My week was a bit jumbled due to a change in work days, but we packed a lot of fun and fitness into the week! I ended up with 21 miles of running, and 102 miles of biking. A bit more running this week, but still cautious not to anger my healing sports hernia. Overall it’s feeling really good but a bit tight if I run farther. I can tell it needs a rest sometimes! I was working hard a getting my vacation posts ready to go, but with so many destinations on our trip it’s taking awhile. Maybe this upcoming week it will happen! Here’s how my week went…

Mon – 4 miles, treadmill.  I’ve already given up on morning running outside.  Pretty lame, right?  It was dark, 72 degrees and humid.  No thanks.  This is the first time I’ve run on my treadmill since early May I think.  Wow!  

Tues – 1.25 miles running.  Just a short little run before a trip to Cedar Point.  The marching band was playing so we tagged along for a fun day at the park. It was also quite hot for a bit so we went on a water ride.  We got drenched!!  So fun.

Weds – 8.5 miles long run. Due to a schedule change I was able to do my long run today.  I checked the forecast before I left and all I saw was a 40% chance of rain.  However, a few miles into it the sky darkened and it started to pour! Not so bad, until the lightning started.  Eek.  I took shelter in a wooded area for a bit, then remembered I was close enough to an overpass so I bolted over to it.  When the sky lit up I would say “No, No, No!!” and sprint really fast because I’m certain that is how you avoid getting hit by lightning! 😉  I waited it out and eventually was able to finish my run.

I helped out at the high school registration.  It was fun to see how much my kid’s friends have grown up!

Thurs – 3.1 miles running. We were up at 4:30am to take my daughter to the train station. She’s off on a trip to Chicago with her friends. Fun stuff!! Since I had time before work, I might as well go for a run, right? I realized that it wasn’t really as dark outside as it seems when I look out the window. But it was sooooo humid. And the iced coffee and cereal in my stomach wasn’t feeling the best by the time I got home from my run, but at least I was feeling awake! I even stayed awake enough to go out and enjoy drinks at the farmer’s market and listen to a band. Summer nights are the best!

Fri – 4.2 miles running.  Hooray for Friday!  I had to work today so I get to say TGIF this week 🙂 It was another humid run but I was glad I got out there and knocked it out.

Sat – 102 MILES BIKING.  Oh, did I mention I did a Century ride today??!  The humidity dropped and it was 62 degrees when we started.  Perfect!  The forecast said 5 mph winds but I can tell you that they certainly were a bit stronger as the day went on!  I rode with my husband, just the two of us.  The first part of our ride started out strong and we were averaging 18.5 mph on our own.  Around mile 16 a group of friends came by and we joined them – 20 riders in our group!  Avg speed picked up to 19-20 mph.  It was great to be with this group!

We rode together until the first rest stop at mile 30, and then we parted ways because they were doing the 65 mile ride (different route).  Back on our own we started to hit some miles with headwind and our pace dropped to 13-14 mph on some of those miles.  Another group of riders passed us around mile 60 I think, and even though we didn’t know them, we thought we’d join in.  This turned out to be a bit of a bad idea because I felt a bit nervous about how some of the riders were riding.  People getting too close to other people’s tires. In fact, at one point someone slowed down really fast which caused a chain reaction of riders hitting their brakes and someone hit my husband’s tire.  And then he yelled at my husband.  I’m shocked no one fell when that happened. It looked scary.  Needless to say this was a stressful situation and at the next rest stop we parted ways with them.  It’s great to ride in a group (the power of drafting is amazing!) but you really have to pay attention to be safe.  

This ride was really well organized and we had rest stops almost every hour.  They had a ton of snacks – salty, sweets, healthy – and jugs of water to fill bottles.  And super friendly volunteers who also got into the spirit of the day with costumes.  This ride used to be called the Mad Anthony River Rally (a General from this area, thus our school system is named after him, Anthony Wayne), but at some point it was renamed the Maumee Area River Ride.  I think the earlier name sounds cooler!

The rest stop volunteer at 82 miles even went the extra mile and gave us shoulder massages.  That was wonderful and so needed!! He’s my favorite volunteer for sure! He was telling us about a ride he has done which is four days of riding 100 miles. Every 5th year they have an extra day and ride 500 miles. OMG. I can’t even imagine.

We finished the ride in 6 hrs 15 mins (riding time), average pace 16.3.  That was faster than the Century ride we did last year.  yay! We had no problems with our bikes and we are feeling good.

Sun –  On the plan today: Sleeping in.  Enjoying some waffles. Hopefully take the kayaks out!

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Q: Have you ever done a Century ride or a multi day ride?

Before kids we have participated in a fund raising event which we rode 75 miles each day, for two days (MS 150 Bike to the Bay). Getting back on that bike seat on day two was TOUGH! (and we rode on hybrid bikes. It took forever!!)

Q: Do you remember taking your first “independent” trip after you graduated from high school?

It’s a big deal for sure! I’m glad my daughter and her friends are great planners (and so thankful for tracking apps on phones. haha!)

29 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – MARR 2021, a Century ride!”
  1. Congrats on the century! We did one a few years ago and am not sure we’d ride that far again. We’re doing a multi-day ride next weekend though. I get too scared riding in a peloton. I like to see the road in front of me so I can avoid potholes and debris ….

    1. There were parts of the ride that got a bit lonely because not a lot of people were doing the century ride (at least not near us), but seeing people at the rest stops was great. Next year I hope we can ride with a group. The group of friends I ride with are very good about communicating road hazards, breaking, etc so I feel comfortable with them. Oh, I forgot to mention when it was my time to pull in the front, we were heading up a hill. Omg, it sucked. I was slowing everyone down I’m sure 🤣

  2. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time in our fair city. As you probably know, the weather here this weekend is perfection! Congrats on the century! That is a great pace!
    Those stormy runs are so scary. Glad you are safe!

    1. From the pictures I’ve seen so far, my daughter and friends are having the time of their lives! They are doing a lot of things we’ve never done as a family. Now I need to go!! They did an architectural boat tour at sunset. That looked great! And they accidentally were allowed into a bar (at the time it was switching over from restaurant to bar I guess). 😳 All sorts of new experiences!

      1. Oh good lord! That’s hilarious! We were actually staying down there for a race 10 years ago so our kids were 10 and 6. It got very noisy outside our hotel and when we looked out the window it was the Naked Bike RIde! Yowza!

  3. To echo what Marcia says–Hoping your daughter has a fun weekend in our city! I lived in the city for 10 years before I moved to the ‘burbs and I still miss living there. My son lives in a fun neighborhood, so I go to visit him a lot.

    Congrats on your century ride! I’ve never gone that far!
    Wendy recently posted…Just Keep SwimmingMy Profile

  4. Congrats on your century ride! Even thought you’ve already tackled that distance, it’s still quite the accomplishment.

    I was supposed to go into NYC, just me & a friend, to see a broadway play when I turned 16. Unfortunately my grandfather died, so while we did get to see our play, my parents brought me into the city. Oddly enough, that was the same thing one of my nieces wanted for HER 16th birthday.

    Actual real trip by myself? Probably one of my first college interviews. Where a lot went wrong — they lost my luggage and I ended up interviewing in a pink sweater & pink cords! Somehow I still got the job. 🙂

    1. My first independent trip was on a job interview. My husband’s dad (then my fiancé) “fixed” my car AC and of course it didn’t work. I was a hot sweaty mess in the big city (Columbus OH)!

  5. Woot woot!! Well done on the century! My 88-mile ride (Day-1 of RAGBRAI) was my farthest ride…so far. With all the stops we made along the way, it really wasn’t that tough, so I do have my sights on a century someday (maybe next year, or possibly later this Fall, after the marathon). I have done many numerous continuous days of riding, but not with crazy mileage…those 100-mile days (four of them, and then FIVE) are beyond anything I could imagine.

  6. Congrats on your Century ride. I did a metric a few years ago and not sure I would do that again. It is a really long time to be on a bike.Nice to see you back running pain free again.

  7. Congratulations! I’ve never done a Century ride. As a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever done a ride much above 30 miles. Yours sounds fun-but I hope you’re enjoying your sleep and waffles today!
    Glad your running is going well. And I hope your daughter has a great time! I took my first independent trip the summer after high school as well- some friends and I drove to Michigan (from Chicago.). I think Chicago will be a lot more interesting than Michigan was!
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Wait… What Happened?My Profile

  8. Congrats on your century ride! Also great to see that your running is going so well! I hope you daughter and her friends on enjoying their trip – so exciting for them 🙂

  9. Congrats on the century! So impressive. Looks like a fun summer week with so many awesome activities, particularly the Farmer’s Market with music.

    1. It’s pretty cool that we have a few areas with the DORA (drinking areas) now. And also so great just to have all of these things happening again after last year.

  10. Congrats on the century ride! Glad to know no one fell or got hurt when riding with that group. Wow, 100 miles for 4 days? Then adding another day? Kudos to people that ride that long. How fun that your daughter is visiting Chicago! We had great weather these past few weeks.

  11. Congrats on the century ride: a real adventure!
    Glad to see that your running is going well.
    How fun that your daughter is visiting Chicago, I spent a week there with my family 20 years ago…… long time……
    Great photos.

  12. A Hundred Miles In 6 Hours, Hellz Yez!!! What A Fantastic Post And So Pleased You Rode With The Husband. Even If Someone Was Yelling At Him. Thanx For Sharing All The Photos. Stay Strong

    The Padres recently posted…Stars In My EyesMy Profile

    1. Thanks, I was very happy with our time. And happy I wasn’t sore the next day!! That group was a bit scary when that dude yelled. Kind of hard to get out of the middle of a ride like that mid way!

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