What a smart idea another parent had to book a photographer!  Prom was dinner and socializing.  No dancing, but even so, my kids had fun hanging out with their friends.  I love how normal this is!!

Sun – 2 mile run.  Still feeling a bit beat up from the race, or maybe yesterday’s run?  Either way, a quick run around my neighborhood to enjoy the 64 degree weather was necessary.  I should have worn a tank top!  Do you see that blank spot in my yard?  It was also the end of an era yesterday.  We had our playset removed.  It had been there for 15 years.  Sigh.  It’s moving on to another house that will get some good use out of it.

Q:  Do you have a favorite Lululemon item you would recommend?

Q:  Are they having prom where you live this year? How about in person graduations?

Yes – we are having in person graduations. There are some high schools that are not having prom, but some other event for the seniors (like a “block party” or carnival night).

22 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – the week after”
  1. Great recovery week, well done! And how nice to get together for a celebration. I remember doing that after the Birmingham Marathon, a load of us from running club met in the park for a gentle walk and a cuppa.

  2. So glad that your recovery week went well, besides the quad soreness! The stairs are always the worst part after a marathon. I have often wanted to just slide down the banister to avoid the pain, lol.

    1. We do have an elevator at my office and that was for sure going to be my mode of transportation! Luckily I didn’t need to resort to that 🙂

  3. Since I don’t have kids, no idea if prom is going on! The kids look lovely though.

    Congrats on your marathon again! So sad no one noticed your race shirt. But how nice to be able to catch up with everyone & hear about their races.

    4 miles is easier if it’s a scenic trail. 🙂

    1. I was a bit surprised at how long the walk was going to take compared to just going out for a run! Since I was only one run/walk away from completing that challenge, it had to be done!

  4. Recovering from 26.2 miles (and yours were STRONG miles) is painstaking at times. I guess it depends on the race course, but for me it’ was going down the stairs that was so challenging LOL I had to walk down backwards for fear of face-planting. Your kids (and their dates) look so dashing 😉 Our local prom is going to be held on the football field (in a couple weeks, I think?)…hoping the weather holds!

    1. My daughter’s boyfriend goes to a different school and they were having more of a casual carnival night. It was the same night and luckily they got to go to both for a bit. The format for our school changed several times based on the COVID rules at the time, but I think they ended up with a great event given the circumstances.

  5. Lululemon had these frosty winter running tights that I loved, but everything is so seasonal there, i doubt they are in stock. They have pretty decent sports bras, and I actually love their “Get moving” casual pants for every day wear. Enjoy!

    8 miles a week out is a lot! I i’m glad you’re feeling okay though. I love the tradition of taking the day off after the race for beer and lunch! So fun.

    1. In retrospect 8 miles was a lot, but in my mind I knew the route and it didn’t seem so far! ha! I just found out we have a little Lululemon store close to my office, so I will have to try on some items.

  6. I have a bunch of fave lulu items what are you looking for? Glad to see you are taking your recovery. Congrats again to you and your team. Looks like a bug success for the group. Prom photos are great!

    1. I think I’ll get a tank top and shorts. I’m not sure on the length, so I’ll be trying on a few things. I didn’t realize they had a store in our town (our previous pop-up one closed), so I’ll be going there soon!

    1. I really tend to slack on the upper body work when the weather gets nice out. I just don’t want to be in my basement working out after work! I need to prioritize it.

  7. Looks like a fun recovery week and I’m glad you had a good one! Finishing a marathon is so exciting and then it’s anti-climatic after it’s all over….time to set new goals, right?
    Wendy recently posted…Blown AwayMy Profile

    1. I’m eyeing up a fall marathon now! It was a good enough race that it made me hopeful for doing another. What a great feeling because I’ve had those races where I’ve needed a lot more time to get over it and not even interested in going through the race again!

  8. I think the most impressive thing about this post is that you WENT TO THE GYM the day after your marathon!!! That is dedication. I know what you mean about the walking- when you’re used to running, walking takes forever.
    I’m intrigued- your kids had an official prom? My son’s a senior and they don’t have prom. But some of the kids are getting together on their own and having a “fake prom.” We are having in-person graduation though! I’m excited about that.
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Glad That’s Over!My Profile

    1. They did have a prom… which was a fancy sit down dinner and “social distanced” dancing, photo booth. But, when I got the recap from my kids they said no one was dancing. That doesn’t surprise me! Not sure if it wasn’t happening or no one wanted to do it. Either way, my kids had fun even though my daughter originally wasn’t planning on going. I’m so glad she did! I was over the top excited that a senior asked my son. They went as friends 🙂

  9. Aww- I am so happy kids are having prom this year. My stepson lives with us fulltime, and he got invited to prom by a girl in a higher grade. It was so much fun for them, but I love him like my son and when they did the grand march, I almost started crying at how much he has grown. But I did not want to embarrass him. 🙂

    1. I was bummed that my kids both scheduled pictures with their friends at the same time, so I had to choose one kid – but then I realized my son was getting picked up by his (older) date. Score! I got to see them both all dressed up 🙂 Yep, he was not thrilled about me taking pictures! I was so happy they didn’t have to miss out on a fun night like this.

  10. we always take days off after the marathon! it’s a great way to continue to celebrate! hopefully by now you are feeling way more recovered!

    love that your kids got to do prom! even without dancing is still nice!

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