Not a whole lot going on over here fitness related, other than THE RACE! Yep, Columbus half marathon on Sunday. A ton of other stuff going on in my life not running related, but it’s all good! I rested a bit, and did rehab, and iced and just generally tried to get myself ready to race. 23 miles of running this week.

Mon – Rest day!  A super lazy day!  Spent the morning watching the Boston Marathon. And then was a little irked because I just sat around for 2 hours. Haha!  Also did a bit of lounging on the patio, eating cereal for breakfast, and sharing a bottle of wine in the evening.  Yep, tapering like a boss!

Tues – 4 miles running. I’m paying the price for my speedy race on Sunday.  Speed isn’t the best thing for my sports hernia!  But I enjoyed my audio book and getting my morning workout done. We got our race pictures from the 5K. Not bad!

Weds – 3.25 easy miles running.  I really debated on this run because my ab pain started out a bit tender, but within a minute it was happy.  Post run things felt even better, so I think the movement was good for it.

Thurs – Rest day! Still feeling a bit tender, and now my pain is only on the left side in my lower abs. Or maybe it’s my groin. IDK what that area is really called, but it’s for sure only on the left side. I took advantage of my resources and went to see the physical therapist who helps out the runners for the Dave’s Training program. He thought the issue was still “sports hernia”. I was concerned it might be something else, but I guess this is OK. He asked me why I ran a fast 5K before my race. Well duh, it was a “race”, right? haha. If I pin a bib on, it’s go time!! I know, I know, I overdid it. Still, so worth it.

Also, it was time for our foster kitten Petunia to be returned. It’s the hard part of fostering!

Fri – Rest day again! No need to poke the bear and try to run today. Will be resting until race day! Our daughter is home for a small “fall break”, so we got some seasonal treats at Dunkin.

Football Friday! This was the last home game and the band played great songs (seniors got to pick their favorites). The football team crushed it again and won 48 to 0 (even in the rain!). They are the champions of their league!

In other news, I went to a 35 year class reunion for my high school. Where have the years gone?? I’ve had this t-shirt in storage since school so I figured it was the perfect time to wear it. It was a hit! I had a fun night talking to everyone, and I even stayed out past midnight. Crazy stuff!!

Sat – 1 mile walk & 2 mile run. Change of plans. I wasn’t going to run today, but felt I needed to get a shakeout run just to make sure everything was working ok. I have felt better, but I think I’ll be good enough for Columbus!

We drove to Columbus, hit the expo, and went out to dinner. It’s Sweetest Day, so you know that was a big event. (haha, just kidding!!)

Sun – Race day! 13.5 miles of running. Columbus half marathon! This race was a huge surprise win for me, and bittersweet. Originally my husband signed up for the full a long time ago and was going to be his goal race for the year. However, some recent injuries put an end to him running even a few miles. So, he spectated instead. And he did a great job! He made it to 3 spots on the course and took pictures.

As for my race…. omg, it was awesome! The weather was perfect. 45 degrees at the start. Low winds. Partially cloudy. Perfect! I’ll write up a recap for this race, but suffice it to say I blasted through it, and faded a bit at the end. 1:50:13 was the official time, but my Garmin gave me a new PR because I covered 13.5 miles during race due to GPS error. Whaaaa. And oh hey, 11th out of 201 ladies in my age group. Perfect for my 11th racing in Columbus ❤️

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Q: Have you been to a high school reunion?

The guys looked way different, but not too much for the ladies.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – race week!”
  1. Wow, congrats on crushing that Half! I’ve been to a few HS reunion events because I live so close. There are a lot of us who are still local, and a few that do come from out of town for the bigger ones.

    Sorry your husb wasn’t able to run — hope he’s on the mend.

    1. We are both just enjoying a recovery week, and hopefully will be able to run by the weekend!
      For the number of people that live close to our school still, I’m surprised it wasn’t a bigger turnout at the reunion. Oh well, but I’m glad I went. I was nervous, but it was a lot of fun.

  2. Yay! That is awesome. Just goes to show you… sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. I’m definitely looking forward to the recap.
    SOB! Petunia! You deserve a medal for taking care of her and then being able to give her up. When we adopted our cat about a year and a half ago, she was just a kitten. She and her siblings had been rescued from a dumpster and her foster mom nursed her back to health literally from that moment on (they think she was just one day old.). When the foster mom left her with us, she cried. I don’t blame her one bit! We still send her pictures all the time to show how much Muffin has grown, and how happy she is. I’m trying to convince my husband we’re ready to adopt another cat but he says no. Go figure!
    Hope your abs feel good this week. And I hope you can enjoy another rest day of lounging and eating cereal : )

    1. My quads are actually the ones screaming still, but not my abs. That’s a good thing!! And wonderful news – a family with 2 kids adopted Petunia as soon as she arrived at the shelter! I knew she’d have no problem finding a forever home ❤️

  3. Amazing race! My sister and her husband both PR’d today as well! She was trying to break 2 and did a 1:51. Must have been a magical day out there! Congratulations!

    1. Oh that’s right, she was there! It was the perfect day for a race. Mine needs a big edit – it was good for sure, but not that good. Garmin issues!! Still, I’m very happy with it.

  4. WOW!!! That’s a hugely awesome fabulous race, Lisa!!! All those PR’s! Your weather sounded a lot like mine, except we had full sun (not one cloud). I’m really excited to hear more about your race. Great job!!

  5. Congrats on a speedy half! That’s awesome. So sorry your husband couldn’t run, but he was a trooper. My husband usually gets me at the start and maybe finish — rarely anything in between (although occasionally).

    I went to my 20th. Seriously? It was fun but I only had a small group of friends in HS anyway (and I recruited my 2 besties to come, too). Oddly enough I ended up talking to a lot of people I wouldn’t even have thought I’d end up talking to though!

    Let’s just say any reunions now start with a 4 . . .

    1. It was the same for my reunion! I also had a same circle of HS friends and the group that was at the reunion was the “popular” crowd (or maybe even the “mean girls” as we used to think!). But it was really nice to talk to all of them now. What a change since HS!!

  6. Oh, sweet Petunia! You gave her such a great home, but she will be missed!

    Great job at the race this weekend! You had much better weather than we did for sure! I’m so happy for you!

  7. Well done on a super race (and also for being able to wear a shirt you have saved since school!). I’m glad other people were out there smashing it while I was smashing myself into the ground and DNFing mine, gives me hope for the rest of us!! And little Petunia, looks like you’ve done a fab job with her. We keep in touch with our kitties’ foster mum and send her pictures which she loved – she fostered their mum and them and we also keep in touch with the mum’s owner (“Look, there’s your children” she apparently says to her!).

    1. Oh no! Sorry you got a DNF 🙁 My friend took her first DNF at this race too. But usually it’s the smart choice instead of really hurting yourself and that’s a though choice to make. I hope you are feeling ok!

      1. Ah, there was no choice to make, I was flat on the ground for a good while then had to take my suspected broken hand to the ER! So no staggering on for me! Sorry to hear about your friend and hope she’s OK.

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