And just like that, my summer running plans have been canceled.  No improvement has happened in my injury from last week.  I went to the Dr, and then I turned into a cyclist. Miles walked this week: 3.81, miles biked: 100.48. Yep, lots of time to bike now that I’m not running! It was a very busy week of party planning and prep (and once again I didn’t get to comment on all of the blogs in the linkup. so sorry!!) Here’s what went down…

MonThis would have been a morning run, but due to the fact I still felt a bit sore in my abs, and I needed more sleep, I deferred this to an evening run.  We had a 3 mile run planned for the night, so that would be sufficient for today!  I totally procrastinated doing some work and waited until 9pm on Sunday, thus staying up too late.  Tsk tsk.

1.5 miles, walk.  Metroparks Monday!  This is a fun social event for Dave’s Running Shop.  The 1st Monday of the month is also a cookout, which we love to attend.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 years since we did this last! I geared up for a run, but sadly, too much pain.  I had to walk.  But no worries, I still enjoyed the food!

Tues – 17 miles, cycling.  Still another rest day from running.  I totally shunned my duties at home tonight.  I had a list of things to do, but the weather was so nice, and I was bummed about not being able to run – so I went to the Ladies Ride Night!  I wasn’t going to go, but my son encouraged me (good kid!).  It was so nice to get back on a group ride!!  The weather was great.  I had to miss the drinks and food afterwards, but next time I’ll stay for that too.  

Weds – 2.5 miles walking.  Once again, I geared up and tried a tiny little run, but NOPE, not happening.  Still sharp pains in my abs.  Then I went to see my Dr. He confirmed my diagnosis – sports hernia.  Conclusion?  Rest, and avoid the activities that aggravate it.  Take anti inflammatory dose of Ibuprofen for a week, then seek out physical therapy.  He did say this type of injury does take a long time to heal, and the chances were not good that I’d be able to properly train for the Erie Marathon without reinjuring myself (again!).  So, I’ve cancelled all sub coaching obligations, and wiped the training plan off my calendar.  Walking, kayaking and cycling all seem to be good choices still.  This is the summer of cycling my friends!!  

Thurs – 20 mile bike ride.  My husband joined me on this ride.  This is one of very few rides I was actually “kicking his butt”.  I think it was due to his long run yesterday (maybe a bit dehydrated?), but either way, I was enjoying it (sorry honey!).

Kayaking, 1 hr.  We now have 2 kayaks. The whole family went for a kayak trip on the river.  I love how accessible and easy to transport these kayaks are!  

Fri – 26 mile ride, 16.1 mph avg pace.  A solo ride into the park this time.  It was a nice flat ride.

Sat – 37 mile bike ride, 16.4 mph avg pace.  Another solo ride. This was supposed to be 30 miles but I got a little off route.  And then I was so close to hitting 100 miles for the week that I circled around my neighborhood for my final 3 miles.  My neighbors probably thought I was odd, but I’m sure they’ve seen me doing weirder things!

My son is in marching band and they had their first parade since COVID. It was a hot day at the Cherry Fest, and luckily the band just wore their summer uniforms (shorts & t-shirts). I had to chuckle when this tractor came right before them 🙂

Sun – party day!  It’s my daughter’s graduation party day.  I’m not sure why I’ve stressed about this event so much.  It’s left me a bit paralyzed to make any decisions and plans lately just thinking about all of the details for this event, but honestly once I got started with this, I could have knocked it out in a weekend.  We changed the menu at the last minute and I’m very happy with the new menu – taco bar!  The party went well, but phew, I’m tired now.

As of Sunday night my abs are feeling a lot better. I haven’t tried any situps or running, but I don’t notice any soreness just moving around and sitting up in bed. But, I feel the need to be cautious since the Dr mentioned this can be something that lingers. So, I think I’ll take at least another week off running and seek out some physical therapy, then see how things go. Maybe a day of short mileage mixed with cycling every other day? I do need to get some direction from my Dr before my follow up appointment in 7 weeks.

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Q: What exercise would you do for cross training? Cycling, swimming, something else?

21 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – plans changed”
  1. Sorry to hear you have had to take a break from training. I ran my first BQ at Erie so I have a special fondness for that race. I am on the sidelines myself but not from injury. Hiking in Chicago area with friends over Memorial Day and I contracted Lyme Disease. Doctor says I can’t run until I finish the drugs he prescribed. That may be Labor Day. Races I had signed up for in August are off the table. I know ticks are common in Ohio so be safe and check daily if you have been in the woods or high grass.

    1. Oh no! Sorry you’re going through that! I have heard there are a lot of ticks out in our area right now. I usually don’t give it a lot of thought but this is a good reminder to be diligent about looking for them. I hope you are feeling all better after the meds!

  2. Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear this! That’s really disappointing and frustrating. Maybe after a week of resting, you’ll be able to get back to running sooner rather than later. In the meantime it sounds like you’re keeping busy! Glad you have cycling and kayaking.
    Congrats on the party! That would stress me our majorly- which is why we didn’t have one (now I feel kind of guilty.)
    Good luck- I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    1. When I was sidelined and stuck in a boot a few years back I came back stronger, so I just keep that in mind whenever I’m “forced” to rest.
      I’m glad we had good weather for the party. A bit warm but with a breeze. I have more confidence now so If my son wants a party in two years I’ll be ready for it!

  3. Sorry that you cannot run now but cross training helps a lot.
    Congrats on the party.
    I used to alternate running and swimming but after my incident on the right shoulder (now I have a prosthesis inside) I can only run.

    1. I really should enjoy swimming more, because I have a pool, but it takes a lot of motivation for me to swim laps in it! I’m more of a “float around on a raft” kinda person these days.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m glad cycling is a good option for you. I would pick indoor cycling for most of my cardio workouts. I don’t like to ride on the roads alone.

    Congrats on your daughter’s gradulation!

    1. I ride alone a lot. I feel much more confident about it with the lights I have for my bike. Even so, I do adjust where I’m riding based on the traffic level. It’s too easy to make an incorrect assumption that cars see you. You can’t be too safe!

  5. sorry to hear that you are sidelined from running. Way to pivot right over to cycling though. That is my go to when injured as well. Take it easy with that recovery. Congrats to your daughter!

    1. The pain in my abs was scary, so I’m OK with giving it the recovery time it needs. Bike rides have been a really good substitute until I’m ready to run again.

  6. Oh no. I was sort of tearing up just reading this. I’m so sorry. Definitely see that PT sooner rather than later! Rest now so you can come back even stronger.

    Glad your daughter’s party went so well.

    I was in marching band one year in HS. Jealous of your son — we were always in full uniform!

  7. Congrats to your daughter. Taco bar. what a great idea.

    Injuries do suck! Sorry to hear about yours. I hope you get some relief soon.

    At least it’s summer and you can walk and bike. That will keep you legs in shape for when you are healed.

    Sending healing vibes your way!!

  8. Talk to me, sister, and I’ll give you the biggest virtual hug you can muster. Ugh. That hernia really sounds painful (and is probably even more painful than I can imagine). Is there any kind of support/compression belt or band (?) you could wear? Obviously, staying out of the running shoes is wise, but would a belt/band make things more comfortable, or aid in the healing process? But, you’re lucky to already be a seasoned cyclist, so that’s an easy option to sub in for the time-being. My two sabbaticals were both unexpected as well, but I did come back stronger after both of them (like you’d mentioned)…so hopefully that’ll be the case for you, too. Good luck with everything <3

  9. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to step back from running but happy that you have the bike. Hopefully the hernia will fix itself sooner rather than later. Is swimming an option?

    I’m not sure what I would do if I had to stop running. Probably feel sorry for myself for a bit and then suck it up and get on the bike just to get some cardio in. But realistically all runners have to take time away, so it’s smart to have a backup.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Eats: Boucing BackMy Profile

  10. I was so so sorry to hear about your hernia on IG. it just sucks!

    glad for you that you have biking and other things you can do that you enjoy! that helps right?

    congrats to your daughter!

  11. Injuries suck. Thankfully, you were able to get some cross training in! And it looks like some beautiful areas to ride. I love your picture of the Cherry Fest. I am a sucker for town celebrations, and wish we had more in my area. Have a great week ahead and wishing a speedy recovery!

  12. Ugh – I’m so sorry about your injury and that you had to cancel your summer plans. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but all of the rest, PT and cycling will really pay off when you get back to running!

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