Technically I’m into week 2 of marathon training for the Erie Marathon (PA) on Sept 12th. I still haven’t signed up, but I’m following the plan. I ran 31 miles, but ended with some issues. Hopefully it’s just a little setback and nothing more. I consider this my first week of summer because the kids are out of school now. We’ve been busy getting our house ready to host a graduation party, which means lots of yard work.

Mon – Run, kayak, bike!  Memorial Day. It was a busy day. I started out with my final 5 mile run for the Mileage Maniac’s Monday Runday challenge.  I completed all 5 weeks with 5 milers.  Yay! 

It was a beautiful morning, so I went out for a little kayak trip around a small lake.  The water was calm and clear.  We saw turtles!  

13.5 miles cycling. Later in the day my son went to a graduation party at the park.  Since he doesn’t have his license yet, I drove him there and then biked with my mountain bike while he attended the party.  It was so great to be out biking again!  My road bike still has a flat tire, but this is the week we will fix it!  (hey, it’s been busy around here!)

In celebration of summer arriving we enjoyed a drink on our new patio furniture.  

Tues – Bootcamp, run 1.15 miles.  It was tough waking up to the early alarm this morning, but I was glad I did.  I always enjoy our workouts!  I am feeling a bit lame lately though.  I have to modify the exercises – my forearm has been sore (no idea what’s up with that, but it’s been hanging around for awhile now!), I need to be cautious not to overdo it on hamstring focused exercises, and my lower abs soreness has returned now that I’m trying to start up with core work again.  Ugh. [I strained or pulled a muscle (?) while doing a core exercise early this year]

Weds – 6 miles with 2 tempo miles.  Happy National Running day!  I’m still figuring out how to fit in all of my marathon training during the week with bootcamp so this run ended up today.  I think my speedy shoes are broken.  *Another* challenging workout.  I think that’s normal at the beginning of a training cycle though so I won’t worry too much about it!

There was an unexpected visitor on my path. It’s rare to see deer in this area because it’s residential.

Thurs – 18 miles, cycling. My tire is fixed!! wooohooo!! I’ve missed riding my bike so much. Happy happy joy joy!!

4.5 miles, track night!  The “Summer PR” training program with Dave’s Running Shop has begun and this was the first track night.  I’m going to be a sub for different pace groups for the program and this week was the 9:0-9:30 goal race pace group.  We ran fartleks. 

A fun new addition to the program is either a yoga or barre workout after track.  This week was yoga.  Although I typically lack the attention span for doing yoga (and the flexibility!) this 30 min class was just perfect!  I felt great afterwards.

Fri – 1.25 miles running (bootcamp) + 4 easy miles.  We had a good workout along the river at bootcamp but I ended with some light core work (this turns out to be a bad choice).  Following our workout I ran the 4 easy miles on my plan.

We spent many hours putting mulch down in our yard. We haven’t done it for a few years and it was overdue! We used 80 bags of mulch! It looks pretty amazing now it only took 3 hours because the kid helped.

Sat – 9 miles long run.  This would have been a good run.  I ran with someone from my spring training group and we talked the whole time.  My lower abs had their “normal” soreness when I started my run, and the pain mostly went away along the run.  I would have been out for 10 miles but by mile 9 the pain was giving me a huge signal that I needed to stop running 🙁  I walked the last mile home.  I’m going to skip all core work and be extra cautious of what might anger it.  If it’s still bothersome in a week I’ll go see my doctor!  From the best of my Google searching I think it’s a sports hernia, which appears to be a vague catchall kind of term for pain which flares with exercise.  

After running we decided to go fishing.  This pond is stocked and we saw a girl there on Monday who was super successful at catching bass.  However, we had no luck and I spent my entire time trying to untangle my line.  Whomp whomp!!

Sun – Rest day.  Resting my abs, resting my body.  It’s toasty outside so no kayaking today, but we’re going for a bike ride. yay!

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Q: Do you ever go fishing?

Q: Have you ever had an abdominal injury? Did it take forever to heal??

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – training week 2?”
  1. Awesome job completing the Mileage Maniac’s Monday Runday challenge!

    So sorry to hear about your ab pain but hopefully taking the day off today will help and you’ll feel better for next week’s training!

    1. I really hope the abdominal issue clears up soon. I thought it was gone, but nope!! We have a fun new challenge this week where we have to spell “HAPPY”, as in “Run Happy” (Brooks). Each week we have to make Strava art on Tues or Weds. I forgot to post my rainy neighborhood walk to make an H!

    1. It could be something as simple as “you need rest”, but I always have thoughts in the back of my head that maybe it could something else… something messed up with my c-section area, a tear, heck maybe even a tumor! I know, crazy thoughts, but I like to be proactive about that kind of stuff.

  2. Some of my friends have had sports hernias, but you’re right, that seems like a pretty vague diagnosis with varying levels of severity. I hope yours goes away on its own.

    Wow- is that your yard on the river? Beautiful! Love the new patio furniture too.

    1. It’s a term like “runners knee”. Just a pain in the knee and you should do some exercises!
      Oh, I do not have a house on the water. But I have noticed I do spend a lot of time near the river and on small lakes recently! I should have taken a before and after picture of our patio area because we’ve really make some great upgrades to it! I actually enjoy spending time out there now.

    1. Even though I was only touching my shins, and maybe have said “ugh” a few times when we did downward dog poses for the 20th time, I did enjoy the yoga 🙂 I was laughing when the instructor told us to close our eyes during certain poses because we would just be staring at someone’s butt in front of us. “Nothing to see here” she said. LOL!! Yogis sure know how to say things politely.

  3. Well, I thought I’ve had everything but I’ve never had an abdominal injury. I know how frustrating it is to have a run cut short like that, when everything else feels great. Fingers crossed that this resolves itself with some rest!

    1. Weird injuries like this are super annoying. And making me feel really old!! Since the pain has lessened I’ve eliminated the idea that my guts have exploded and are leaking into my body, so there’s that. haha!

  4. Ugh on the ab issue. It does sound like a Dr’s visit is in order. I’m dealing with a forearm issue too. It’s really annoying and persistent — probably because I am not doing a good job of really resting it. Love that they are doing yoga or barre after track!

    1. Ugh on the forearms! It’s really restricting at times not having full strength in both arms. It makes you full aware of how much work the forearm is actually doing! Hope yours gets better soon. Yes- yoga and barre are a nice addition to our workout routines. I guess I should probably skip the barre workout this week though. Sigh.

  5. Oh, ouch! Does the heavy breathing of running (or any cardio) intensify the ab pain? My hubby just had hernia repair surgery (a few weeks ago)…don’t know if what you’re experiencing could be similar. He hasn’t been running (ha ha ha, not since the Leprechaun Chase, in early March), but any ab/core work really triggered the pain for him. Hope you get an answer, and some relief. And, thumbs-up for being back on the bike(s)!!!

  6. Sorry about the abs, that sounds tricky and needs a professional to look at it maybe. I have had an abdominal operation and they did keyholes through my abs, it was most odd not being able to engage them for a while!

  7. 80 bags of mulch! That’s a ton!

    I’m not much of a fisher. A loves it though, so he will fish in our canals with friends, or he and Mr PugRunner will get a charter to go. I love those days, because he cooks what he catches. Yum.

  8. A very solid week of training. Sorry about your pain. I am recovering again from an abdominal pain due to an inguinal hernia with a cyst underneath: the part was not swollen, only pain.
    I don’t go fishing, I am an animal lover.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your abdominal pain. I hope you can get it figured out and on the road to healing quickly.

    Congrats to your daughter! What an exciting time for her!

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