This week started a challenge in the Dave’s Running 12 days of Christmas.  We started with 31 mins on Monday, and increased by 1 minute each day.  It can be running or walking, but I did several days of walking with my husband in addition to my daily run.  It was a great way to enjoy the Christmas lights in our neighborhood and talk. And on the topic of “talk”, my house was all a buzz with the sounds of my family. So wonderful to have my daughter home from college for awhile!

Mon – 3.5 miles, speedwork.  I did the “snowman” workout again, but messed up the paces.  Even so I went a little faster most of the workout, so good enough! 

31 mins of walking after work with my husband today.  Bonus walk at night with my husband so he could get his 31 mins in.  We enjoyed the lights in the neighborhood. Here’s that Jeep in the dark!  Pretty cool.

Tues – 3.25 miles, running.  20 mins strength.  I got my 32 mins of running done, followed by an upper body workout.  Caroline Girvan has 20 mins strength workouts for December which are nice.  I do like her workouts, but I don’t have time for 45 mins of weights very often!

Evening walk with more pretty lights!

Weds – 4 miles running.  A fun night which included a group run with the Toledo Roadrunners to see some Christmas lights, and then some drinks and food.  

Thurs – 2 miles, running.  I just had to get out and run outside again because it was 57 degrees!  I finally wore shorts (which I now notice are the same shorts from Tuesday. haha!)

It was time to pick up my daughter from college!  I had to laugh when I saw the tubs of clothes and all of the stuff she was bringing home.  Sure, she will be home for a month, but still!  She did want to organize her clothes and return some of the warm weather items.

Fri – Cross training day.  I did a few workouts at home and then went to the gym.  As for my workouts, doing this leg extension was a big deal!  I haven’t been able to do that in a looooong time.  Overall the hernia is feeling maybe 98 percent better now!

We drove around looking at light shows at night.  One was super fun because at this house you could send a text message and they would display it.  We had a lot of laughs seeing ours displayed.

Sat – 8 miles, long run.  I was hoping to run with my daughter a bit this morning, but it was cold and rainy, and since she didn’t get home until late last night, a morning run probably wasn’t going to be an easy sell!  So, it was a treadmill run.  I did watch Four Christmases, so that was fun. The rainy day was perfect for some thrift shopping in a cute nearby town.

At night we played Monopoly and my daughter crushed me. She owned the board with a rainbow of properties!! BTW, if you like Monopoly but think that the regular game is far too long (I do!!), the version with the electronic banking is really great and the games are MUCH shorter.

Sun – 2 mile running. This was supposed to be with my daughter, but I just got a sleepy grumble, and then a defiant “that’s cold!” when I told her it was “feels like 25″outside. So my husband joined me instead 😂

But we all enjoyed some donuts. Happy family time!!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Are there any good Christmas light displays in your area?

We have a map to several in our area. We will be viewing some more this week!

Q: Does anyone else have college kids home for winter break?

30 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – happy days”
  1. Lovely! I love all those lights. We have some good houses around here and also at least two sets of advent windows, one including my road, which are good fun to look at (and have maps).

      1. Oh, people put up the number they’ve been assigned on the day in their window, and then some kind of decoration, so on our road we’ve got some house outlines with stars, a line of santas holding sacks that read HAPPY CHRISTMAS, snowflakes all over the window, lovely cut-outs of tissue paper and black card, nativity scenes, all sorts. They go up each day and stay up till Twelfth Night so you can go and walk round them (not in order as that would take forever) all from Christmas Eve or go and find each new one as it goes up.

  2. So many Christmas light displays around here–I’m trying to get the hubs to go! We usually go to one of the botanical gardens for their light displays but they are all sold out this year. It’s fun to see how everyone is all decked out.

    I’m sure you’re glad to have everyone home again!

    1. There is a large drive through display in our area, but there’s a fee. I’m all about the big ones at the houses for free! I don’t know who compiles the map but I’m so glad they do.

  3. We’re doing a (small) group run tonight for the full moon, and I’m going to head the group downtown to the town square so we can see the displays there. It’s fun and cheerful seeing all the holiday lights! Great week of workouts and running!!

  4. What a fun week and I love that your daughter will run with you (even though her “too cold” doesnt sound that bad, ha!) Jealous of your warmer temps right now. Sounds like a fun challenge to add time every day. WOW – your neighbors get really into the Christmas lights, love it!

    Happy holidays!

  5. Yes yes yes! My son is home! Funny, he just got home Friday night and it feels like we’ve already done a million things. We have a couple amazing decorated houses in our neighborhood- we have to go on a walk and really look at them (rather than just drive by on our way home.)
    i like your running challenge for the week! it sounds really fun.

    1. It’s so wonderful having a full house again. Enjoy!! I’m still getting used to her college schedule of going out with friends at 10pm and coming home at 1:30am!! Hope all is going well at your house.

  6. Love all the neighborhood lights. There are some huge displays 20-30 min from me, but I enjoy our neighborhood lights. There’s once house on a corner with all the light-up things — from Santa to a creche scene to penguins!

    1. The big display we saw was about 20 mins away. We will be driving to another area to town to see more later this week. Our next door neighbor does have an interesting collection of blow ups so it’s always fun to see what they will put up each year. Star Wars, Snoopy, talking Bass fish. You just never know!

  7. What a super busy week for you, and so great that your daughter is home for a month! I love all the photos of the homes with Christmas lights. We have a few homes in the area that go all out with decorating and it’s fun to drive by them at night to see them.

    Also, those donuts look delicious!

  8. I know many of the bloggers have kids home from school. My breaks were NEVER that long! And I just used suitcases (had to take the train, most of the time anyway).

    All the lights are so cheerful! I love the lights but hate the cold so rarely get out to see them.

    Electronic Monopoly? Man, do I feel old now!

    1. I wasn’t sure how we would like the electronic part of Monopoly, but it makes the game go by so much faster (in a good way). I’m sold!
      A month does seem like such a long time, doesn’t it? Especially when I’m paying for a dorm room which isn’t being used. haha!

  9. How great to have your daughter home! Mine arrived at O’Hare Thursday night bearing a 50lb bag of clothes. Haha! Wonder what she’ll do when she heads to Oregon next summer?? The lights are beautiful. Such a festive time of year, even if we don’t have any snow!

  10. That’s a fun challenge.

    My kids are grown.

    I love the lights. I may run through our park one more time this week. There’s also big light show I want to see.

    Running in shorts in Dec is wonderful. 15 degrees this morning. Brrrr

    1. I do think we’ve seen the last of shorts wearing weather this year. But I will be sub coaching at indoor track again starting in January so I didn’t put my tank top and shorts away!

  11. You’ve got some great light displays in your neighborhood! And the light-up Jeep is so fun 🙂

    Enjoy having your daughter home. My son arrived with so.much.laundry! LOL

    We’re big Monopoly fans so I need to check out the electronic bank version.

    1. I have a theory that the banker always wins in Monopoly, and once again the theory was true! I’m not sure why that is because my daughter wasn’t cheating, but I sure did lose bad. We’ll have to have a rematch before she goes back to college.

  12. LOL, I think I’d get the same complaints if I asked my kids to run with me in temps that cold. I don’t mind it because once I warm up, it feels great to run in the cold.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter! I don’t have college kids anymore, but my youngest, my new daughter-in-law, and Pablo are staying with us this week through the 26th when they move to Florida.

    Merry Christmas!
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