Week 3 of marathon training is done.  13 more weeks to go!  30 miles this week.  This week brought some challenges.  A few good runs, being social with friends, and a few sucky runs!  Running be like that sometimes 🙂  At least by the end of the week my Garmin declared I was no longer unproductive… I got the Productive rating!  I also made it to the gym twice this week, which is what my goal was.  

Mon – 5 miles running.  I got an invite to run with my old training group, so I met up with a few of them who also had the day off work.  It was a great reason to get moving early on a cold gloomy January day!

Tues – 4 miles, speedwork. Technically this should have been 5 miles with proper warm up and cool down, but I didn’t calculate my time right and did what I could!  

Tuesday night was a basketball game at the University of Toledo with our favorite student.  The team won. Go Rockets!

Weds – Rest day, 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins at the gym!  It was a WFH day so I got settled into my new routine.  My goal is to make the most of my situation and try to fit in mini productivity sessions, like make Dr’s appointments (I hate to make those calls from my cube at the office!), tidy up a space of the house, or just some other task that would just take a few minutes to do. It forces me to do it fast! (like a 5 min Peloton glutes workout!)

Thurs – 6 miles, speedwork.  Oof.  This did not go well.  Typically I like these runs, and run outside.  Due to my schedule today this was an early morning treadmill run.  I’m fine with the easy runs on my treadmill lately, but the speedwork just isn’t working!  It kind of set the tone for my crazy day though.  Early meetings, had to reschedule a Dr’s appointment because my meeting ran late, side gig meetings.  All.The.Things.  (too many things!)

Fri – 5 miles + gym visit.  This was supposed to be an easy run, and it did feel good, but my pace was quicker than I expected.  Must have been my Saucony Endorphins!  (for real, I’m always faster in my Endorphins). It was “feels like 0” temps. I was trying out a new pair of Rainier tights (Athleta) but I didn’t trust how warm they would be, so I wore two pairs of tights! Still not as warm as my fleece tights, but I do like the look & feel of the tights!

Friday night was date night.  There’s a local brewery which had a huge selection of craft beers and I couldn’t pick just one.  I decided to try a flight!  I could go back for 2 more flights to try all of the beer.  Good stuff!  

Sat – 10 miles long run.  Another bad run for the week.  I only made it through 7 miles until this went off the rails.  After that I needed a few walk breaks. It was just not my day!  I ran with my friend and we decided to just chalk this one up to “recovering from covid”.  But it was great company and pretty views along the frozen river.  Another “feels like 0” reading, but felt more like -10 to me. Sooooo cold!  (and, NOT in my Endorphins.  Was wearing a new pair of Saucony Triumphs, which are a heavily cushioned shoe.) [and for the record, the problem was not all of the beer I drank on Friday! 😂]

Such a humbling run. I’m glad my friend understands!

My son participated in a Solo and Ensemble competition today and received top ratings (1) in all of his ensembles.  

Sun – Rest day!  Winter hike and picnic!  We are taking a hike down along the river and having a cookout in the shelter house.  Pictures next week! We woke to snow on the ground, so that will be perfect setting for our hike. And you know what’s great on Sunday? Yep, donuts!!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Does anyone use Olaplex products?  I’ve had to step up my hair product game due to a lot of damage.  I’m hoping this will work some miracles!

24 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – GCM week 3”
  1. Oof! You’re a go-getter- i think if i had your week I would be eating those donuts while snuggled on the couch in my pajamas. No doubt your hike and cookout will be more invigorating though.
    Sorry about those tough runs- maybe you really are still recovering from Covid. Or who knows- it was just one of those weeks.
    Congratulations to your son!

    1. I’m just glad I wasn’t doing my long run with a group. It’s embarrassing enough when we’re by ourselves, but hey, we’ve all been there! Hopefully next week will be a reset. Donuts… so bad, but oh so good! 😌

  2. Sorry about the long run – I had an unexpectedly good one today where we went further than intended, but that’s SO RARE! Love those leggings, too. Could not deal with those temps. It’s been around “our” zero this week (33 ish!) and I was struggling with that. So well done all round!

    1. When I see “feels like 0” I think, I’ve run in “feels like -10 before”, but then eeek, it was really cold! The worst part of that long run was I needed to add on a mile when I got back to my car. That was really tough to do! I need to plan my route better next week.

  3. We just had this convo about the Rainier tights in my Trail Sisters Group. I have both the Rainier and the Altitude tights. The Rainier are great for 30F+. The Altitudes are my sub-freezing tights. They are so much warmer. I don’t layer on the bottom–it’s too hard to move. Just my opinion and I love both of them. Also, I slip those toe warmers in my running shoes when it’s really cold. Funny thing, if my feet are warm, my whole body is warm. Sorry to hear about your tough runs but hey, you got out there and finished!!!!
    Wendy recently posted…Things That Make You Go Hmmm…My Profile

    1. I agree, I think under freezing is just too cold for the Rainier. I did get a pair of Altitudes but I wanted a side pocket, and I wanted more compression. Wearing two pairs of tights was like running in Spanx. There was no jiggle on that run! (or emergency potty stops) haha!!

  4. Nothing wrong with a few beer flights before a long run- got to live a little 🙂 I’m sure it was just residual fatigue from covid, you have 13 weeks and there’s always rough runs along the way. On to the next one!

    I use Olaplex! It has really helped my hair- working from home and not using a flat iron or curler as much has helped too, but I use Olaplex at least once a week. Good luck!

    My good running buddy Christie decided to do Glass City! I’ll have to direct her to some of your previous recaps!

    1. Is Christie a new runner for Glass City? Hope she’s doing the marathon – we get a jacket this year! That’s good to hear about the Olaplex. My daughter talked me into getting the conditioner (5) but I thought I should add the mask too! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to keep it in overnight…. hope I don’t have greasy hair afterwards!

  5. I’ve never heard of that hair product at all. I use liquid coconut oil & shampoo on mine. It helps, but my hair is naturally frizzy & gray doesn’t help much.

    Sorry about the bad runs! They happen! Even on short runs. 😉

    Here’s to a better week next week. Hope you enjoyed the donuts & your hike!

    1. My friend suggested coconut oil too, but I was worried it might just make my hair greasy! Maybe I’ll give it a try if this product doesn’t work well.

  6. A winter hike and a picnic sounds like so much fun! Glad you were able to end the week on a positive note after having a few difficult runs.

  7. I’m glad your Garmin recognized how productive you were this week! Your rest days are still quite active. I can’t imagine wearing two pairs of tights to run in, but I do layer up for skiing, so I guess it’s not that different.

    I hope your snow hike and picnic were a lot of fun!

  8. I do love it when my Garmin declares that I am productive! I am also a fan of the Ranier tights. Oddly, I think the solid colors are warmer than the prints. I also have a pair of Northface ones I really like. We all have those types of runs sometimes-character building

    1. I think the reflective Rainier tights are the warmest! I returned a pair of “chocolate” colored pair because I couldn’t find anything (in my closet) to match them. So, the purple print worked out well!

  9. I love my Raniers but yes, they are not for the coldest weather. I have some fleece-lined ones from Spandits that are my go-tos for temps below 20. Like I always say, you got the “bad” runs out of your system. Better now than during a race. Congrats to your son!

  10. Ok. All I saw was the donuts. Lol.

    I love that you are counting down. But it dos go fast doesn’t it.

    Sorry about the long run. Hopefully the next one will go better.

    Never heard of that brand. My hair has gotten better since I stopped using a hairdryer and curling or flattening iron. I just let it go. Not sure if it looks better. Another effect of the pandemic and working from home lol

    1. I do try to use my hairdryer less, but my hair looks so scary it’s not a win! I used to have just one spot of damage in the back of my hair and it’s worked it’s way around to the sides and front now 🙁 That product is super expensive but I guess if it works it’s worth it. Fingers crossed!

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