You know I love snow, and this week was just the best! Snow, snow, snow! Technically we were forecast to get something crazy like 22 inches of snow, but I was more than happy with the 6 inches of snow we got (my guess, I’m really not sure). It canceled school for 3 days and we got extra WFH days! I didn’t run in the snow much, but I enjoyed it on my walks. Week 5 of Glass City Marathon training finishes up with 34.5 miles of running this week, along with a few miles of walking.

Sun – A few pictures from our fun trip to Ray’s MTB.  This indoor park is really amazing.  It’s huge!  They put a lot of thought into it.  It was a successful day – I didn’t fall! 🙂  Our son had a great time trying some new skills jumping into the foam pit.

Mon – 5 miles. Instead of a treadmill picture I’ll share a funny story.  Is anyone else playing Wordle? I’m obsessed.  So obsessed that every time I woke up last night I thought of words, counted the letters and determined what would be a good seed word for the day!!  yikes! I also have to share this really cool sign we got from Etsy. How perfect is this??

Tues –  7 miles, pace miles.  I swapped up my days this week in anticipation of Thursday being snowy.  The plan was a 2 mile warmup then 5 pace miles and a cool down mile.  I needed this to be outside. The run went really well, but at 6:50am I ran by my house and saw my son wasn’t out of bed yet!  His girlfriend was giving him a ride to school at 7am.  I quickly woke the house up and then finished my run fast.  I got to say hi to his girlfriend as she waited for him in the driveway.  She liked my Noxgear glow vest.

Weds  – 30 mins elliptical.  It’s a work from home day for the entire bank!  We are expecting a big storm and at 3pm it was still raining.  Sigh.  They canceled school today in anticipation of the storm  What a disappointment!!  Fun story for today – I finished another audiobook!  It was “Sh*t my Dad says”.  OMG, it was so funny!  I do enjoy hearing a good story when I run.  And, WFH is hard when I can’t reach my mouse 🙂

The challenge in my Mileage Maniacs group was to do a Groundhog workout today. The same workout twice. Mine ended up being two walks as the winter storm began because it was a rest day.

Thurs – 6 miles, track workout. Today’s workout was 2 x 1600, 2 x 800 with 1 min rest, and warm up and cool down.  I’m not going to swoon over my shoes again, but running with my Endorphin Pros made the speedwork feel good!!  A super solid workout today.

Finally the snow arrived!  Both kids (high school and college) did not have classes today due to the snow storm.  We went sledding!  It was fun especially because I didn’t go over any jumps and hurt myself 🙂

Fri – 4 miles, treadmill.  I briefly thought about running outside this morning, but nope, it was another treadmill day.  We did make it outside for a walk in the park though.  It was so pretty out, and we saw an owl in a tree!


Sat – 12 miles, long run.  10 degrees. There was a large group run today.  It started at 9am and I wanted to run earlier, so I opted to run 5 miles before and then I was the half marathon training group pacer.  My assigned pace was 9:45 which was perfect, especially with the snowy conditions!  It was a bit slippery so I’m glad I wore my trail shoes.  The uneven footing of some of the path made it very tiring. [I really did run with people, but I didn’t know them well enough to get a picture with them!] I concerned it was going to be really cold out, so I layered up… a bit too much. Tank top, thermal top, TWO jackets. Needless to say, I was sweating at the end. (and I prompted deleted my new weather app that made me think it was sub zero temps out….)

Later in the day I started planning a summer trip while my cats lounged in the sun. Flights booked! woohoo!

Sun – Rest day. We’re going to a hockey game tonight! (the Toledo Walleye).

From last week… How did “Go Live” work out on Monday you wonder? It actually went quite well! There were no show stoppers or major fires to put out. I’m happy to report that my code all worked well. This program was written with another coworker (the first time I’ve worked with someone else on a software project!) and she was still fixing a bit of stuff all through the week, mostly due to the lack of thorough testing.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

How about the winter Olympics?? I didn’t watch much of the summer Olympics, but the winter Olympics are my jam! (shocker, right?) My family loves watching all events on the slopes. The mogul skiers are amazing!! I ski moguls, but nowhere near the Olympic speed 😂. And how about those Italian ponchos designed by Armani?? wtf?

26 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – snowy fun, week 5 GCM training”
  1. Mountain biking has always scared me but I might try it in a place that one with all the cushioning. Congrats on getting in all your miles this week with all of the snow. thanks for linking up

    1. The foam pit at the bike park did look really fun, but with my luck I probably would have poked my eye out with the bike landing on top of me!! I was happy just to jump in the pit once (without my bike!) when no one was looking. haha! It has taken me a few years to figure out the balance of my mountain bike, but I do think I’ve made a lot of progress on it!

  2. A ground hog day sounds like.

    Mountain biking is way out of my comfort zone.

    Our weather is cold. More ice than snow and most of my friends are afraid to venture out. Sigh.

    Yes in wordle. For fun. Never share on FB.

    But I coaxed one and we ran 8.

    Congrats on getting all those miles done.

    1. I did post a few frustrating Wordle efforts on FB, but that’s about it. Lately we’ve been flooding our family group text with it. I am convincing my Mom to play. I know she will like it, but she’s still figuring it out. She likes to play Scrabble on her phone.

  3. I never considered the difference between WFH with a cat vs a dog before. I don’t have to worry about my 60 pound dog getting on my desk but she does like to nap and snores very loudly. I always wonder if it’s loud enough to be heard on Zoom.

    1. I didn’t mind Luna being on my desk too much, but every time I reached for my mouse she licked my hand (which I really don’t like!!). Most of the time she is happy to be sitting next to me, and sometimes on my lap. Hard to resist a fuzzy coworker!

  4. Sounds like a perfect week for a snow-lover like you! Your pictures are beautiful (I like to admire it from afar.)
    I don’t know what it is about cats and computers, but mine likes to get up right next to the screen whenever I’m working as well. It’s exasperating, but they’re so lovable we put up with it, right? And that reminds me… are you going to get any more kittens?
    Hope you have a great, snowy week!

  5. Your snow pics are beautiful! I don’t have to like the snow to appreciate its beauty, LOL. Actually, I can tolerate snow, I just wish Momma N wouldn’t send so much psychotic wind along with it to Iowa. No new snow here. I went to a concert with a friend last night, and it was 34F…it felt so warm as we were walking back and forth from the car!

  6. I too love the snow! I was bummed that the big storm pretty much missed us. We got about 4 inches but it wasn’t enough for my new snowshoes. I did run on the roads today because, yeah, tired of the effort it takes to run on the ruts on the trails!

  7. I love both the summer and winter Olympics but obviously my heart belongs to watching the marathon in the summer. But the opening ceremonies were so fun with all the different outfits! Icy moguls are not very fun on a snowboard- icy conditions in general like what they’ve been showing so far in Beijing look kinda rough! The most fun on a snowboard is floating through all that powder…until I fall down and can’t get back up, ha 🙂 At least on skis you can use the poles to get back up again!

    Anyways, glad the ‘go live’ went well! And wow, the snow you got was very pretty! My sister lives in New Albany and I didn’t realize they got so much snow (though she did mention she was on the treadmill a lot.)

  8. I played World for the first time earlier this week. I can see why people really love it – it’s a nice twist on traditional word games.

    I love the Olympics but prefer the Summer Olympics because of the events like gymnastics, basketball, etc.

  9. The broadcast of the feature skate for men was cut short yesterday. Ugh. My husband said “well just add a couple of minutes”. Like that helped what happened with yesterday’s recording (which shouldn’t have happened at all, there was no delay). WTF indeed!

    Seeing an owl would be very cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up close.

    I’d love to be planning a vacation. I have thought about it, but not til it’s warmer, and then it depends on what’s going on with my mom so probably has to be somewhat last minute & close to home.

    Even I don’t wear 2 jackets, LOL (although I have a few VERY warm jackets.

    1. My new weather app said it was going to feel like -17. Apparently I got that stuck in my head and I would never warm up in the run 😂 It was a fail on my running outfit for sure.

  10. That indoor MTB park looks amazing. My husband and kids would love it. It all terrifies me — Just looking at it I’m afraid of riding off the track.

    That Etsy sign is amazing! I wondering if we have a good place for one ….

    LOL on the Wordle obsession. You’ve got it bad.

    1. Wordle is so addictive!! I spent a bit of time in the easy areas of Rays before I get warmed up to tackle the big stuff. I take a bit longer to build up my confidence than my son!

  11. A good week and I love that sign. Cat on the mouse, funny!

    I’ve not been watching the Olympics, I’m not keen on what China has been doing and that’s overridden my wish to watch, although I don’t criticise anyone else for choosing to. I am missing seeing the ice dancing though.

    1. It is such a bad situation in China. Then there always seems to be some sort of controversy going on in the events. It would be nice to just have a drama free Olympics!

  12. What a week for you!

    Skiing moguls would terrify me! Those athletes are so talented!

    I love your new sign! What a fun thing to have on display!

    1. The mogul skiers really are impressive. It does seem to be easier to go faster, but it’s really hard to stay in control. And then to do a jump right in the middle?? I can’t even imagine that.

  13. That MTB place looks super cool. I’m so not coordinated enough for something like that, but it looks fun.

    I had to laugh at the cat – mine likes to sleep on my lap when I’m working on my laptop on the couch. It’s all kinds of awkward.

    1. Cats do find a way to make it work! Mine also likes to snuggle up during laptop time, and then lick my hands. Cute, but certainly awkward!
      I’m still surprised I don’t hurt myself when we go to Rays. I have really improved since I started riding, when I always fell!

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