25 miles of running this week. It was a pretty good week of workouts! I tried to fit in all of my stretching, cross training, strength, and even got out for a longer than usual run. The holiday season is in full swing with concerts, parties and other fun events. So it’s great to be able to keep up a workout routine now.

Great news…ALL of the foster kittens have found forever homes. In fact, we dropped them off on Weds and by Sunday only one kitten was left.  Not surprisingly, it was the little black and white guy (we called him Franz!). He had a “reserved” sign on his cage, and then he was adopted too. He was a bit shy, but he did warm up quite a bit.  Still not super friendly, but he was curious.  I’m sure he will make a loveable pet just like the others!  Here are a couple of the adoption pictures. I love to see the families who are adopting!

Mon – 3 miles.  It was a “snowman” run where you build up speed for each “snowball” (ie, length of time).  4 intervals in each set, then starting over again.  A good workout!

Have you ever had one of those cooking sessions when you spend many hours in the kitchen and the recipe is a total fail?  I was so tired and disappointed by the time I got done making these Brownie Buckeye Bites.  They did taste really good (because how could you miss with Buckeyes and brownies??), but it was not something I would take to a party (which is what I needed!).  Round 2 will be happening later this week when I find a new recipe!

Tues – Ride 20 mins, Strength 15 mins.  My workout plan said either cross train or strength.. I chose both!  I figured I’d give my spin bike another try.  I did a class on my OBE Fitness app and it was really different.  I’m unable to give it a good review right now because it wasn’t at all what I was expecting.  But, it was good cardio and I followed it with some strength work.

The high school had a holiday band concert which was wonderful!  I know, I know, I probably have a biased opinion, but honestly all of the bands played great. There are 3 levels of concert band and also a jazz band.  My son plays in the jazz band too, and he had a little solo!  That stinker didn’t tell me about it so I was totally surprised when he was playing all by himself.  His concert band (symphonic winds) performed Happy Xmas (War is Over) which was the best song of the night for sure.  Just amazing!!

Weds – 3 mile run, 15 mins stretching.  Once again “yoga” was on the workout plan for today.  So yeah, last week I decided to just pick “stretch” as the category in my Obe Fitness app instead of the “yoga” category.  Imagine my surprise when the class started out with downward dog.  Whomp whomp, my nemesis.  I wasn’t thrilled with the lower body stretches in this workout.  I’ll stick with the other video I did like.  But either way, running done, stretching done, and it felt good afterwards!

Thurs – 5 miles, plus some squats, lunges & jumping jacks along the run. I was hoping to catch a few more Christmas lights, but it was too late. I did get get a picture of the more interesting display in our neighborhood – a Jeep! This one looks really cool in the dark. I did some stretching after my run, and lifted weights at the gym.

Fri – 4 miles. I decided to get a change of scenery and ran around a quarry at a different metropark. There were a ton of geese who were not happy to see me! I made it to the gym for the 2nd time this week. Go me!

Sat – 10 miles, long run. The great weather enticed me to run a bit farther today. It was almost 60 degrees out! Once again I should have been wearing shorts, but I just couldn’t do it. Knickers were the safe choice instead. I got home just in time because the winds kicked up to 30 mph when I got home. Crazy!

Also crazy – My son was taking the ACT and I decided to be a little early to pick him up (because I am never early, and I didn’t want to be late!). As it turns out I didn’t know when the test ended and I sat in the parking lot waiting for him for 1 1/2 hours!!!! Oh my. I was starving when I got home and rushed to get ready for a wedding. But it all worked out and we got there on time. We had a fun time at the reception too.

Sun – Rest day! Party day! Another party happening later today – this one is being hosted by Dave’s Running Shop for all of the employees, coaches, Run Toledo ambassadors and racing team. I’ve never gone to this party, but I for sure will know a lot of the people there! Should be a good time. Speaking of running shops and shoes… my husband found my new shoe stash. haha! I’m all set for awhile! 😉

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: How many new shoes do you keep, waiting for the next spot in shoe rotation?

It’s hard to pass up a deal when my model goes on clearance!

Q: Will your company be having a holiday party this year?

My “day job” at the bank will not be having one.

22 thoughts on “Weekly workouts –”
  1. Well first off, yay for the kittens. I’m selfishly hoping you get some more so we see more pictures. (little Franz with his moustache, such a cutie!!!)
    Sounds like you had a great week. Sorry about the down dog (muahahaha, yoga is coming back to haunt you!)
    I love the band concerts so much. Hearing your kid play a solo is the best! I love the holiday-themed concerts.
    My company usually has a holiday party but last year (because of covid) they skipped it and gave us all a cash bonus instead. I’m hoping they just do that from now on! We are doing a couple fun things like Secret Santa and a cookie exchange though.
    Ha ha… I love that jeep. I wish I could see it in the dark.

    1. Heck, I’d be all for a cash bonus instead of a party. Or better yet, paid time off! 😉
      The wedding we went to was a coworker, so 90% of my department was there. We decided that was good enough as a holiday party!

  2. Busy busy! We don’t have a company party or even a department party. I work for a huge medical conglomerate (I don’t know what else to call it) where we are all just a number. My coworkers and I do occasionally go out together. Maybe we will do something like that.

    Is that someone’s actual Jeep? Do they drive it around like that or just leave it parked? I’ve seen a few decorated Jeeps lately–one had the Grinch on the roof. It made me smile and I felt a little less Grinchy when I saw it, lol
    Wendy recently posted…Running Back in TimeMy Profile

    1. The Jeep is a 3rd vehicle for the family (the “fun car”) so it doesn’t get much use in the winter. But I do see them drive it in the summer. Can you imagine parking it there? We do have a Grinch on a toilet just down the road from my office. It makes me giggle each time I drive past. They must have just remodeled their bathroom and are repurposing it!

  3. Hooray for the kitties! I love the Jeep, too. We have a local family who put lights up on the caravan in their front garden, which is fun – also my road and a couple of side roads are doing an advent window thing this year which has been fun to look out for. I have one pair of spare shoes then I need to visit the shop as I need to pick a new model, but I keep bailing on visiting the shop as I have to get a bus into town to get there. Hmmm.

  4. Nice for the kittens! That jeep is cool all decorated. I went to one holiday party event last week but it seems like they are still not really happening this year. We cancelled our MRTT rung group party again. I sure hope we can have it next year! I have had to re do a recipe bc I did not think it looked good enough.Oh well! Hope you had fun at the wedding

  5. Awwe that’s such great news about all of the fosters getting forever homes. That warms my heart!

    I love the Jeep all decked out in holiday decorations! We just have the basic yard decorations where I live but wish we had something that was cool and stood out like the jeep!

    1. Can you imagine driving that Jeep into the landscape? I guess they don’t have any plants there. They have triplets (3 boys) so I can just imagine how much fun that is for the kids!

  6. Ha! I love your new shoe stash 🙂 That’s amazing! Which ones are the bright ones outside the boxes? I can’t believe the great price you got on the Pros!

    The weather looks like it was amazing for your long run, jealous!

    So happy all the foster kitties found good homes.

  7. Wow! 1 1/2 HOURS??? You are a good mom!

    I don’t mind geese usually but there was that time last year when I got trapped on a bench by a couple of them near a lake!

    You did a great job fitting it all in. It’s not easy at this time of year!

    1. I kept thinking he was going to get out of the test at any moment. Other kids came out from the test, so my hopes were high! 😂 I really just should have went home. This is why I’m never early for anything. It never works out!

  8. Very busy week! Great job getting all of your workouts in.

    I love your shoe stash 🙂 I do try to scoop up my favorites when they go on sale – you just can’t trust how much a shoe brand will change the model from year to year.

  9. Awwww I’m so glad the kitties were all adopted. They’re all so cute, how could they not? I enjoyed band concerts this week as well and my daughter rounded out the orchestra for their concert as well. They are so flipping good!
    That looks like a very interesting wedding cake!

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