Not going to lie, this was a tough week for me. With my daughter gone to college I feel like a piece of me is missing. It was a gut punch for sure. I’m sure things will get better with time, but this week I was just feeling blah, unmotivated and the suffocating heat and humidity didn’t help. I did manage to run 29 miles this week, and biked 32 miles.

I do have to back up to last Sunday because I think it’s notable – I think I did something that angered my sports hernia condition again 🙁 My kids are completing scuba certification, so we were lucky enough to have an open water dive in this awesome quarry near our house. While waiting for them I jumped off the dock. When I say “jumped”, it was more like “put enough effort into my motion to raise myself off the deck”. Just that little motion gave me a feeling of “uh oh, that wasn’t so great” and I’ve been a bit cautious about the situation every since. Ugh. The quarry was very incredible though and I’m glad my friend allowed us to use her dock. And, I may have borrowed her SUP even though I couldn’t find the paddle.

Mon – 5 miles, easy (treadmill).  Treadmill miles this morning due to the humidity and I slept in a little too late (which also makes it a ponytail day at work!).  My week is starting out stellar – I may have cried on the way to work thinking about college drop off tomorrow.  Whomp whomp.  AND, I left work in tears.  And cried several times in the evening.  Yep, this was not going well.

Tues – 7 miles, hot sweaty tempo miles. I got to run with my daughter! She ran part of my run with me, and then we went out for iced coffee. In the afternoon it was time to pack up the truck and drive her to college! I was holding up pretty darn good actually. I think I had cried all of my tears out in the previous days which made the move go very well. We helped her set up her new place. I hesitate to call it a dorm because it’s actually a very nice apartment which is on campus and considered campus housing, but not owned by the university which puts it in some odd position of being part of the university in some ways, but not really in others. No matter what, it’s a super nice place and it should be very conducive to higher education 🙂

After many hours unpacking, we went for a Taco Tues break and eventually returned with a few more items for her room.  Funny story, I still told the waitress we needed a table for 4, even though my daughter wasn’t even with us. Old habits die hard.

Weds –  Rest day.  I woke up feeling pretty meh today, which I had expected. Also feeling a bit sore in the “sports hernia” area due to the harder run yesterday.  It was rest day from running, and we opted not to go for the group ride because it was so darn hot outside.  Lack of motivation for sure!!

Thurs – 2 miles running.  I decided to take a quick run around my neighborhood to get the blood flowing and the good vibes moving.  Luckily, it worked 🙂 Then I headed off to Cedar Point Shores (the waterpark) with my husband.  It sure is different than going with my kids, but it’s still fun so we had a nice day together.  It was great to be there because it’s been so stinking hot and humid around here!

Fri – 5 miles, running.  An early run around my neighborhood – in the dark, and only because I wanted to listen to my audiobook.  I was so thankful for the mini clip light I had. There was a weird incident where a truck stopped right after it passed me. It was super odd that they stopped in the middle of the road, but I ran past them (their window was down but I didn’t turn to look in) and then ran over to the fire station, which was right there.  The truck left after I did that.  Not sure if they were checking to see if I was OK, or waiting to snatch me up (really?) but I felt safe either way and was glad I had my light!!

Friday night is Football Friday, or Marching Band Night if you live in my house 🙂 This was the first home game.  The band played awesome.  I can’t imagine being in full uniform when it’s 85 degrees and sunny out, but they were champs.  Unfortunately our team got beat with the winning touchdown happening in the last second of the game.  It was a nail biter!!!! That’s my son in the front of the line in the middle of this picture. We actually got reserved seats so we were right in front of him. It worked out great!!

Sat – 9 miles long run.  A hot sweaty run!  I was a little hesitant about running because of the mild soreness which has returned (sports hernia) but it went fine.  I kept my pace slow and easy.  Celebrated with a Starbucks run with my son (yes, I actually went to Starbucks looking like that. LOL!!!)

In the evening I did actually get “dressed up” as I went on a date night. We went to a microbrewery. We enjoyed a flight of beer, and playing retro video games. Tempest for the win!!

Sun – 33 mile bike ride. A morning ride along the river is always enjoyable, and today was no different. Saw some pretty flowers along the way 🙂

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I’m hoping next week will feel a bit cheerier and each week after that improves. In light of that, I will leave you with a funny story. So we have an app named Life360. Some of you may know of it – it’s a location tracking app. We first started using it when my daughter was a new driver. It not only shows you the location of your family members, but it sends notifications when they arrive in certain places, like the school. It was super helpful knowing she made it safely to school. Now we’ve been using it just out of interest – “where is Sydney now?”. When we went to bed Friday night we noticed she was off campus. This was a bit intriguing because she doesn’t have a car. But it’s ok, she’s living on her own now, making good choices, right? When I woke up the next morning I investigated. Turns out she went with a group of friends to a frat party until 2am!! OMG, week 1 and she’s at a frat house?? So busted. LOL. I did have a laugh about it with her and reminded her to make good choices. You have to trust that you’ve raised them right. This parenting gig is tough!!

Q: Were you in a sorority or fraternity in college?

I was not. I don’t think I ever went to a frat party either! But I did hit all of the college bars 🙂

Q: Did you have a favorite video game at the arcade?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – college move in”
  1. Even reading about you taking your daughter to college brings tears to my eyes! It’s so, so, so hard!!! I can tell you that after a week passed, I started feeling better and adjusted to this new phase of our lives. There were a lot of sad moms this week.
    Here’s my funny story- my son says he’s been going to bed at 9:30 so he can get up super early and practice before classes start (he’s a music performance major- trumpet!). His roommate must be thinking, “what a nerd!!!”
    UGH on the sports hernia return, but it sounds like you’re able to run just fine. I hope it calms down again this week.
    Hang in there! It gets easier!

  2. Just so you know, I totally cried for weeks after I dropped of my eldest. Everytime I walked by her room I would just get sad. Too funny that you are still tracking her. Might just keep that to yourself. My youngest is in his senior year of college now. Empty nesters again this week. It does get easier! She will be home for Thanksgiving very soon!
    Hope our hernia does not act up again!

  3. Hope your sports hernia continues to heal quickly and that you didn’t set it back too much.

    Your daughter’s place looks really nice – a far cry from the cinderblock dorm rooms of years past. Let me guess, she has AC, too. Our oldest went to the same university we attended and his dorm room was so much nicer than either of ours! Hope your week gets easier!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…2021 Reston Century Tour RecapMy Profile

    1. It really is more of an apartment. I’m glad they will have privacy in their rooms. I think that will make the transition to living together much easier. I just hope the friendship between her roommates continues and they don’t drive each other crazy!

  4. Sending the first one off to college is tough…especially when it’s a daughter. At least with social media, it’s much easier to stay in touch. Sending you hugs <3 I hope your hernia feels better!

    1. Thanks Kim! It really is a big deal sending them away like that. I wasn’t expecting that! My hernia is a tricky thing. I guess it’s the next injury that will haunt me for months!!

  5. Aw, so sweet that you reflexively asked for a table for 4! She’ll be home for break soon. (((Hugs)))

    Nice front row seats for your son’s performance. Sorry the home team lost, but the season is early. 😉

    1. Our school had a great football team in the past few years – it makes me wonder if it was due to a few kids who have graduated! Hopefully they will have a better game this week.

    1. It certainly is a new feeling around our house without her. She has been keeping in touch so far (yay week 1!) which has been nice. Just getting used to our new routine!

  6. You and your husband are such a cute couple- and full of fun activities!

    Sorry about the sports hernia coming back…how annoying 🙁

    Good for your kids for getting scuba certified! I was certified prior to our honeymoon and then we dove in Bali- it was a really scary dive though, and I should not have done that as my first ocean dive. I was so anxious and sucked down my air so fast, that it wasn’t fun. I haven’t been since which is sad as my husband loves it. I should try again in a nice calm location, not the strong current/low visibility we did then! I think its really brave of your kids though.

    I hope next week you’re feeling a bit more normal! It’s so great that you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter.

    1. Wow – your experience sounds a lot like mine. I ran out of air on our first trip because I was so excited. Had to share air with one of the divemasters. It went OK, but looking back on the situation it gets me anxious just thinking about it! I agree, kudos to my kids because I’m still a nervous diver.

  7. Hope you didn’t injure yourself seriously. You were smart to take it easy this week. Hope things feel better.

    So nice that you and your daughter run together.

    I was not in a sorority.

    1. I do hope my daughter continues to run on her own during college. 2 of her roommates were from the cross country team so I think it’s a good possibility! And then hopefully she’ll still want to run with me 🙂

  8. Aw. It’s got to be so hard to send you kiddo off. I’m not looking forward to that day at all.

    That cracks me up about the Life360. I will be the same way.

    No Greek life for me. I was a little bit more introverted when I was in school.

    1. It sure is a tough time sending kids to college. I never realized it!! The Life360 app is interesting – I don’t use it to stalk my kids but I do like knowing they are safe. Especially when they are driving!

  9. Greek parties! Fun! OK, so maybe that is not what you wanted to hear. Your daughter has a nice apartment. When I went to college, it was mandatory to stay at the dorms for the freshman. I loved dorm life since everything was there for me but eventually I moved out to an apartment. I hope it gets easier with her being away. Is she far away?

    1. The freshman do have to live on campus unless they are in a 25 mile radius. We are within that range, but we wanted my daughter to get the full college experience. My husband and I both went to this same college, but we were commuters. I don’t think I missed out on anything really, but it was her choice if she wanted to live on campus. We’re giving her the opportunity to spread her wings! Due to the cost we are hoping she lives in an apartment off campus next year 🙂

  10. Awww mama, I feel you! We are empty nesters now–have been for a while, but I think it finally hit me after the holidays last winter. Not sure why it took so long. I always miss my boys after I see them. But it makes the time with them so much more special!

    I wasn’t a sorority girl. I went to Marquette and that wasn’t a big deal there. But even if it was, I don’t think I would have gone that route. My son is at Wisconsin and he didn’t rush either.

    1. I don’t think my daughter will be interested in joining a sorority. I’m still trying to figure out who they knew at the fraternity house! But, I’m glad she is socializing and meeting new friends… and hopefully making good choices.

  11. Awwe I’m so sorry 🙁 I don’t have children but I can only imagine how hard it must be now that your daughter is all moved in at school. Thankfully technology will allow you to do video calls with her which should hopefully help.

    I love your daughters apartment! As Freshmen we had to live in the dorms when I went to college which had its positives and negatives for sure!

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