Week 4 of marathon training, done!  For some reason I thought this was the end of week 3.  Really, 4 weeks already?  I feel like a beginner still.  This week brought 34.5 miles of running, lots of treadmill miles, cold temps, and a lot of work at my job(s).  I worked at 2 companies this week, helped out a friend, and finally put a project in production.  I’ve only been coding the software since April… no big deal, right?  Phew!  I didn’t think I would ever see the end of the tunnel on that program. Now to fix all of the bugs that come up when the program is actually in use on Monday. Haha!  (but so true)

Here are some pictures from our hike/picnic last Sunday.  The snow made everything look so pretty, but also made the hike take a bit longer! It was 4 miles round trip.  We grilled hot dogs in the shelter and even had hot  soup thanks to all of the camping accessories we carried out there.  And cookies.  I ate lots of cookies 🙂  Across the river was a bald eagle nest and we saw them flying around.  Such a pretty day!

Mon – 5 miles on the treadmill!  A nice start to the week. I’m pretty sure my latest Athleta find is a yoga bra, but it was comfy for a run too!

Tues – 5 miles treadmill, with fartleks.  I’m not very speedy on the treadmill, but I made an effort so that’s what matters.

Weds – Rest day, with a walk after work because it was “feels like 16”.  A heatwave!  I stopped by my parents house to deliver a birthday gift to my mom.  Happy birthday mom!!

Thurs – 7 miles treadmill.  Due to time constraints caused by a work appointment, I needed to knock this run out right away.  The thought of running around my neighborhood in the dark cold (feels like -8!) didn’t appeal to me, so it was another treadmill run.  Once again, I didn’t hit the paces I would typically outside for this tempo run, but I gave it a try.

Hair update – I tried out that Olaplex mask and left it in overnight. Look at all of the soft curls as it dried on my hair!

Fri – 5 miles, outside!  Oh snap, it’s cold out there!  I bundled up but still had freezing legs by the time I finished.  My Klimat.app said “feels like 8”, but I’m sure it was lying.

I stopped by to help out a friend with computer stuff.  It’s a sad situation – her husband died a few months ago very unexpectedly at the gym.  He was a client of mine, but really I considered him a friend.  He was only 52 yrs old.  She is getting a handle on life without him, which includes inheriting the business he owned and just generally doing things she has never done before, like figuring out the computer.  My heart just breaks for her.  He was a good guy and I’m happy I can help them out.

Friday night was getting my program all ready for Go Live on Monday!  Dinner at my desk at work 🙂

Sat – 12 miles long run!  When I saw -4 for the temps, I was a solid “no” on running two hours outside.  So, I started my long run on the treadmill.  After 6 miles I saw it was 1 degree outside, and sunny, so I finished up with 6 miles outside.  I added a few more layers and felt OK, other than my freezing face!  Not the ideal way to get my long run done, but it’s fine.  Funny part was after I finished I was scrolling through Strava and noticed our training group only ran 10 miles.  Then I looked at my calendar and saw “11 miles” marked on it.  I had bumped up my mileage (on purpose) this week, but for some reason I thought I was supposed to run 12 miles!  DOH!  I really need to look at my plan better.  

Sun – Rest day!  We are taking our son to Ray’s, the really cool indoor mountain bike park.  It’s going to be a fun, active day!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Would you rather endure the cold and/or use the treadmill for a run in the morning, or wait until afternoon when it’s warmer?

Morning run for me, whatever it takes!!

28 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – GCM training week 4”
  1. I did not know you did coding-I find it so confusing to do even little things on the blog and I am always afraid I am going to screw it up! I would never think of you as a beginner runner! You have so much run experience. To answer your question, I am waiting until 10 to run today bc 10 degrees makes a huge difference
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Miles and Milestones weekly run downMy Profile

    1. I haven’t done any coding changes on my WordPress account, but I did manually transfer it all over to another host a few years back. That did spark my interest in it, but I haven’t researched it at all. My programming is done for client/server business needs and I’ve used the same development tool for 25 years, so I guess that’s basically Jedi Master level at it. haha! I love programming 🙂

  2. Solid week! I’m glad to have my Key West 13.1 done (even though I had to run it virtually). I’m going to take things easier for February since I was so active in Florida (I had to capitalize on the warmer temps, right?), but it’s nice to not have any “long” runs on my schedule for awhile. I do have a half in late April, but I won’t have to up my mileage much for that until March gets closer.

    1. I did see a few local runners who did the Key West race. We are all in for Glass City around here! These first months of marathon training in Ohio are always tough. Thankful to have a treadmill!

  3. Morning runs for me as well. I hate waiting- it makes me anxious all day. We had some “Florida cold” temps this week as well! It wasn’t -8 though. I like how you started your long run on the treadmill then saw it was one degree, meaning it was warm enough to get outside. I agree that sunny makes a big difference (sunny and no wind.). I also love your “rest days.” When I have a rest day, I sit on the couch watching football, ha ha.
    I was interested to hear about your job! I’m always curious about what everyone does for work. People’s lives are so varied… I guess that’s why I love reading blogs!

    1. I went to college for computers and have been programming with the same development tool for 25 years now. I really like it! My side hustle is network admin at another company, and have another client who I still do development work for also on the side. 2021 was very busy for me! I do prefer the software side of the house instead of working with the operating systems and hardware. It’s a great outlet for being creative and solving problem!

  4. Team AM! This week I decided to try working out in the evenings just to see if that would work better and it was a flop. I felt like I “had to” run. Then on Saturday I waited until after lunch to run b/c the roads were clear and it was the warmest part of the day, and I felt really sluggish.

    I am beyond ready for the knee high snow and freeze out to leave, but until then you can find me on the treadmill!
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Round Up: Hibernation EditionMy Profile

    1. I do agree with that “have to run” instead of “get to run” feeling. After the day has passed and I haven’t run yet I kind of feel like “what’s the point?” I did see a 44 degree high coming up later this week so I might just have to jump on that and run after work. Maybe.

  5. Your poor friend. That’s awful. Hugs & prayers for her.

    And that bouquet you gave your mom for her birthday was beautiful!

    Sometimes I brave the cold, sometimes I don’t. Obviously. But then I have no long runs on the schedule. 🙂

    My hair looks like that naturally, so I guess I’ll skip the mask!

    1. My secret – the flowers were from Sam’s Club! They have amazing flower arrangements at great prices. Very unique colors and different flowers.
      The mask made my curls so soft. It felt like puppy ears! 🙂
      We were all so shocked when my friend died. He was really into crossfit and went to the gym all of the time.

  6. I’m definitely a morning runner! I like to start my day off with activity. But if I have to do an afternoon run, I will. Glad you are getting out there in the cold. I know how hard it is, but it’s always better than the TM!
    Wendy recently posted…A Little DowntimeMy Profile

  7. I can’t imagine thinking 1F is “warmer”. LOL. I’ll be on my treadmill.

    Gosh, that’s so sad about your friend’s husband. I’m glad you can help her with the computer. I’m sure she really appreciates it.

    1. I actually only met my friend’s wife a few times before, but she knew I had been their computer person in the past so she called me. She had some basic questions and then said “remember I haven’t paid a bill in 20 years”. My friend really took care of her, which was great, but she really never got involved with the business, computers, or their finances. It’s just been overwhelming to figure out the daily mysteries of everything he took care of.

  8. Sounds like an awesome week! I love the treadmill/outside mix for the long run, breaks it up! Though wasn’t your hair still wet/sweaty? Mine would be frozen 🙂

    Training seems to be going well! How wonderful for you to help your friend who went through such a tragic loss. That is heartbreaking. So young.

    1. I had extra incentive to get outside for my long run because we left a heating vent open in our basement overnight (it’s usually closed, but my son was watching TV in the basement) and in the morning the basement was 70. It’s usually only 63 degrees! It felt really warm. That made it a bit uncomfortable. My hair wasn’t bad, but I did need a complete change of underwear/sports bra before I geared up for outdoors.

  9. I have to say I’ve been loving my treadmill lately. I’m grateful that I’m just as happy banging out miles on it as I am getting outside. Well on a perfect weather day I’d certainly run outside, but I actually run faster on the treadmill.
    Hugs to your friend, that is so sad.

  10. Your hair looks amazing.

    Love your hiking pics.

    Kudos on a good running week.

    No on the treadmill. Yes on running outside no matter how cold. I runfess yesterday I had to wait until 10 am.

    1. I hope all of the money I’m spending on hair products will improve my hair health. It has some serious problems these days! I’ve been debating on making February a “no-blow February” and give my hair a break. That could be a thing, right? ha

  11. I really do prefer to run in the morning, but fully admit that I’ve been juggling my schedule when I can to hit warmer temps. Easier to do when running just a few miles. Nice work splitting up your long run — too funny when 1 degree is a “warm-up” 🙂

    1. 1 degree really did seem warmer, but in reality, nope! My favorite is when I get done with a cold run and I can barely talk because my mouth is frozen. Good time! 😉

  12. I’m so sorry about your loss. That sounds so hard.

    Happy birthday to your mom! And your hair looks gorgeous.

    Your winter picnic looked so fun and unique, at least from where I’m sitting.

    1. My friend has a senior graduating from high school this year too. So many big events that her husband will not be there for. Just heart breaking.
      That snow came at the perfect time for the winter hike & picnic. Such a lovely view along the river!

  13. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend 🙁 Love that you were able to help his wife as she navigates so many new things.

    Awesome week of workouts for you! Sometimes I would break up my long runs on the treadmill and outside if it was super cold outside and it always worked out well.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

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