It’s been a bad week, and a good week!  Bad due to COVID at our house.  3 out of the 4 of us tested positive a few days after returning home from Colorado. The silver lining is being able to be home with my family for another week!  Instead of heading to the office, I got to work at home which is very exciting for me.  This week also starts my training plan for the Glass City Marathon!  I decided not to be a coach for the season, but to be a sub coach again like I have in the past.  Turns out that was a good decision!  Out of the 25 miles on my training plan, I ran 19. My fitness seemed to drop as the week went on, and it’s frustrating to sleep so much and have no energy, but it is what it is and I know things could be much worse.

Mon – 3 miles.  Granted my week and year was not starting out so hot.  I went to bed with a sore throat again, felt like my throat was on fire while I slept, and couldn’t drag myself out of bed in the morning.  I sent a quick text to my boss telling him I was going back to bed and would work remotely this week.  But sadly, I’m the only person in my office who isn’t set up properly to WFH!  I didn’t have access to anything.  I’ve complained about this many times but nothing ever got fixed.  Until today.  People fixed it!  AND, I was told I would start a WFH rotation in the upcoming weeks!  Me!!  I get to work at home one day a week!  Yahoo!!  I promptly set up my office in my favorite sunny spot of the house and did my work.

I even took a lunch break and ran on the treadmill!  My official marathon training plan starts today with 4 miles, but 3 slow miles was good enough for me. My husband tested negative yesterday and went to the Dr and was given some meds to fix his respiratory infection.  Things are looking up! 

Tues – 3 miles running.  I went for a runch today.  Can’t say I enjoyed it!  Typical for me, I had an upset stomach afterwards.  My body is much happier when I run in the morning on an empty stomach 🙁

Big plot twist here… I tested positive for COVID!  This wasn’t too surprising.  My sore throat is slowly going away, so that’s a good thing because the pain was dreadful.

Weds – Sore throat is only a memory now.  Phew!  It was a rest day from running, but I did a Peloton barre class.  Oof, that was a bit more than I expected.  We got more at home tests and my daughter and husband tested positive for COVID.  My son was negative and has no symptoms.

Thurs – 3 miles running.  Today was my son’s first day back to school and that 6:30am wake up felt like 2am!  After I drove him to school I went back to sleep.  COVID is still making me tired I guess.  Not surprising, I felt sore from yesterday’s barre class!  And also not surprising, speedwork was really not in the cards for me today.  The plan would have been for 5 miles, but I barely made it though any of the intervals and called it “good enough” after 3 miles.  

Fri – 2 miles, running.  After being stuck in the house I decided to try to run outside.  Thing is, it was “feels like 0” outside.  Not sure if it was the cold or my recovery, but I decided to call it quits after just 20 mins outside.  Ugh on the frozen face too!

Later my daughter joined me for a strength workout.

Sat – 5 miles, “long run”.  Once again, a mileage I deemed “good enough”.  This ended up being a combo of running a mile and walking.  I’m feeling pretty tired still and I had no interest in dragging this out for the 8 miles on my plan. I did get to see all of my former teammates and friends running their first long run on Strava, having a good time. Sigh.

My daughter is going a bit stir crazy and we got her another test.  The one she took originally was expired.  We still used the test because our neighbor gave it to us (didn’t realize it was expired) and the free tests are hard to find.  So this time we bought one, but she still tested positive! (Sorry Charlie!)  She has already repainted their bathroom and has been sewing clothes to keep busy!

Sun – 3 miles running. Since I felt motivated to get out of bed before 9am today, I decided to give running another try. Also, it was 39 degrees out! That’s practically tropical! I did make it 3 miles, but along the way my Garmin gave me a Performance Condition of “-11” !! Holy crap, I don’t remember it ever being that low. After my run I saw my heart rate was 189 average with 203 as a max (and 51 hours of recovery recommended). YIKES. Yep, I’ve got a long way to go still.

My daughter joined me for some weights too. Working on the gun show! 😉

Well, here’s hoping next week will be better! If nothing else, this hopefully will be the first week of a comeback training season… one that started out pretty bad!

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Q: Is your new year starting out well?

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Week 1, GCM training”
  1. Yikes. Sorry about COVID! It does sound like you recovered quickly so that’s good and you kept active. I hope you continue to feel better and continue to train. I’m sure you will. Good decision about stepping down as a coach. You will still be involved as a sub coach.

    1. That would have sucked to have to miss so many workouts with the team if I would have decided to coach again (and not fair for the team). I really did enjoy being a full time coach, but it definitely had it’s ups and downs. I’m fine with just being a sub!

  2. Sounds like covid was taking a toll. I hope you are able to rest and recover fully. I think i had a mild case, but by the time I got tested it came back negative.

    Glad you got set up to be able to WFH regularly now.

    1. I am beyond happy to finally be able to work from home. It was really crazy that I wasn’t set up properly (not fair!!). Quite a time saver too. My boss was home sick with COVID too, so at least he had a good understanding of what I was going through!

  3. Sorry to hear that Covid hit your house as well. My husband has had it and so far I’ve managed to stay negative I literally have had him locked in the bedroom for 6 days. It really is crazy! Hoping you are all feeling better this week. Way to stay moving despite being sick

    1. Since we had already spent so much time together we didn’t bother staying away from my son, who tested negative. (May the odds be ever in your favor. haha!) That sore throat really sucked though, so I hope you can avoid it!!

  4. Wow. That’s a lot of positive cases. I’m guessing your body is fighting it which is why your workouts were so rough. Take care of yourself.

    Crazy it took a positive case to get the ability to work from home! Frustrating, but a good result.

  5. I am sorry that most of you came home with COVID! Please take care of yourself. Rest now so you can recover quicker.

    I am thinking about using one of our at home tests. I don’t think what I have is COVID — I had pretty much the same thing last year and I finally did a PCR test & I was negative. Still if I want to see my mom, I think it’s better to test (for some reason the husband seems resistant to that).

    Feel better! Good thing you are just starting a training cycle!

    1. I do see how there is a feeling that you really don’t want to get tested because you might have to cancel things and miss out on events. Keeping your mom safe is a really good reason to be sure though! I hope you all avoid it!

  6. Oh boy. your Covid symptoms sounds exactly like how mine started- overnight my throat felt like it was on fire. You were more active than I was though. I tried to do a run that first morning but it was so hard I just gave up. I also had lingering exhaustion after the “sore throat from hell” was done. The good news is… now you’re done. You don’t have to worry about omicron anymore. We can get a booster for the next variant down the line.
    About your daughter- they say after 7 days you can still test positive but not be contagious. If she’s feeling fine, she’s probably fine to go out. You can research the info from the CDC and make your decision on that. Good luck!

    1. The afternoons were my prime time of feeling good, so I took advantage of it. I’m surprised how long I slept every day! The sore throat was miserable. I did have a booster scheduled but we’re going to postpone that now!

  7. I saw that photo of you laying on the TM belt on IG and it made me lol for real! I’m so sorry you have Covid but I like that you are trying to push through it. A sense of humor is a good thing to have these days. I have had several athlete friends get Covid and even though they weren’t that sick, they had issues with endurance for quite a while. I hope you feel better soon.
    Wendy recently posted…How Low Will You Go?My Profile

    1. That picture was meant for a laugh for sure! My mind had a whole different idea about working out than my body did. I’m slowly getting back at it. I’m thanking my vaccine for making it better than it could have been!

    1. For some reason I was set up as a tester of new connectivity software, which just didn’t work for me. I’m glad this week finally lit a fire under them to switch me to something that works!

  8. Ugh, so sorry about the Covid camp happening at your house. Knock wood, so far only the youngest daughter and myself have had it (that was Nov. 2020, though…and I was asymptomatic). Fingers crossed it continues to stay away from us. I hope you all are able to recover from it quickly <3

    1. 10 days out and we’re all feeling better – except for some lingering coughs. It would be interesting to see some data on how many people from our plane came home sick. I bet it was a lot! yikes.

  9. Sorry about the Covid, it’s really circling us now with so many people I know with it. Do rest up if you can, though, to let it out of your system. I don’t do well running with food in my stomach, but I can’t run a long way on a completely empty stomach. I have to leave at least 2.5 hours between eating and running, which can get quite annoying!

    1. I do well with a little snack or a bagel before my run, but lunch running is a toughie! Even though I haven’t had lunch yet, it still always seems to be challenging. Fig cookies (Fig Newtons) are always my go-to before a run. I do very well with those.

  10. You on the treadmill!

    I am soooo sorry you have been sick. It sounds awful. I just hate this for everyone.

    On the plus side, I’m so glad you’re going to be able to work from home! How exciting is that!

  11. Yikes! Sorry about the COVID. It truly is popping up everywhere. I don’t know how we’ve {knock wood) all managed to stay negative thus far. I’m impressed you felt well enough to workout as much as you did!

  12. Ugh – so sorry that you tested positive for Covid 🙁 I’m glad that your symptoms were mild and that you’re feeling better now. You were still super active this week!

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