It was an odd week. I’m really out of sorts when I don’t have my routine. I’m trying to sub a morning ride for those morning runs I am missing due to my ongoing issue with a sports hernia. While I feel improved, I still feel an issue and will be going to see a physical therapist this week. In the meantime, I walked 10 miles this week and biked 90 miles. We also went camping midweek (it’s so relaxing to get away for a few days, especially on a Weds!!), and did some kayaking.

Mon – 13.5 miles, biking.  The weather was wonderful this morning!  The humidity has dropped and the sunrise made my ride very enjoyable.   Actually it was funny because when all of the runners were complaining about the hot, humid conditions, I was just shrugging my shoulders saying it felt fine on my ride.  Ha!  That’s another benefit of biking vs running.

Tues – 17 mile bike ride.  Ladies Night Ride!  I tell ya, I’ve seen some interesting things happen on our ride.  In the past there have been a few flat tires, and this night it was a broken chain!  How crazy.  Luckily the bike shop owner just called her husband and he brought the bike back to the shop for repair.  I stayed for drinks and snacks.  Also, my husband went out for a ride with another group and his average speed was 20.8 mph!!  My ride was only 15.5 mph avg. We also got a nice shirt for the season.

Weds – 14.5 mile bike ride.  I got in a quick ride before work this morning.  It was only a half day of work for me, and then we packed up the camper for a few days of camping!  We took along my daughter’s friend too.  This is the first time a guest has gone with us.  She’s practically our 2nd daughter, so it all worked out well.

Thurs – 4 mile hike around the campground.  This is a nice park.  It has a frisbee golf course, hiking trails, lake, and a mountain bike path.  An hour and a half in the woods… this will come back to haunt us. (you should be able to guess what happens if you’ve been around my blog for more than a year!!)

Kayaking at the campground.  It was a nice lake for boating.  It’s so handy to have two of these kayaks now!

3 mile biking around the campground. Just exploring!

Fri – 16 miles biking.  Back home again!  Rode down to the river with my son.  This was on my mountain bike which isn’t as fast as my road bike, but my son really pushed the pace and I got a PR on one segment in Strava.  A sweaty ride, but beautiful because the sun was going down.

Sat -Rest – volunteered at the Muddy Mini races.  These races finish at the Mud Hens baseball field downtown and has 3 events: 5K, ¼ marathon, and ½ marathon.  It was an early 5am wakeup call to get me downtown for packet pickup at 6am.  It was fun seeing all of the runners prerace, and then I helped out as course marshal at the event.  Since they all finished in the stadium I got to see everyone again!   The final runners came through at 11:15am, so it was a long morning!  I’ve never been a course marshal at the end of a race, or one that was for so much time.  With my pompom and cowbell I gave every runner whatever motivation they seemed to need – the tired ones (“you’re almost there, just one more turn!”), the speedy ones (“I love your hustle!!”) or the ones that seemed to be just cruising casually in (“you’re making this look easy. Let’s go!”).  I think they appreciated it 🙂

When I got home we had a bit of an issue going on.  My daughter had a terrible rash on her face, neck, arms and legs 🙁  Her left eyelid was puffed up too!  Poor thing.  We went to Urgent Care. The Dr said it was not poison ivy, but probably poison oak or sumac.  However, the same treatment applied and she got a steroid shot and some pills.  I have no idea how I didn’t catch anything but I didn’t.  Hopefully this improves fast because we are going to her orientation day at the university on Monday!

Sun –  Happy Father’s Day!  My day started with a 20.5 mile bike ride, while my husband slept in.  That was a good gift to him!  Later, we went for a hike at the park.  

The rest of our day was spent lounging by the pool – although I did get motivated to swim some laps.  My watch doesn’t work in a pool smaller than 14m (and mine is 11.5m), but overall I figured out I swam 300m, which was about 8 mins of laps.  Sure doesn’t sound like much, but it felt like forever.  Haha!!  It’s a start though. I find swimming to be exhausting and boring, but I think it’s a good workout. No promises, but I might try to do this more often.

And now, I’ve reached the point where I haven’t run in over 2 weeks, so apparently my Garmin “training status” only rates me on my running activities. I have dropped off the radar. Whomp whomp. I guess that’s better than the “unproductive” status I was getting for the last two weeks! I wish it would look at all of my activities as a whole and not just running.

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Q: Does anyone enjoy swimming laps? What’s the secret??

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – out of sorts”
  1. Well let’s see. The only time I kind of, sort of enjoyed swimming laps was when I had a waterproof ipod and could listen to music. The ipod stopped working, I got another one and then that one stopped working, and that mysteriously coincided with the end of my lap swimming days. It is great exercise though- I always felt great when I was done.
    I’ll be interested to hear about your PT- good luck with it! It truly sucks not being able to run, but you’re filling your days with lots of other fun stuff. The time will pass and before you know it you’ll be running again.
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Vicarious RacingMy Profile

    1. Waterproof headphones are the weirdest thing to me! I mean, how does that work?? Ok, I have clearly never used them but they do sound very intriguing.
      So far week 1 of PT was just stretches. Not sure how long the “stretching” phase lasts, but then we move on to “strengthening”.

  2. Well that’s a lot of biking and walking.

    Hope you can run again soon.

    Nope. Not a lap swimmer. I just float around lol

  3. Did you say swimming? Is there a tri ((possibly)) in your future? Easy for me to say cuz I’m not a swimmer LOL I wrote a blog post last year that I need to resurrect; it highlighted some of the differences with running vs. biking in terms of weather and temps, etc. I posted a pic (last summer) wearing arm sleeves with my tank and a “troll” mocked me for being so cold on a summer morning (before the sunrise, none the less). Obviously, not a morning cyclist LOL Congrats on all the biking and hiking 😉

    1. Nah, I really don’t have any racing (du or tri!) plan in my future now. It’s enticing, but who knows how long this stupid injury will last. That person clearly didn’t know how awesome arm sleeves are. I love them!

    1. It’s been interesting because my daughter has been running on her own in the mornings now that she is no longer part of the cross country team, and my son actually has a plan of exercises that he has been doing. We also got a pull up bar! He can do several of them. I can not do any!

  4. I love to swim, always have. To me it’s really zen. There are waterproof music players, too, so you might want to invest in that.

    Oh no on the poison whatever! I hope she’s feeling much better. I don’t want to jinx us, but so far we’ve never picked that up on our hikes.

    Luckily my Garmin doesn’t have the productive/non productive thing. i might not love it so much if it did! Hope that starting PT begins to bring you more relief.

    1. The location of the rash on my daughter is crazy. I know she didn’t rub her face in it, so what the heck? Maybe it got on her hand and she itched her neck and face? Luckily day 2 after the shot is showing much improvement. Phew!!

  5. I think Garmin needs to look at all activities as a whole and not just running. We were just discussing this. I do a lot of cross training because of OCR but these days I get 2 runs in a week, 3 if I’m lucky. However a lot of my running is also done as part of my crossfit training but because I’m doing more than just running I simply use the ‘cardio’ function on my watch.

    You and I feel the opposite about swimming and biking haha! I can’t stand biking I find it boring. Maybe it’s because I don’t have pretty places like the woods to bike in though. I love swimming though! It’s such a nice reprieve from this heat!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Spartan Trifecta Training Weeks 4+5: 6/7 to 6/20My Profile

    1. That is funny about swimming vs biking! I like the speed of biking, and it definitely is more fun to have good equipment.
      There does seem to be a disconnect because if Garmin can tell me a recovery time for biking activities, it should be able to factor into my fitness rating!

    1. I wonder now if it was poison sumac and maybe the rest of us aren’t allergic to it? yes, it was odd that it was just her. Fingers crossed that will be the last of anything like that this year!

  6. Oh geez. Sorry to hear about the sports hernia. I hope it resolves on its own soon. Looks like you had no trouble staying busy. I hope your daughter’s poison what ever it is has calmed way down for her orientation.

  7. Beautiful pics! Congrats on biking and walking, I hope you will be able to come back to run soon.
    In march I got a surgery for a hernia and I had to stop my workouts for a whole month.
    I love swimming but now I cannot do it anymore after the incident on my shoulder 5 years ago. At that time I made long swim in the pool and in open sea.

  8. I guess I don’t know what a sports hernia is, but if it’s keeping you from running, that’s not a good thing. Hopefully, you’ll get answers and start to feel better soon. Glad you can at least bike. I feel you on the injury, even tho mine is an upper body injury and I can still run. I just feel off.

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